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« on: June 03, 2014, 05:44:13 pm »
Ok, so this is a story I wrote about two years ago, and I think that you guys would like it. This is a 30+ chapter story and deals with romance later on, so if you do not like that kind of stuff, leave now. I will try to type one chapter a week, to avoid headaches. Give me opinions on this, and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Although you all know I do not own the rights to Pokemon, I just want to make sure no-one sues me.


Chapter 1: Flying Entrance

He laid comfortably in his case, perfectly at ease. He did not know how long he had been here. He had no previous recollections, nor was he sure he was retaining these recollections. Time seemed to drift for him. Everything seemed unchanging and constant.

Somewhere along the line, something changed. A warming presence seemed to hold the case he was in. What is that? he wondered. The presence faded, making him feel a small part of him leave. He wanted the presence the to come back. He wanted the warmth again.

He did not know how long it was before he felt it again. He pushed slightly against the presence to let it know he was there. Soon, too soon, it faded again. This process seemed to continue and continue. Finally he was tired of this. He didn't want the presence to leave him again. He didn't want to feel whatever the feeling was when the presence left again.

He waited until the presence was there again. This time seemed to take longer, but he knew it would come. Soon enough, it did. He gathered all of his strength and rammed against his holding case. If he didn't break it, at least the presence might help.

He felt a wave of accomplishment hit him as he felt the wall sag a little. He heard a crack, but there was nothing else. He wasn't about to give up. He gathered his strength again and rammed the same spot. The wall gave way and a sudden brightness hit him.

He had no time to react as he felt weightlessness take over. He felt like he was flying through the air, free from everything. He heard a cry of alarm from above. He rejoiced in the sudden exhilaration that captured him and he knew he never wanted to be stuck in anything again. Why suffer in cramped places when there were open places like this?

Suddenly the feeling of weightlessness left him as he fell into a suffocating mound of something soft. He panicked. The soft stuff enclosed him, made him feel trapped again. He struggled in vain. The stuff seemed to be everywhere. Was there no way out?

Something latched on his body. It was the presence, but now he felt it touch his fur, not the shell-like case that surrounded him. He let go of everything and let the presence pick him up. The mound of soft stuff left and his eyes finally adjusted to the light. He could see the world.

He looked and saw something in front of him. The words appeared in his mind of what it was: human, face, and trainer. He didn't completely understand them, nor understand how he knew,but he knew he could trust this thing.

It brought him up to its face and he studied it. The human's face had a slightly roundish shape to it, though not in a fatty way, but in more of a youngish way. The human had startling blue eyes and light brown hair. Its face sported a few pimples, but no scars or other blemishes. Its hair came down almost, but not quite, to its shoulders. He thought it was perfect.

He stared at the human right in the eyes. It stared right back. Finally, it laughed. "You're a feisty one, aren't you?" it said.

He didn't know how to respond. He continued to look into the human's eyes.

"Okay, okay, you win. I've lost the staring contest already little buddy," it said. It put him down on its lap. He looked up at the human's face still. "Okay, introductions first. I'm Nick," it said pointing at itself. "And that is Blaze," Nick said, pointing behind him.

He turned and saw a large reddish orange creature standing on its four paws. It had a mane, tail, and a head of hair that were yellowish and fluffy looking. He must have fallen in one of those. He backed away from the strange creature.

"I know he looks intimidating now, but you'll get to like him. Now about you. What should your name be?" Nick asked. Nick made sort of a mmm sound as he put his fist to his chin. "I got it!" he shouted, snapping his fingers, "I'll call you Light. How does that sound?"

The name seemed to echo in his head, Light, light, light, light . . . It seemed perfect. "Sure," Light said.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," Nick said. He started to pet Light and groom his fur. Light felt a purring noise reverberate from his throat. "You gave us a fright when you popped out of your shell like that and flew through the air. Luckily, Blaze caught you with his mane, or you could have seriously been hurt."

Light looked around and for the first time noticed eggshells all around his feet on Nick's lap. He also noticed something twitch behind him. He looked back, but it veered out of sight and all Light saw was a light brown tuft of fur. He suddenly felt the need to attack it. He darted for it, but as he did, it also moved away. He started to go in the other direction, but it changed directions, also.

"You look like such a cute Eevee when you do that Light," Nick said.

When Light heard 'cute', he stopped and checked himself. He would let the object get away, at least for now. He made a mental note to go after it later on.

"Well aren't you even going to say 'hi'?" Blaze asked.

Light flipped around. He had completely forgotten about Blaze. "Oh, uh sorry. Umm . . .  hi," He stuttered.

The Pokemon gave a short laugh through his nose. "I'm not going to bite. I'm just a Flareon," he said.

