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A story (Chapter 2)
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:03:04 pm »
Part 2 :D (I meant chapter 2)
The wind was blowing fiercely. We were traveling to the den the she-wolf had told us to go to, and since we were on a mountain-ish area.. the wind was strong. I could hear some wolves complaining. I sighed and barked, "Just quiet down! Who knows what can happen! We gotta hear instead of yap like a bunch of dogs!" They quieted down, suprisingly. Along the way, many other animals came and tried to attack us. Most of us defended but some cowered away. We pushed on and on and on, the wind beating against us. I thought we were traveling for days, until suddenly, the wind died out and we entered a very large area with a huge den. It was more like a actual hotel (How do I know what a hotel is? I saw one once when I got lost...anyways). We entered it and saw the she-wolf again. She was watching the wolves and motioning them to enter a certain room, two wolves sharing a room. When I came to her, she told me and this other wolf to go to this one room, quite different from the others. "I want you and this wolf to come into this den. Yes I do know it is different from the others. But when I see you two, I see something different in you. Something stronger." She smiled and we entered the den. It was much larger, much nicer, much cleaner, etc. The other wolf spoke up, "This is cool. But at the same time, i'm afraid.. I don't know what they're are gonna do to us..."
Thanks for reading Chapter 2. Like I said before, Nice comments please!

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