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Players with invincible pets


Not wolves or cats, I'm talking about farm animals.
Infinite milk source, infinite breeding source, no threat or risk or protection measures needed.

--- Code: ---[16:50:45 INFO]: <[Admin]1cec0ld> why is this pig invincible
[16:50:54 INFO]: <[GameFreak]Gavi> tene's stackable pigs
[16:50:55 INFO]: <[GymLeader]Cammanduh> i have invincible cows :P
[16:51:07 INFO]: <[GymLeader]Cammanduh> if you want to see them tee pee
[16:51:30 INFO]: <[GymLeader]Cammanduh> -_-
[16:51:46 INFO]: CONSOLE issued server command: /getpos camm
[16:51:46 INFO]: Current World: world
[16:51:46 INFO]: X: 502 (+East <-> -West)
[16:51:46 INFO]: Y: 61 (+Up <-> -Down)
[16:51:46 INFO]: Z: 1,810 (+South <-> -North)
[16:51:46 INFO]: Yaw: 125.331 (Rotation)
[16:51:46 INFO]: Pitch: -16.77 (Head angle)
--- End code ---

I don't support their existence, and I think all current ones should be eliminated. I tolerated the screwed up mechanics with stacked idiots standing around at spawn, but giving them to players is a broken idea.
And if they weren't "given" to players, it demonstrates a loss of control, which means they shouldn't even be created in the first place.


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