Author Topic: The Story of James, Pt I (Sinnoh Starters)  (Read 2971 times)


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The Story of James, Pt I (Sinnoh Starters)
« on: May 01, 2013, 10:20:11 pm »
I woke up slowly, I had been so anxious for the next day. I looked at the clock, and it read, 8:00 PM. I rolled back in bed still tired and then realized I was 10 minutes late for my Pokemon selection. I jumped up vertically out of my bed, quickly put on some clothes, and brushed my teeth. I hopped on my bike and pedaled as fast as I could to Professor Oak's lab. I looked at my watch, I was halfway there and 12 minutes late. Finally, once I got to the lab I slammed open the doors.

I saw nobody inside the lab except for Professor Oak.

"Professor Oak, I was late for my 1st Pokemon selection!" I said.

"Oh, it's okay. We have 1 leftover Pokemon for you!" He replied calmly.

I took the pokeball inside the case and looked at it carefully. I was full of glee as I ran out of his lab and got ready to explore what my Pokemon was. First, I found Mason, my friend, inside his home playing with his Pokemon.

"You got a Turtwig!" I announced to him while inspecting it with my new PokeDex, of which I had gotten yesterday. I finally decided to throw the Pokeball and I saw the Pokemon come out. I was so excited, I had gotten a Chimchar! I had always loved the fire type, and I had studied them my whole life. I ran out of Masons' house and started to come to my house, when a kid bumped into me. I saw him walking with a new Pokeball.

"Hey, James. I talked to Professor Oak, and he wants us to go and get all the badges, and try to win the Elite 4 and beat the Champion!" Mason said behind me.

"Cool, I'll go talk to my parents about it, then we can leave tomorrow!" I said happily.

After a long day, I finally fell asleep, can't waiting for the trip. I woke up and found Mason outside of my house.

After a bit of walking, we finally made it to Jubilife City, and I was surprised how big it was. I found a PokeCenter, and decided to start there. I gave the nurse my Chimchar and I sat down on a nearby bench. I found the kid who I had ran into in Twinleaf Town sitting next to me. He pushed me and then he challenged me to a Pokemon battle. I denied, and then asked Mason to fight him.

The battle between Mason and him was close, but Mason ended up losing. He left laughing and told me his name was "Paul".

I decided to head on, to the 1st gym...............

THE END!!!!!!!!!!

In Part II: James will go for his next 2 badges, and many problems will occur!

Current Gym Badges: Soul Badge, Earth Badge, Marsh Badge, & Thunder Badge
Current Power Level: 2682
Current Power Level Rank: 116
Current Gym Leader of Cinnabar