"Here guys, get acquainted. I need to go right now." Nick said. He picked Light up and put him on a soft like thing next to Nick. Nick got up and headed for a door.

Light tried to scramble after him, but he came to an edge and couldn't follow any more. Light summoned all his voice and cried out, "Wait, don't go!"

Nick turned his head as he walked and said, :Don't worry; I'll be back." And with that, Nick left the room.

Light laid down and put his head on his paws. Blaze jumped up beside him. "What's wrong? Nick will be right back. It's not the end of the world," Blaze said.

"I-I just didn't want him to leave," Light said.

"So your name's Light. Seems slightly well placed since you're a special colored Pokemon," Blaze commented.

So Light was a special colored Eevee. Was that supposed to change things? He didn't feel wierd or anything. So what if he was a different color?

"Oh, don't take it the wrong way. It's just rare to be born the special color of your species. Anyway, I see you're on the dramatic side."

"What do you mean?" Light asked.

"I'm just talking about how you suddenly leaped out of your shell with a flying leap thinking you could fly or something," Blaze teased.

"I-I didn't mean to. I just wanted to get out of my shell," Light said.

"Don't worry; no harm was done," Blaze said.

"So how long have you been with Nick?" Light asked.

"I was given to him about six months ago as his first Pokemon," Blaze answered.

"So, what do you guys do?" Light asked

"We battle other trainers and gym leaders and that sort of stuff. Nick now has two badges from gym leaders. Human like to test out skill, though many times I think they represent us as their strength or something like that," Blaze said

"Am I going to be battling?" Light asked.

Blazed chuckled, "Not right now. In a few days Nick will start teaching you. You're still a newborn."

Light felt a little disappointed that he would that he would have to wait, but he guesses it couldn't be helped. He turned his head at the sound of the door opening. Nick came into the room holding a little bag. Light jumped up into a standing position, glad to see he was back. Light could feel his tail waving as he watched his trainer.

Nick came over to Light and crouched down. Nick reached into the bag and pulled out a black collar with a small tag on it. Light looked at it confused. "This is identification in case you ever become lost, or something. I made sure to print your name on it," Nick explained as he slipped it around Light's neck.

Light looked down at it and smiled at his new collar. The little gold tag swung a little from his neck. He resisted the urge to bat at it. Nick got up and went through the bag again. Light's attention went back to Nick as he pulled something out. It was a ball, half red, and half white with a black ring around it. Nick pressed a button and the small ball grew in size a little.

"This is a Pokeball, Light. I've got to put you in it real quick so that you're a captured Pokemon, but it will only last for a little," Nick said. Light nodded and waited as Nick tossed the ball into the air. The ball hit Light and opened. A flash of red hit him and then all was black.

Light started to panic. Once again, he was in a closed space. Light felt something try to take control of him and remembered what Nick said. He stopped and let it take control. He heard a ding that rung in his ears. Light was starting to have a hard time breathing and staying calm. He would be let out soon, right?

Suddenly the red light flashed again and light was once again outside. He was thankful that the experience was over. He never wanted to go in that thing again. He looked around and saw he was on the floor in front of the couch. Blaze was still laying on it. Nick was standing where he had been before.

Light looked up at Nick and saw a big grin on his face. "Welcome to the team, Light," he cheered. Light cheered with him.

Okay, that is the end of chapter one of 'Light'. Give me some feedback and tell me if you liked it. I will type up Chapter 2 when I have a chance next week.

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Re: Light
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Can't seem to fix the font and can't put it all to the left like I typed it.  :/
Just going to have to deal with it I guess.
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Re: Light
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That was pretty cool. Looking forward to the rest of it. PS try link each subsequent part at the end of the previous part for ease of reading.


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Re: Light
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Okay, so I got a chance to type today, so I decided to get chapter 2 out of the way while I could. So basically instead of once per week I'll do it when I can. Enjoy.
Chapter 2: Winning a New Friend

"Okay, Blaze, I need you to help me here, seeing as you were once an Eevee," Nick said.

It had been about a week since Light's birth, and Nick finally decided to bring Light to the park to train.

Light crouched down and waggled his rear, ready to pounce. It had been a week since Light had been born. Nick had finally brought them to the local park to teach Light how to battle.

As Nick gave instructions to Blaze, Light imagined a mysterious enemy in front of him and pounced. He landed where he had thought of the opponent and started to swipe at the air. He imagined the enemy taking a swipe at him and rolled over. He crouched down, preparing to pounce once more.

Suddenly, a paw pressed down on his back and his attention came back to Earth. "Huh, what?" Light started. Light looked back and saw Blaze had been the one to stop him.

