Author Topic: Ditto Encounters Pt1: Legendary Beginnings  (Read 965 times)


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Ditto Encounters Pt1: Legendary Beginnings
« on: May 05, 2013, 02:27:15 pm »
     Lobe sat up so fast he hid his head on the ceiling. He had been studying his Pokémon handbook all night reading all the stats of the different starters. Today was his 10th birthday, and he was prepared to get to Juniper's lab and get his first Pokémon on time, so he didn't get a different Pokémon like Ash on his favorite Pokémon TV show. He ran down the hall, where cereal lay from his Mum with a "Happy Birthday!" note, but he just emptied the bowl to look like he ate it, and ran down the road. Juniper's lab was a ways down the road and he needed to get there early.
    When the lab came into sight, he saw a large group of people standing in front of the doors. He had lived across from the kid wonder, "Grant", all his life, and the cameras couldn't get enough of him. Even when they were in Pokémon school, cameras had peeked into the windows to watch him while he worked.
    Once he could see the cameras, he knew it was Grant, who was also 10 today, and was showing off his brand new Tepig, that was supposedly to die for. Murmurs bursted through the crowd as excitement rushed as he posed pretty with his brand new first Pokémon.
     "Isn't Grant just amazing?" "I bet it evolves to Emboar before the first gym, just because it likes Grant!" " He will become champion for sure!"
      Lobe sighed and waited for the crowds to clear, and rushed into get his Pokémon.
      "I'm here Professor Juniper!", yelled Lobe.
      "Lobe! I'm sorry to say you've arrived a little late, which Pokémon do you choose?", said Juniper.
      "Oshawatt please!", Lobe yelled, but the Pokeball was empty.
      "Tepig?", asked Lobe, since he might as well tie with Grant, but it was empty.
      "Snivy?", asked Lobe, since being weak to Grant was better than nothing, but she was all out.
      " I do have one Pokémon, but you may not like it.", said Juniper, and she brought out a Pokeball, which held a squishy Pokémon, a Charmander...,but then it turned back into a Ditto. Dissapointed, Lobe grabbed the pokeball and headed out the doors, where only a few cameras and people were left behind. Some looked up as if it was Grant, but frowned when they saw it was Lobe. Lobe rushed down the road, with Ditto at his side, ready for his first new city to see, but soon Ditto became agitated. It kept looking into the bushes, and eventually disappeared.
     "Ditto?", said Lobe, as a deep growling started out from the bushes.
      Lobe got nervous, and started backing up as a Pokémon's shadow appeared, which was large and red. It's footsteps were big and deep, and it started to step out of the bushes.
     "Heatran!" Lobe yelled as he backed up and it came onto the small wooded route, and walked up to him. He prepared to be eaten, and the jaws opened to reveal huge teeth, but then it started shining, and it turned out to be Ditto. Lobe sighed with relief, but one question popped into his head. If Ditto needs to see a Pokémon to transform into it, did Ditto actually see the legendary Pokémon Heatran? And why was it in a urban area? Dark questions loomed as the journey continued.

??? Might continue, might not. Was fun writing it though.
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Re: Ditto Encounters Pt1: Legendary Beginnings
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If you want me to write so more, comment please. Thanks.  :D


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Re: Ditto Encounters Pt1: Legendary Beginnings
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Has potential, but you may need to refine your writing skill a bit. Good job though.