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The Daughter of evil
« on: August 14, 2012, 02:56:41 am »
Welcome today i will tell you a story about a little kingdom that was corrupted by an evil queen that only sought evil and how the end of a chapter but the beginning of a new one. this is the story of The Daughter Of Evil

in a small little town there lived two twins named Rin and Len that we born of a heritage. But the peace didn't last long for them because from selfish ideas that there parents had there future was split into two. Rin and Len were separated from each other as one another saw each other being taken away by there parents. Rin was forced by her parents will to become the princess of the kingdom and rule over the small village when the king died and Len was forced to grow up as a professor.

years after the events that took place when Rin and Len were children, the king of the kingdom had died of a heart attack. So as the the princess of the town Rin had then became the queen. But only havoc  happened after Rin became queen. The town was attacked by mercenaries that were ruthless. Then after that the city was not like what it use to be, there were no laughs of joy or screams of laughter, but only just feint noises that cant be heard in the wind. Building were destroyed, the roads were cracked and the villagers were left to starve. What was once a paradise turned into a living hell for the villagers. Months later the village was rebuilt through the queens demands and a young prince names kaito was coming through the town. The queen thought that i he could have that prince as his husband that the village would become more powerful. But there was one more obstacle before she could make kaito her husband and that problem was a girl named miku. Now usually she would let this problem slide but rin wanted to have the prince so she sent one of her servants to get rid of miku.

Later that day the servant invited miku to a place that was quiet. But after they met the servant tricked miku into closing her eyes. Then when she opened them. she could faintly see anything as blood was pouring the servant left the scene. Now kaito got a little bit worried so he ran after miku to only find out she was lying around the floor with blood. Then kaito saw a black shadow with a golden insignia that says servant of evil. Kaito ran after the shadow but slipped over the blood. As he got up he saw the dead body of miku and was crying until he could stop. But for some reason he had more feelings of anger then sadness. The next day Kaito rebelled against the queen by convincing the towns people to fight back against the queen.

Later the towns people got there weapons and stormed into the castle to find the queen and end her rain of terror. As the villagers were fighting against the guards, Kaito and another girl names Meiko where traveling to the top of the castle to capture the queen. As they opened the door they found the queen just standing there and smiling. Kaito captures the queen and everyone made a decision that she would be butchers infront of the village. At the time of the butchering the crowd was around watching the final moments of the queen before she died. Then when the queen was looking at her final moments at earth she saw the slave that she sent to kill miku. The church bells rang to symbolize the end of a day and just as it rang the queen was butchered. After the queens death Kaito started to rebuild the town so that everyone could live in peace and the towns people and Kaito lived happily until there deaths.

So in the end the queen dies but what happens to Len and what might he have to do with the story this is till another story about the Servant Of Evil