"Did you hear me?"

A blush rose on Light's cheeks and he lowered his head in embarrassment. "N-no."

Blaze sighed and took his paw off of Light. "Well listen this time. Nick wants me to help teach you Tackle. Technically, you should already know it, but you still need to learn how to use it. Now first, we need to take advantage of instinct," Blaze started.

"And how do we do that?" Light asked. He noticed Nick went over and sat down on the bench of the fountain and pulled out a Pop-Tart package.

"That's easy. Now, I want you to do the first thing that pops into your head. Aim for that tree there," Blaze said, pointing toward a nearby oak tree. " Okay, get ready. Tackle!"

Something triggered in Light's head and his mind wanted to do something. As Blaze had instructed, Light did it. He lowered for a second and then burst forward. He ran right at the tree and rammed into it. He bounced off with the impact, but didn't feel too much pain.

"Good, good. Your instinct for that move was good. Now, the second part is form. Get into the position right before you started forward." Blaze said.

Light tried to remember how he had done it and got into the position. He crouched down and paused in the position.

"Here, let me help. You should keep your rear lower, so your back legs will have a more forceful push. Also, keep your tail straight behind you. If you're able to keep the wind from hitting your tail as much, you will have more speed." Blaze said, pushing him down some.

Light took the advice and repositioned himself. When he saw a nod from Blaze, he shot out again and hit the tree. This time, he was a few seconds faster, but he also hit the tree harder. He gave a yelp as he hit the tree.

"Okay, time for lesson three: impact. When you hit your opponent, you have to hit right, or you will also recieve pain from the impact, as you just did," Blaze explained.

"Well I think that should have been my first lesson," Light muttered.

"Okay, when you come at the foe, you need to push your weight into him if you weigh more. That will unbalance them and make them take most of the damage, though it will be rare for you," he said, referring to Light's size. "Whether you weigh more or not, though, you need to . . . how do I put this? You need to let your body finish the move. When you hit the tree, let your body react and follow through." Blaze sighed, his explanation sketchy.

Concentrating on what he said, Light got into position and charged at the tree again. As he hit the tree, he felt a strange tug to put his back paws down then his front paws. Thinking this was what Blaze meant, he did. He was surprised to see he didn't bounce off and didn't receive any pain.

"Good, you got my meaning. Now one thing to note, the reaction may differ significantly, so you need to always be ready. Don't worry; it becomes a habit quickly," Blaze said,

"So am I finished?" Light asked.

"Well with that move. It's called Tackle. You need to remember the name as that's what Nick will call it when telling you what to do," Blaze said.

"Why would Nick tell us what to do? Wouldn't we know what to do in a fight?" Light said.

Blaze looked at him incredulously. " Of course Nick tells us what to do. He's the trainer, plus, he has the strategy," Blaze said sternly.

Light sighed, "Fine, but what's the next move?"

Blaze's expression lightened a little. "Okay, next is Sand-Attack. Okay, like before, we need you to trust on instinct the first time," Blaze said. Light crouched and nodded. "Get ready. Sand-Attack!"

Light followed his instinct again and he turned around and kicked dirt up into the air the the tree. The dirt drifted for a second before dropping back to the ground. "Is that all?" Light asked, disappointed in the weak attack.

"Pretty much, now on to form. When you kick out, take your claws and rake the dirt instead of kicking it out of the ground. This will create a longer lasting, smaller particle Sand-Attack. Also, as the name implies, this attack works best with sand," Blaze said.

"But wait. Why am I learning such a weak move? What's the point of this attack?" Light asked.

Blaze sighed. "The attack is meant to blind the opponent temporarily and gain you some time. Also, a well aimed Sand-Attack will weaken a foe's sight for the whole battle," he explained.

Light thought about the explanation, but still thought a a swift back kick would be better. But for now, Light got into position and did a Sand-Attack. He raked his claws over the dirt intead of his paws and was glad to see a fine spray go out.

"Very good. As for impact, if there is wind blowing toward you, don't use it and instead position yourself opposite the wind. Now onto Tail Whip," Blaze said.

Light didn't wait for him to continue and instead acted right then. He jumped at the tree and turned around, whacking the tree with his tail. However, instead of making impact, his tail rather slid around the tree.

"Well that was pretty good, but stop getting ahead of me. Now-" Blaze started.

"But I didn't make impact, my tail just slid around the tree," Light injected.

Blaze sighed again before continuing, "It's supposed to. The move lowers the opponent's defense a little, when the defense lowers, you can then do more damage with your attacks."

Light wanted to scream into his head. Another pointless move. Instead of lowering the defense a little, he could hit the opponent with a full on attack. "But doesn't it also lower your defense when you turn your back to the enemy? The would leave me wide open for an attack," Light pointed out.

