Author Topic: The Two Sides of a Man Pt. 2 The Hated City [For people 15+]  (Read 2733 times)


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"Wait, don't tell me.... You were in that ward?" Jen asked.
"I was in there, but no clue why, do you know what they do to people in there?" I said.
"Whats the problem?" I asked in a pissed off tone.
"No one, absolutely no one, has come out of that ward either dead, or unscathed." Jen said in a worried voice. "It must have been successful."
Successful? The experiment? Shit! I need answers and quick.

As Jen and I walk through the crowded city, we realize that the city has a lower class outer circle and a higher class inner circle.
We progressed into the heart of the city. There were many crowded streets like the one in the lower class area, cars zooming down the street and murders happening everywhere. But not many people there notice that this is all happening and not many people care about it. It's very sad, for the people that die here, the can't return to their families.
I feel something cold and metallic against my back.
"Give me all your money or I'll blow your stomach out." a mysterious voice said.
"Try me." I said
The bullet went straight through my abdomen. The pain came roaring in, then it just , disappeared. No pain. I look down and the bullet hole is healing itself. A test to see the effects of my powers.
I spin around, grab his gun and point it at his neck.

I feel a sensation running up my spine, a dark one. Ah crap, it's back again. There's a warm fluid running down my eye, it isn't blood. Blood isn't black.
"Let the darkness consume youuuu......."
Even my my mind is being filled with this darkness and hatred. It's impossible to control when it comes out.
"Jason, let's go, just walk away." Jen said.
She puts her hand on my shoulder to pull me away.
My mind flashes, the gun fires, blowing a hole in his neck.
I regain control of my power. Realizing what happened I grabbed Jen's hand and bolt in the opposite direction.
While running i try to re-piece what happened. The darkness emerged through my eye, which is what the experiments were about then.
"We need to get out of this  Arceus  forsaken country Jason!" Jen shouted at me from behind.
"Ok, we need to find the closest airport, where would that be?" I asked.
"Probably the inner city, the economy there would be able to support that and all the other luxuries there.  Arceus  damn higher class."

15 minutes of almost continuous running.

Well, past the tiring, no stopping thing that keeps our asses safe, i think we made it. The inner city air port is within view and is only about a mile away.
"We need last minute tickets or we can't get on!" I exclaimed.
"Are you serious Jason? We'll just sneak our self's on, no biggie." Jen said in a relaxed voice.
"What's your reason for leaving Jason?" Jen asked.
"I can't remember a reason. Was it to flee or to stay and fight, all I know is..."
"Jason, you would have been killed out there if you stayed!!!" Jen screamed.
"Why would you do this for me then?"
".....Let's go"

As she said, we sneaked on. I wouldn't call it sneaked since she basically used the military's money to buy flight tickets.
We boarded the flight at about 10 pm that day. One day, this one day I can at least remember. It was a flight from, erm, what was that countries name?
Ah, I can't remember it off the top of my head. But, we are headed to the United States. The U.S? I can't even remember countries!

"Are you all right Jason?" Jen asked me with a face, much like someone who lost a loved one has.
"Yeah, I'm.. I'm alright. Just get some sleep, today has been a hard day." I told her in a reassuring voice.
She leans her head against my shoulder, she must be really tired.
"No... Jason... Don't leave me.... Not like last time...."

A pain. A sharp pain ran through my eye, through the blood vessels and even the iris. I reached for a mirror or anything reflective. The airplane tv screen was reflective enough to see my eye,
The iris? It was shifting in weird contusions, left, right, up, down, backwards and forwards. As it slowed down I felt a sensation of weightlessness.
I was being pulled back by the entity, the power that controls me.

A cemetery? Graves everywhere. But, there's is more than a usual graveyard, it was going for as far as my eyes could see. I turn right to see a hill, and that hill had a tomb on top of it.
I stagger up a path that leads to it. As i reach the top I see a figure just sitting on the roof of the tomb. I just stand there. Looking into what ever it is. It's is just a white entity, it has no real face or identifying features.
"So, you've actually come to this place?" said the entity.
"Why am I here? Who are you?"I asked the entity.
"Hm. Good questions. You are here to regain what you have lost, whatever it may be."
"Are you part of me? Or are you just a piece of my imagination?!"
"Neither, I was artificially added to your mind through your eye there."
"What's your purpose and your name?! Do you even have one?"
"I am here to help you regain your lost memories, though the power I bestowed you, you will create and destroy countless things."
"I'll ask you again, what is your name?!"
"Just call me, 'The GateKeeper'"

Part 3 coming soon :)  Special thanks to the people who actually notice this, and give me feedback.
But you shouldn't have to call on us to hold your hand for every step of trying to resolve an issue.

At least MY musical taste has a fucking meaning!!



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Re: The Two Sides of a Man Pt. 2 The Hated City [For people 15+]
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Oooh interesting, but needs more description still. The dialogue is overwhelming.