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Pokemon adventures 10 - Fight in Pewter
« on: August 02, 2013, 11:26:37 am »
Come on guys keep running, the explosion site shouldnt be to far from here - [Orange]

Who do you think caused the explosion - [Mio]

Im not sure but who ever it is has to be stopped - [Orange]

                                                     *Just as the Gang continues into the center of pewter they see a shadow of a person*

Ku Ku Ku Children what are you doing outside after that explosion- [Stranger]

Were not children... and besides were here to check on that explosion that happened minutes ago - [Ali]

What Explosion ? I think you might be seeing things child - [Stranger]

We not hallucinating we saw that explosion happen - [Mio]

Look children Dont get caught up in this. Tell me your names and ill be sure to send you back to your parents. - [Stranger]

We dont have to tell our names to strangers like you - [Orange]

So is that how it is gonna be is it ? Ku Ku Ku...... - [Stranger]

                                                          *Out of nowhere a yellow pokemon appears infront of orange and the gang*

Hypno you see that girl their, Read her mind and tell me their names - [Stranger]

                                                                 *As hypno reads the mind of Mio, She becomes completely Lifeless*

Wha.... What are you doing to mio - [Ali]

Ahhhh i see so your the three children that have been giving us problems back in Prof Jotr's Lab.... Orange, Ali and Mio - [Stranger]

Since we have been ordered to kill you on site i shall quickly end your Useless lives right here right now  - [stranger]

Jigglypuff come out and do as i command - [Stranger]

                                                                                     *Stranger throws out Jigglypuff*

Jigglypuff use sing - [Stranger]

                                                 *As Jigglypuff uses sing. Orange and Co are hit by its affects and start to become drowsy*

Wh..Why are we tired all of a Sudden - [Orange]

Its the effect of Jigglypuff, Who ever gets hit by sing will be put to sleep - [Mio]

Is their anyway to get out of this - [Orange]

Im afraid not orange - [Mio]

......... im sorry guys - [Ali]

Al... ali wh.... why - [orange]

                                              *Just as orange said those words Ali threw out a poke ball from his pocket and a rapidash appears*

Ra.... Rapidash grab Orange & Mio and head towards to the center of pewter - [Ali]

                                                                           *Rapidash Refuses to ali's Command*

RAPIDASH if you dont listen to me then were all gonna die here, Please take them away from here - [Ali]

                                          *Rapidash Understands, Rapidash Starts running and picking up both ali & mio and heading for the centre*

Orange team rocket is behind this. Get to them and stop them before they can do any more damage - [Ali]

Ali Noooooo - [Mio]

                                                             *Orange & mio escape into the center of pewter city*

Ku Ku Ku Brave words you little Runt, Now let me show you what happens when you mess with team Rocket - [Team Rocket Grunt]

**Will Ali survive this fight against Team Rocket, Will Orange and Mio be able to stop Team rocket. Stay tuned for the next part of Pokemon advenutures*

Thank you for reading Pokemon adventure part 10 If you have any Comments please do tell. Even if its good or bad

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