"Look, I didn't make these moves up. They're just the ones you already learned from birth," Blaze retorted. "Now, as for form, try to do it without hesitation so you're not open for a counter attack for long. And for impact, make sure you follow through like before."

Light nodded and asked, "Anymore?"

"Nope. That's the last of them." He turned and jumped onto the bench.

Nick saw Blaze was done and got up. He came over to Light and said, "Okay, let's try these moves out. First, Sand-Attack!" Nick pointed dramatically at the tree.

Light jumped a little closer and spun around. He raked his claws over the dirt and sent up a good Sand-Attack. The spray of loose dirt hit the tree and some clung to the bark.

"Okay, Now Tail Whip!" Nick cried out, once again pointing.

Light obliged and hit the tree with his tail. Once again it slipped around it and Light landed perfectly next to the tree. He walked back over to Nick

"Now finish it up with Tackle!" Nick yelled. For a third time, he pointed at the tree.

I don't need assistance on that to attack, Light thought. He crouched and sprang quickly. He hit the tree and followed through, landing unhurt on all fours. He came back up to Nick.

Nick leaned down and scrathed Light between the ears. Light let out a purr. "Good job, Light. Do you want to go practice? I finally saved enough for another Pokeball. Man those are expensive. I was almost broke after buying yours. So I'll test you and catch another Pokemon all in one," Nick said.

Light nodded and followed Nick. Blaze leaped off the bench and also followed. Nick took them out of the park and they ended in the woods. They followed a small path. Nick kept looking around.

Soon, Nick gave a shout as he saw a small brown and white feathered bird roosting on a branch. The bird, awoken for its slumber, opened one eye lazily, not really caring about the trainer.

Light leaned over to Blaze and whipered, not wanting to alert the Pokemon anymore, "What's that?"

Blaze stared at the bird, his focus entirely on it. "It's a Pidgey. Careful, they can summon large gusts of wind easily called a Gust attack. It also know Sand-Attack and Growl," he whispered back.

Light snorted at the attacks Blaze listed. Some wind, dirt, and noise wouldn't stop Light.

"Hey, Pidgey, I challenge you to a battle," Nick shouted at it. So much for being quiet.

The Pidgey opened both eyes and tilted its head, before nodding a little. It could do with a little competition today. The Pidgey stretched a little and batted its wings a few times.

Nick smiled. "Okay, Light, you're up," he said.

Light eagerly jumped in front of Nick, ready for his first battle. The Pidgey chirped a few times and Light was sure it was laughter. "Come on, or are you too scared to fight?" he taunted.

The Pidgey chirped again and launched off the limb and flew down closer to Light. Light saw his chance and launched up toward the Pidgey a second before Nick hollered, "Tackle!"

Light berated Nick silently for giving his attack away. The Pidgey quickly opened its beak and let out a loud 'GEY' right before Light hit him. Light was startled at the sudden cry and only hit Pidgey at half power. He also was a little too distracted and landed poorly. A little pain shot through his right hind leg as he landed on it, but it wasn't too much to continue.

He shook his head as he mentally slapped himself. He couldn't believe he had fallen for such a simple trick. He looked back up and saw the Pidgey soaring over, preparing for a second pass. He thought of his moves and an idea formed. He got ready to spin.

Soon, the Pidgey came soaring down at him. When it got close enough, he spun to use Sand-Attack. But once again, Nick yelled out, "Sand-Attack!"

Light continued through with the attack, wishing Nick would be quiet and let him battle. The Pidgey, once again alerted to his intentions, slowed and then suddenly flapped its wings at him. Light had just thrown up the dirt and was spinning back around, when the wind from its flapping hit him. He was pushed back a little, the wind ripping at his fur. Also, all the thrown dirt rushed at him, getting into his eyes.

Light shook his head to try and get the dirt out of his eyes. His opinion about the effectiveness of Sand-Attack was changing. He had finally got it out when the Pidgey once again used its gust attack. Unprepared, he flew through the air a little. He slid to a stop next to the tree the Pidgey had roosted on.

He looked and saw the Pidgey going up to circle him once more. He needed to get the Pidgey out of the sky, then it would be almost powerless. He came up with an idea and clawed his way up the tree quickly. He sprang to the lowest branch as the Pidgey started to come down again. He saw Nick's confused expression out of the corner of his eye, but ignored it.

The Pidgey was looking at the ground for him, having not seen him climb the tree. The Pidgey was going to fall for this one, hook, line, and sinker. The Pidgey flew under his branch and Light launched himself at it. He landed squarely on the Pidgey's back.

