Author Topic: Pokemon adventures 8 - The monster of viridian forest  (Read 887 times)


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Pokemon adventures 8 - The monster of viridian forest
« on: April 24, 2013, 03:44:39 am »
Kids today im going to tell you the story of how Mio and I walked through the plains of Viridian Forest and made it to the town of Pewter City, Lets begin shall we ?

So the adventure starts off once I met mio and we joined each other to reach pewter. We were planning to verse the Viridian City gym leader but sadly enough he wasn't there at the time to challenge. So we left the viridian gym for another time and set our eyes on the rocky town of Pewter. But before we could get to pewter we had to cross through Viridian forest which was home to alot of Bug pokemon and home to rare kinds of Pikachu.

We walked through Route 2 and make it to the start of viridian forest. It was creepy that there were cobwebs everywhere and i didnt think it could get much worse. Until the bug pokemon like catapie and wurmple would start crawling up our legs, now i didnt want to have to redo what happened in Route 1. So i gently grabbed the wurmple and the catapie and put them on the floor before i could do any more harm. Now i would like to point out at this point that Mio was freaking out when we got into Viridian Forest so there has to be something that she didn't like about this place. But that story was for another time.

So we continued through viridian City hoping that we could catch some rare pokemon but out of luck all we saw was wurmples which was really getting on our nerves  because both mio and i were looking to catch one of those rare pikachu but sadly we couldnt find one. So we kept looking and looking and the night came and shrouded the forest in darkness. So we decided to set up camp where we were and rest there for the night. I brought out my sleeping bag and to my surprise mio brought  a Tent bag and starting laying it out. Now kids i would like to point out that Mio didn't really trust me and my sexual vibes so she made me sleep outside of the tent for the night which was really annoying but i could understand where she was coming from.

I woke up around about the middle of the night because nature called. So i went somewhere far away from mio so that she couldn't seen me while i was doing my business. so i went traveling and found a nice juicy bush for me to go to. Now while i was doing Business i heard a rustling in the bushes. Now my curiosity got the best of me so i went into the bushes after i was done to see what it was. Every time i got closer the rustling noise kept getting louder and louder until i got to it. But Strangely there was nothing there. So i turned around to walk back. Now as i was walking back i started to hear the Rustling noise again. but this time i stared to hear voices saying "Help Me Orange" and each time i got closer to the camp site it would keep getting louder and louder. Then i felt someone tapping me on the back. i turned around and it was a Monster in a human shape covered in some kind of white stuff gooey stuff.

Now i was scared, so like all men I screamed until i couldn't scream anymore. I was also to scared to move, So i thought this would be my end. But then out of no where Mio comes and bashes into the monster. Now i would of taken this chance to see what was under all that gooey stuff but i was to scared to. Then the monster got back up and it seemed like it was going to attack. So it charged at mio, But at that time it only seemed like mio was standing there waiting to be attacked, but there was more to it then that. Just as the monster was about to make contact with mio she quickly moved out of the way. Then she tackled the Monster to the ground and tied up his arms and legs with her hair band.

It didnt look like mio would be able to handle the monster for much longer. So i sent out my charmander to help in the battle. I commanded my charmander to use scratch on the Gooey white stuff to see what was under it. So charmander used scratch and to tell the truth i was kinda laughing to what i saw under the Gooey white stuff. Because under the gooey white stuff was none of then Ali. But since that scratch kinda knocked him out we couldnt ask him how he got like that. So we brang him back to our camp site and let him rest there for the night.

By the time he woke up it was already it was already day time. So when we got up we started questioning him about what happened and how he got in that state. So he told us the story about how it all happened and this is what he said

"It all started when i came into viridian Forest. I was trying to look for one of those special Pikachu's that are suppose to be in viridian forest. So i searched high and low for them. Until i actually found one sleeping. So i sent out my Bulbasuar to try and catch it. But before i could even lay a dent on the pikachu it ran away. So i gave chase to the pikachu but to my disappointment while running after the Pikachu i stepped on a family of wurmple. So you could imagine how pissed they were. So every one of them used String shot on me. So the strings covered my whole body so i couldn't see where i was going. Then for the rest of the day i was wondering the forest hoping someone would come and save me. It was s horrifying.

The story was funny but you couldn't help but feel sad for ali for what happened. So like what all childhood friends would do, I asked him if he wanted to join us on our adventure to get to pewter city. So knowing Ali straight away he said Yes. Im still thinking it was just so that he could be around Mio but there was no way to be sure. So for the rest of the day we were traveling through the forest of viridian until we finally made it to the exit.

Finally our trio made it out of Viridian Forest. Sadly we couldn't find any of those pikachus that were trying to find but that didnt bother us that much since the first gym was a rock type. But we weren't afraid because we knew deep in our hearts that our bonds with our pokemon would never fail us

Thank you for reading Part 8 Please leave a comment about if it was good or if there was a way i could make this better  :purplebanana: