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Pokemon Crossover Chapter 6: Stolen Partner
« on: July 12, 2013, 02:59:30 pm »
Route 3, a rather rocky area, but still containing grass patches and many trainers. Parmaman, Lyroy, and Karateq had to fight their way pass the many annoying trainer battes, and after their painful battles, they found a pokemon center.

"Thank the lord and jesus christ! A pokemon center!" Karateq said. "It kind of makes you wonder what it's doing out here in the middle of no where, even though there's clearly a city nearby that isn't even that far away." Lyroy stated. "Don't wonder, just take it." Karateq interjected. "Besides, this is better because we don't have to go back. Let's go heal, come on Parm."

"You guys go heal, I gotta check this pink ball out." Parm said. "Oh that, it's just a Jigglypuff, only go up to those if you want trouble." Lyroy said. "But if you insist, then I guess we could go." "We'll meet you back here." Karateq said. "Let's see if it is a Jigglypuff." Parm said. It indeed was, and the pokedex bio began. *Jigglypuff, the balloon pokemon, if it inflates to sing a lullaby, it can perform longer and cause sure drowsiness in its audiance.* "Alright, go Dratini, let's catch this thing!" Parm said as he sent out his pokemon. "Dratini." But then, the Jigglypuff got up and noticed a trainer and a Dratini. Because of this, it took out a broken microphone, (which is really just a permanent marker that shows up well on pretty much everything) and started to sing. "Jiiiiigalyypuuufff, Jigallyyyyypuufff." And with that, Parm and Dratini fell to sleep. About an hour later, they woke up, and for some reason, Karateq and Lyroy were not back. Parm and Dratini finally woke up, but didn't notice the countless drawings on their faces. "Hey Dratini, since when did you grow facial hair?" Parm asked. "Dratini?"   ???   "Hey, it's that Jigglypuff!" Parm shouted. "Jiggly?" It said. "Jigglypuff, you're going to be mine and you know it!"

As usual, the stages scrolled in and it was time to battle. "Dratini, use twister on Jigglypuff now!" And with that, Jigglypuff was sucked into the tornado, and it collided to the ground, dizzy-eyed. "Now, go Pokeball!" It had captured Jigglypuff, it wiggled once, twice, and then thrice. Jigglypuff had been caught. (Parmaman is way to lucky with this)

"Yeah! I did it!" Parm excitedly said, breaking the fourth wall. "Now we have a third member of the team. I can already see myself, champion of Kanto."

As Parm was boasting about his catch, and leading to foreshadowing that nobody will hear since this text is obscuring it, two men in black, tight clothing were watching from above with binoculars. "Hey, Johnny, ya see 'dat kid down there?" One of them said. "Yeah, Johnny, he's got a rare pokemon, right Johnny?" The other said. "You bet. But it ain't just any Pokemon, it's a dragon type. They may look weak at 'da start, but lemme tell ya Johnny, when 'dose ones are fully evolved, 'dey become mighty powerful." "If we can get 'dat 'ting to 'da boss, we'll get a promotion for sure!" The other Johnny said. "No kiddin', and the boss already has some powerful pokemon already." Then they both started prancing about, saying: "We'll get a promotion! We'll get a promotion!" But unfortunately for them, they were dancing near a cliff's edge, and because of gravity, they fell off their hiding place.

"Hey Parm." Lyroy said. "Sorry we couldn't be back sooner, by the way, who are these guys?" "Oh, these two suspicious people that fell off a cliff side in a way that was probably caused by their own stupidity? To be honest, I don't know." Parm responded. The two men got up. "A'right kid, this is a stick up. Now hand over you're Dratini their and we won' hurtcha.

"And to that I say, hell no. Why would I do that?" Parm asked. "Because if ya don't, we, of Team Rocket, are gonna sock ya in places people like us shouldn't touch." One of the Rocket Grunts said. "That's what we gonna do, right Johnny?" "Dammit Johnny! You weren't suppose to give away our respectful team names!" The first Rocket Grunt yelled. "So, your names are both Johnny?" Karateq asked. "Damn right, kid, coincidential, huh? Now back off, we gonna steal this Dratini." The Rocket Grunt said. "Go Rattata and Ekans!" Those were the first Rocket Grunt's pokemon. "Go, Rattata and Sandshrew!" Those were the second Rocket Grunt's pokemon. "Now, get 'em boys!" They both said. Parmaman, Lyroy and Karateq were countlessly attacked by the pokemon. While this was happening, the Grunt's managed to capture Dratini, throwing a net over it. "Dratiiiniiii." It was very scared.

"See ya kids! We got a date with promotion!" The first grunt said. They ran as they returned their pokemon.

"Oh man." Parm said. "That was quite a beating we took." "Weren't they beating us senselessly? How are we not dead?" Lyroy asked. "Once again, just take it, I think we'd all rather be alive than dead." Karateq said. "Let's quit talking!" Parm said. "Their making off with Dratini!" They went after the brooklyn accented Team Rocket Grunts, in hope of finding Dratini.

Just because I can, I'd like to share some Trivia about this chapter with you. For starters, in the original, unfinished version of this chapter, when Jigglypuff was found, Karateq and Lyroy originally ran to the pokemon center before Jigglypuff sang. Parm would originally find Karate and Lyroy in the pokemon center. Also, a rival battle was originally planned in this chapter, in both the original and the current version, but I thought the chapter would get too long with it. That's all the trivia I have to share about this chapter, in the future, there will be more about the corresponding chapter.