The Pidgey gave a startled cry as the sudden weight sent the Pidgey crashing to the ground. Once back on the ground, Light pinned the Pidgey. Once he was sure he had squashed it flat for a little, Light jumped in the opposite dierction of the tree. As the Pidgey tried to get up, he crouched for his next move.

As if on cue, Nick said, "Tackle it!" Light sprung forward, not wanting to lose his chance.

Luckily, the Pidgey hadn't gotten up in time to react to Nick's command. Light was able to land a direct hit. The Pidgey fell back against the tree. It slumped to the ground, defeated. Light breathed in, slowing this rapid heartbeat.

Nick cheered at the victory and threw the Pokeball. It hit the Pidgey and it was covered in a red light, before disappearing inside of it. The ball fell to the ground and started to shake at the regular intervals. After a little, Light heard a 'ding' and he knew the Pidgey was captured.

Nick cheered once more. "Yes, I captured a Pidgey!" He jumped up into the air and then quickly rushed over to the Pokeball.

You caught the Pidgey? Light thought, I thought I was the one doing the work.

Nick picked up the ball and threw it, saying, "Go, Pidgey." The ball released the Pidgey into the air in a flash of red light. It circled once and then landed on Nick's shoulder. "Hey, little guy, are you okay?"

The Pidgey looked slightly hurt, but it nodded anyway.

"Good, well time for introductions. I am Nick. This is light, and this is Blaze," he said, pointing to Light and Blaze as their name were said. "Now we need a name for you."

"You'd better give me a respectful name," the Pidgey said.

"That's something I've always wanted to do: understand Pokemon. Oh, well, now your name will be . . . Ace. How is that?" Nick asked.

Ace tilted his head, considering the name a little before nodding. "I guess that will do."

"Good, now let's get back to Cerulean City and train a little more before dark," Nick said. He headed back down the path the way they had come. Ace stayed on his shoulder while Light and Blaze hurried to catch up.

They got back to the city quickly, and went back to the park. Once there, Nick pulled out some kind of red device. He pointed it at Pidgey and it said in a static-like voice, "Pidgey. Normal and Flying type Pokemon. Known moves: Gust, Sand-Attack, and Growl."

Nick put the device away and sat down, thinking for a second. Light finally turned to Blaze, seeing Nick would be busy for a little.

"That battle would have n=been easier if Nick hadn't shouted everything I did. Ace always knew what I wanted to do," Light grumbled.

"I was actually surprised you won. Ace was about three levels ahead of you," Blaze said.

Before Light could reply, Nick stood up and shout, "Ah, hah!" Blaze and Light turned to look at him. "I'll teach you two," he pointed at Light and Ace, "how to use Quick Attack. You're both about at the level to use it and it will help us greatly in the gym battle."

"What's Quick Attack?" Light asked Blaze.

"It's like a super speed Tackle," Blaze answered.

"Okay, now I want you both to . . . oh great, how am I supposed to teach you guys?" Nick said.

"I'll do it," Blaze said. "Okay Ace, come off Nick's shoulder and I'll try to teach you two how to to the move."

Ace flew off Nick's shoulder and landed on the lowest branch of their oak tree. Light sat down near the tree. He was glad to actually learn another damaging move, instead of whipping someone with a tail.

"Now I want you both to charge at the tree repeatedly, trying to go faster than your fastest," Blaze ordered.

Light and Ace nodded. Light started to charge at the tree like he did with Tackle. He pushed himself to go faster and faster. He simply hit the tree, and he came back backto his starting position. He saw Ace come flying overhead and fly at the tree. Light was surprised at the speed he summoned, but Ace didn't seem to have reached the goal yet. Ace pulled out of the collision course with the tree at the last second.

Light  continued to charge at the tree. On the fifth pass, he felt himself shoot forward and he rammed into the tree painfully. "Ow, that hurt," he said.

"That's it, Light. You did it," Nick shouted. Did Nick have to shout everything?

Blaze approached Light, "Now do it two more times to make sure you know it. Your form is the same with Tackle and you should react at the end like normal."

Light nodded and once again charged at the tree. He sped up again and barely reacted in time to avoid injury. As he landed on his feet, he saw Ace suddenly shoot past him and ram into the tree. He saw Ace react like Blaze taught him and Ace came away unharmed.

"Good, Ace. You've got it. Now practice a few more times to get it down," Blaze ordered.

Light and Ace practiced a few more times, before Nick called it a day, and they started back to their room in the Pokemon  Center. Ace turned his head to Light and said, "You're a pretty good battler, Light."

"Thanks, you were not too bad yourself," Light replied.

"I think I'm starting to have fun as a captured Pokemon. Nick seems nice, too," Ace stated.

