Author Topic: Anime World Part 10 Wh-What is this??  (Read 916 times)


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Anime World Part 10 Wh-What is this??
« on: March 10, 2014, 02:12:57 am »
I got up.
"Hey Justice. Mind if you help me? I don't think I can hold on for any longer." said Shark.
I equipped my GN Sword III. I dashed towards Snible.
"I'm sorry Snible. If you really want to attack me, then I'll attack you back."
I jumped up and did a sword attack. Snible reacted quickly by dodging. Me and Shark moved back.
"Hey Shark. Did you know anyone else who survived the shockwave?" I asked.
"Well there was..." as Shark was about to finish.
Snible, with his Sniper rifle shot down my Sword.
"OH SHIT." I shouted.
I moved back and typed the next sword I had. It was a 00 Qan(T) Sword.
"So you do have a lot of swords. I heard from someone." Shark said.
Snible moved back.
"Y-YOU PIECE OF... THAT'S IT. TIME TO DIE." shouted Snible.
Suddenly, the ground started shaking. There, in front of me and Shark was a huge mobile suit.
"N-No way... Why is t-this here..." I trembled.