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Viridian Forest was a large area with many trees around it. The tree's leaves covered the sky, making the only things accessible to the inside of the forest from the top was the sunlight, which shone in the cracks of the leaves, and birds. (At least when there was no rain)

When Parmaman and Lyroy walked in, they found someone their age, with a machop, who was punching a tree. "Did you two come to train with me and my fighting type pokemon?" He said. "Hmm, a black belt already, it seems." Parm said. "No, I'm not a black belt, I'm a green belt, even though I'm not wearing it. I'm Karateq, pleased to meet the both of you." Karateq said, introducing himself.

"I'm Parmaman, Parm for short." "And I'm Lyroy, nice to meet you two."

"So whatch'a training off of trees for when you could be training off of wild pokemon?" Parm asked. "Wild pokemon barely train my fighters." Karateq said. "I would train off of trainers, but I beat them all. And wouldn't you know it, I don't have a VS seeker..." There was a pause for about five seconds, until Karateq picked up the conversation. "I think it has mind controlling powers."

"If I'm correct, you're training your pokemon for the gym leader in pewter, right? Or to be less specific, all the gym leaders." Lyroy said, but at the same time, asking a question. "Correct you are." Karateq responded. "In fact, I want to become a pokemon master." "You should come with Parm and I then." Lyroy recommended. "It'll be good for all of us, and we can even fight the gym leaders after one another."

Karateq agreed, and they were off deeper into the forest. Then, in the grass, they saw a tail of sorts poking out. "Alright guys, who gets this one." Parm asked. It was clear to him that any pokemon they saw had to be decided on who got it. "Well, it doesn't look like a fighting type, so it doesn't really correlate with me." Karateq said.

"Alright Lyroy, rock paper scissors for whatever pokemon that is?" "Yeah, lets go, Parma." (Both of them are saying the same words coming up) "Rock Paper Scissors shoot! Tie, go again! Tie go again. Tie go aga- *10 minutes later* Tie go again!" "Yeah! I won Parm!" Lyroy said. "Ok Lyroy, go catch that pokemon!" Parm said, basically wishing him luck. "Here I come wild pokemon!" Lyroy said with much confidence. The music played, and, as usual, the stages scrolled in, the top one moving to the left, and the bottom one, to the right. "Pika." It was a wild Pikachu.

"Hmm, an electric type." Alright Eevee, show this one what you got!" "Eevue." "Eevee, use you tackle attack!" Eevee hit pikachu with tackle, but Pikachu's ability, static, paralyzed Eevee, leaving it vulnerable for multiple attacks. Luckily, Lyroy was prepared. "I'll give Eevee this Paralyze heal." And Eevee was stunned no more. Pikachu used thundershock, which did a bit of a number on Eevee. "Eevee, use sand attack!" Lyroy commanded. Eevee kicked sand into pikachu's eyes, making it's thundershocks miss. Then, Eevee struck with another tackle. "Now, a pokeball! Let's not fail, ball!" Lyroy said to an inanimate object. Luckily, after three shacks, it was caught.

"Hey, another pokemon!' Parm said. "I'm gonna catch it. Go Dratini!!" "Dratini." "Now dratini, attack with wrap." Before that happened though, the wild Kakuna used harden, which raised it's defense. "Dratini, keep going." Parm said. Keep in mind that, overtime, wrap had done consecutive damage, despite the defense raising. "Now, Dratini, use a thunder wave!" He did just that, and then Parmaman threw a pokeball.

"Well, another member added to the team." Parm said. But unfortunately, many kakuna were watching that battle from two trees. They got mad that one of their own kind was caught, so they evolved into Beedrill. "Oh Shit guys!" Karateq said. "A swarm of beedrills!" But then Lyroy cut in right after Karateq said that. "Less observing what they are, more running away from them!!" Parm, Lyroy, and Karateq ran as fast as they could from the many, many beedrills chasing them.

While they were running, however,Kakuna's pokeball fell off of Parm's belt, and out came Kakuna. Kakuna was telling his brothers something. "Kakuna Kakuna Kakuna Kakuna Kakuna Kakuna." ("What the hell are you doing, brothers? Stop chasing my new friends!") Kakuna said, sounding angry. "Beedrill Beedrill Beedrill Beedrill Beedrill. Beedrill Bedrill Beedrill. Beeeee." ("We apologize younger brother. We let our rage take over ourselves, we just couldn't watch our little brother go. If you get the chance, please come back to visit.") All of the Beedrills said in unicen. "Kakuna, Kakuna Kakuna." ("Thank you, for understanding.") Kakuna said.

And with that, Kakuna bid his brothers farewell, and Pewter city was just beyond them. Our hero's first gym badge awaits.



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How does a Kakuna talk...

And is my story the only one that didn't end in the protagonists getting chased by Beedrill out of Viridian Forest -_-