"Yeah, he's a great trainer. So you're not mad I got you captured?" Light asked.

"Nah, I knew I would probably be captured one day, but I'm glad I was caught by a good trainer and not one of those slobs," Ace said.

Light laughed, "So, is that a truce, friend?"

"In a roundabout way, yes," Ace said

"Good," Light said. He inwardly cheered at gaining a new friend.

Alright, that is Chapter 2 of 'Light'. This seemed to take more time than usual, so I hope you enjoyed it to your full extent.

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Re: Light
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Alright, that is Chapter 2 of 'Light'. This seemed to take more time than usual, so I hope you enjoyed it to your full extent. Oh, and sorry Tene, I couldn't find a way to ling the chapter together like you asked. Sorry.

Just have to post a link at the end of the story to a new part, threads containing multiple parts wont be linked so people will have to dig through posts to find them.


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Re: Light
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Now, for the third chapter of Light. Might as well get it over with, instead of this story collecting dust. Give me some feedback if you like it, I'm a pessimist when it comes to my work.
Chapter 3: The Cascade Badge
Light yawned and stretched as the sunlight hit him. He looked around groggily and saw Ace already awake, grooming himself. Blaze was still asleep as was Nick. Suddenly, a loud noise came from some device on the nightstand. Nick's hand went out instinctively and slapped it, causing it to stop. Nick groaned and got up, Blaze awaking with his movements.

Nick took them to the park and they ate a quick breakfast and warmed up for the impending battle. Nick had asked for a match between him and the Cerulean sisters: Lily, Violet, and Daisy. Misty, the main gym leader was out on a trip, so the others would stand in. Now that Nick had three Pokemon, they had agreed to a fight.

Soon, they were on their way to the gym. It was a large building with a Dewgong on the front. Nick led them right in. After a few hallways, they ended up in a large room. Auditorium seats lined the walls. In the center was a large pool with a few large, artificial lilies.

Lily, Violet, and Daisy were already on the other side of the pool. Another woman sat in a fold-up chair on the sidelines with two flags, a red and a green. She stood up as Nick approached. "Welcome, challenger, to the Cerulean City Gym," the announcer called, "You have challenged Violet, Lily, and Daisy to a one-on-one match between three Pokemon. The challenger may at any time return his Pokemon to switch for another. The gym leaders may not. Both the challenger and the gym leaders are allowed only three Pokemon each. The winner is the one to first defeat all of the other's Pokemon.  Ready? Begin!"

Daisy stepped up first and threw a Pokeball into the air, calling out, "Go, Goldeen." A red and white splotched fish was released into the water. It had a rather large horn on its forehead.

Nick turned his head to Ace, who was on his shoulder. "Okay, Ace, you're up first."

Ace nodded and took flight. He flew over the Goldeen twice in lazy circles, waiting for the Goldeen to make the first move.

"Goldeen, use water gun!" Daisy cried out. Did all Pokemon trainers have to yell?

Goldeen suddenly shot a blast of water at Ace. Ace easily dodged it at his height. The water was too slow to get him unless he came lower. But then again, Ace couldn't hurt the Goldeen that high up, either.

Ace dived down at the Goldeen. Daisy saw him coming and called out, "Horn Attack!"

The Goldeen shot out of the water to intercept Ace's approach.

"Gust!" Nick called out.

Ace stopped in mid-air suddenly and flapped its wings at a ferocious pace. Wind quickly picked up and the Goldeen was slowed too much to reach him.

"Follow it up with Quick Attack," Nick ordered.

Ace shot down past the Goldeen and, as it fell further down, hit it right on, The Goldeen flew in the air onto one of the three lily pads.

"Finish it off with one more Quick Attack!" Nick shouted. Light covered his ear closest to Nick. He really didn't need to yell for Ace to hear him.

Ace shot down once more at the flopping Goldeen. It was helpless now that it was out of the water and Ace made a direct hit on it. Goldeen flew out of the arena and it fainted.

The announcer held up a green flag. "Goldeen is unable to battle!"

"Oh, no, Goldeen! Return, you deserver a good rest," Daisy said. She held up the Pokeball and it disappeared in a flash of red, "Your turn, Violet," Daisy said, stepping back.

Violet stepped up to the edge and threw a Pokeball of her own. "Go, Dewgong," she shouted. A slick, white creature appeared. It, too had a large horn on its forehead. However, this Pokemon was much larger than the last.

"That's not good, It has an Ice type advantage over Ace," Nick muttered. "Ace, come back and rest for a little." Ace returned to his perch on Nick's shoulder. "Good, now Blaze, it's your turn. Dewgong's part ice so your fire attacks will do normal damage," Nick said. Light grumbled quietly next to Nick about being the last to fight.

