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Pokemon Crossover Chapter 5: Really Party Rocking
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"It's my time to shine! And kick ass." Parmaman said. "Now, Parm, let's see what you've got! I expect a good battle from you." Liquid said. "As do I, Liquid." Parm said. "Now, for my buddy Dratini!" "Dratini, Dratini." "I won't start off my other battles the same, because that's boring as hell. Go, ONIX!!!!" Liquid said, sending out his Onix. "OOOONIIIIIX!" It roared.

"Dratini, twister on Onix!" It hit onix, not doing much, but it was a good start. Besides, it is a special move, so that worked out well. "Onix, use rock tomb, pronto!" Liquid commanded. "Dratini, dodge it!" Parm said. Dratini was able to escape the rocks before they piled on him. "Onix, use wrap on it!" Dratini tried to dodge but it got locked inside it's wrap. "Dratini, fight it!" "Drati- DraTIIIIIIII!!" It screamed in pain. "It's too late Parm. Dratini is trapped in my Onix's wrap attack, there's nothing it can do!" "Dratini! I believe you can do this, so escape from onix by slithering out!" Dratini was able to escape luckily. Then, Onix chased it down.

"Onix, use rock tomb again!" Liquid commanded. "Dodge Dratini!" Parm ordered. "Onix, hit it with your tail, and use rock tomb when it's on the ground!" Onix managed to do so, and Dratini was buried under the rocks. It's speed was lowered. "Dratini, can you hear me?" Parm said. "I want you to get yourself out of there with twister!" Dratini made a large twister, and the rocks no longer surrounded Dratini. They had gotten caught in the twister. "Now Dratini, manipulate the twister in such a way that sends the rocks straight back at Onix!" Parm commanded. And with that, the rocks bombarded Onix, making it collapse to the ground. The ref then said: "Onix is unable to battle! Dratini wins!"

"Alright! Nice going Dratini!" Parm said. "Dratini, Dratini." "You may've defeated Onix, but I'm not done yet. Go, Kabuto!" "Kabuto." It said. "Wow, a Kabuto, huh?" Parm said. "I gotta get info on this!" He opened his pokedex and targeted Kabuto with the built-in camera lens, and a voice gave info about Kabuto. *Kabuto, the Ancient Pokemon. On rare occasions, some have been found as fossils which became while hiding on the ocean floor.*

"Kabuto, make it hard for that Dratini to see! Use Sandstorm!" Liquid commanded. It became hard for Dratini to see with the sand blowing in a building. How that works, nobody will ever find out. "Dratini, find your way through the sandstorm!" Parm said. It was moving, but it was having a hard time. "Kabuto, use mud shot!" Kabuto shot Dratini in the face, lowering it's speed by 1. "Dratini, while it's near you, thunder wave on it!" Parm ordered. Dratini tried to do this, but it missed, thanks to the sandstorm. It also hurt Dratini.

"Dratini, are you alright?" Parm asked it, a bit worried. "I wouldn't think so Parm!" Liquid doubted. "You see, sandstorm is a move that hurts pokemon that aren't rock, ground, or steel type. My Kabuto is a rock type pokemon, so it's immune to sandstorm. Your Dratini on the other hand is NOT immune to it."

"Ok, then shit." Parm said. "Then I'll just have to get rid of it!" "What?" Liquid wondered, confused. "Sandstorm lasts for 5 turns, so don't try anything." "Oh, but I will, Dratini can blow it away! Dratini, create a twister around yourself." Parm commanded. This twister blew off the sandstorm, making Dratini able to see again. Now, the fight was fair. "Kabuto, take it down with another mud shot!" Liquid commanded. It shot Dratini, lowering it's speed even more. It had lost, in total, throughout the whole fight, 3 stages of speed. Dratini was getting tired, and fell to the ground. "Dratini is unable to battle!" The ref said. "Kabuto wins!" "Alright Dratini, return." Parm said. His main pokemon had lost it's first fight.

"You did amazing Dratini." Parm said to it, while Dratini was in his pokeball. "Now for my next pokemon, Kakuna!" Parm sent out Kakuna. "Kakuna." "Now Kakuna! Use harden!" Parm said, being Kakuna's only option. "Hahaha, Parm. That's not going to be enough to beat my Kabuto. Kabuto, use sandstorm!" Liquid said, then commanding his Kabuto. "Kabuto, use Scratch!" "Kakuna, increase your defense with harden!" Kabuto didn't do much against Kakuna, due to harden. "Kakuna, another harden!" Parm commanded. "That's all you can do, isn't it?!?" Liquid asked with satisfaction, knowing he had the edge. "Kabuto, use your harden!" Kabuto did what Kakuna had been doing.

"Kakuna, use ta-" Parm was interrupted when he saw Kakuna glowing white. It changed it's shape, and with that, it evolved into Beedrill! It learned two new moves in one: fury attack and focus energy. "Alright! Kakuna evolved into Beedrill. Now THIS I gotta bio." Parm said. The pokedex's bio was: *Beedrill, the Honey Bee pokemon. It has three poison barbs. The barb on it's tail secretes the most powerful poison.*

"Now Beedrill, use focus energy!" This, without making it obvious, rose Beedrill's critical-hit ratio. "Kabuto, mud shot attack!" Liquid ordered. "Dodge it Beedrill!" Parm said to it. "Now Beedrill, use fury attack!" Beedrill's landed two critical-hits with fury attack, due to it's effect that it can hit 2-5 times. It hit twice, and Kabuto went down, winning Parm the battle. The ref then said: "Kabuto is unable to battle. Kakuna- I mean, Beedrill, wins! The victory goes to Parmaman, from Pallet town!" "YEAH!!!! Believe it!" Parm said, taking Naruto's catchphrase.

Meanwhile, Parmaman, Lyroy, and Karateq were outside of the gym with LiquidFired. "You know Parm, from what was happening in our battle, I didn't think you would manage. But you won, triumphantly, and with that being said, I present to you, the boulder badge." Liquid said, congratulating him. "Thank you Mr. Liquid. I GOT THE BOULDER BADGE!" Parm stated, full of happniess. His Dratini, and his newly evolved Beedrill accompanied him after this was said. "Your next destination should be Cerulian City. There is a gym there, and the leader, AnonymouslyAnon, will battle you there." Liquid told them all. "You will have to get through Mt. Moon first, though." "I guess we'd better get going." Parm said.

They waved Liquid goodbye, and were off the next morning. They were on their way to Mt. Moon now.

This chapter is based off of my many struggles with Pewter city back when I was new to the Pokemon Server. Ask LiquidFired about it, he knows. BTW sorry for the long chapter, I just didn't want to make another part to it.