Blaze jumped on the first lily. Light was a little worried about the match up, though. Fire Pokemon were weakened when wet and this pool basically ensured getting one wet when battling.

"Dewgong, Aurora Beam!" Violet shouted. Light groaned. She was even louder than her sister.

The Dewgong went under the water a little. Blaze tensed, ready to move once the Dewgong showed itself again. Suddenly, the Dewgong reappeared at the edge of the pool farthest from the lilies. It leaned its head forward a little and a small sphere appeared for a second, before it shot toward blaze as a beam. Blaze jumped forward onto the next lily, barely dodging the move.

"Double Team, Blaze!" Nick yelled.

"Hydro Pump!" Violet yelled at the same time.

Blaze's form suddenly split into six forms and two onto each of the lilies. The Dewgong, who had opened his mouth, hesitated for a second, allowing all the Flareon to separate and make six different targets. Finnaly, it decided who to attack and a large stream of water shot at the middle middle two Flareon.

Right before it hit, Nick yelled, "Flamethrower!"

The Hydro Pump went through the middle two Flareon and they disappeared. The four remaining Flareon all opened their mouths and shot a barrage of flame at the Dewgong. The Dewgong didn't have enough time to react, and the Dewgong was hit. It was too distracted to notice which of the flamethrowers were actually doing damage. Finally, the fire stopped and the Dewgong looked burnt, though the burnt marks quickly faded.

"Great, it had the Thick Fat ability," Nick muttered. Light wondered what that meant, but was distracted by a yell.

"Use a sweeping Ice Beam. Dewgong!" Violet cried out.

The Dewgong opened its mouth and a blue light sphere for a second before it became a beam and headed right for the two Flareon near Violet. It went right through them, however, so the Dewgong swung its head, still using Ice Beam. It aimed the attack at the other two. One of the Flareon leaped up and the Ice Beam hit only one. That one also disappeared and all that was left was the real Blaze.

Dewgong had over-used Ice Beam, though, and was unable to aim up at the last one. Unfortunately, the attack also froze the water near it, making a new ice path leading to each lily pad and its side of the pool.

Nick smiled a second, letting Blaze land again, before saying, "Flame Wheel!"

Blaze headed straight for the Dewgong over the ice. He breathed fire out and it covered his body, making him a flaming projectile. He left behind a trail of melted ice behind him. He hit the Dewgong before it could react. However, when he followed through with the attack, he slipped on the ice and stumbled. The Dewgong quickly recovered from the attack, though.

"Horn Attack, Dewgong!" Violet yelled.

Dewgong dived a second, before breaking through the ice under Blaze. It made a direct hit with its horn and Blaze flew across the ice. Blaze barely stopped himself before he slid into the pool. He got to his feet and prepared himself for the rest of the fight.

"Flamethrower!" Nick yelled.

Blaze sent a volley of fire at Dewgong. Dewgong tried to escape under the water, but the hole in the ice it had made restricted its movements and was hit. When the flames stopped, Light noticed the Dewgong was finally staring to weaken. He also noticed that the attack had melted most of the ice and Blaze was standing on the last of it.

Violet cheered her Pokemon on, "Hold in there, Dewgong. Use Hydro Pump!"

Blaze tried to move, but once again slipped on the ice. He was falling into the pool when the attack hit him. He was blown against the edge of the pool and hit it hard. Blaze began to sink into the pool.

"Flareon is unable to battle," the announcer said, holding up a red flag this time.

"Return, Blaze, you did a good job," Nick said. He returned Blaze into his Pokeball.

Before Nick could say anything, Light jumped onto the first lily. "Now it's my turn!" Light said.

'Uh, Light . . . okay then. Let's win this, Light," Nick said.

"Dewgong, use Ice Beam!" Violet shoputed.

Light smiled, knowing what would happen. The Dewgong shot the beam at Light, but he jumped to the next lily and then the next as the Dewgong followed his movements. As the Dewgong came to the final lily, Light bunched his muscles and leaped over the move, landing him on the previous lily.

As Light had thought, Dewgong was unable to continue the attack. He then used his Quick Attack. About a second later, Nick yelled, "Quick Attack!" Could he never keep quiet?

He was able to hit the Dewgong. He followed through with the attack, but instead of landing on the ice, where he could easily slip, he landed on the Dewgong's head. Using that as leverage, he leaped off and onto a lily pad on all four paws.

"Quick, Dewgong, use Aurora Beam!" Violet yelled.

Light smirked how he mow knew the incoming attack. Having seen how Dewgong used it, he knew Dewgong couldn't see above it. The Dewgong lowered its head and the attack was prepared. Light ran out onto the ice, using Quick Attack as a boost to his speed.

The Dewgong launched the move and adjusted it to reach the nimble Eevee. Light was slowly approaching Dewgong the whole time, though. Finally, he thought himself close enough and launched a Tackle at it, glad when he didn't hear Nick letting his move known. He hit the Dewgong head on and the momentum was enough for it to hit the edge of the pool. The Dewgong then fainted.

"Dewgong is unable to battle!" the announcer yelled, once again raising a green flag.

"Return, Dewgong. Okay, Lily, you're up," Violet said.

Light returned to a lily pad as Lily took Violet's place. "Finally, now I'll show you all up. Go, Corsola. Let's, like, finish this." She said throwing a Pokeball. Light liked her much better. She wasn't as loud.

A pink and white Pokemon with hard, stump-like things pointing out of it everywhere was released on a lily pad. Light realized that it was able to be out of water as much as in. That meant getting it on land wouldn't help as much as it did with the Goldeen.

"Corsola, Tackle," Lily said in a quiet tone.

Light leaped out of the way as Corsola came close, only to realize he had jumped into the water. He struggled to keep his head up as he swam to a lily pad. As he pulled himself onto a lily pad, he vaguely noticed that Corsola jumped into the pool. However, this made his condition worse as he felt ten extra pounds added to him with his fur wet.

"Corsola, Bubble," Lily said.

Light prepared for the attack to hit him, however, the bubbles from the attack ended on the surface. That Corsola was a genius, he realized. With the bubbles covering the surface, he wouldn't be able to see where the next attack came from.

"Now, use Bubblebeam," Lily said.

Light heard the attack and anticipated what it would be like. Thinking quickly, he crouched down in a ball and started waving his tail in a Tail Whip. The attack came from behind. His plan worked as his tail brushed the bubbles away without making contact. He grinned as he realized that he found a new use for Tail Whip.

Soon the attack ended. Light leaped into a standing position and saw that Corsola hadn't submerged again. He aimed and leaped with a Quick Attack, taking in his new weight. He reached the Corsola before it could react and he followed through and landed on its head, much like the Dewgong. He then jumped back onto the lily pad.

"Corsola , Recover," Lily said, a hint of panic in her voice.

Corsola leaped up onto the next lily pad. Before it could continue, Light ran at it with a Quick Attack, just as Nick shouted, "Quick Attack!" Why did he have to intervene now?

As Light got closer, the Corsola hadn't moved. Instead, its wounds seemed to disappear. It was healing itself! Light increased his speed as fast as he could and hit it before it could recover fully. Corsola flipped into the water again.

"Surf," Lily said, he voice starting to rise.

Corsola came to the surface and, Light couldn't believe his eyes. Corsola was skating on the water! Light was too stunned to react in time, took a direct hit and Corsola came crashing in. Light flipped onto the lily pad closest to Nick

"Stop, Light. Ace will take over from here," Nick said. He reached down and picked Light up and put him next to himself. "Go, Ace. This is their last Pokemon." Ace jumped off his shoulder and took flight. Light was glad he was allowed to see the end of the battle.

"Go Corsola, use Bubblebeam," Lily said, once again using a quiet tone.

Ace dodged the attack barely. The attack was much faster than Water Gun. Ace picked up speed in the air, ready to dodge and attack at will.

"Use Quick Attack!" Nick yelled. Light quickly remembered to cover his ear again.

Ace dived toward the Pokemon. Corsola dived under the water, though and Ace had to rise again.

"Now, Bubblebeam, before it gets away," Lily said. Light could barely hear her with one of his ears covered.

"Use Gust!" Nick yelled right after.

Ace turned to face the water just as Corsola surfaced again. Ace flapped his wings and a strong wind shot toward Corsola. It started to shoot its attack, but the sudden wind blew the attack into its own face. The wind also added to the damage sustained by blowing it against the ice.

"Now, finish it with a Quick Attack!" Nick shouted.

Ace dived again, gaining more and more speed. It hit the Corsola and it rammed back against the ice. The added damage was too much and Corsola fainted.

The announcer raised the green flag again. "Corsola is no longer able to battle. The challenger wins!"

Nick jumped up into the air and cheered. "Yeah, we did it!"

Lily returned her Pokemon with a sigh.

Light got up from the floor, the victory giving him some more strength. He followed Nick as he walked around the pool toward the three sisters. Ace landed on his shoulder. "Great job, Ace," Light said.

"Yeah, well you weren't too bad yourself," he replied, returning the compliment.

Nick met the three sisters half way around the pool. Lily stepped forward, "You were, like, an awesome trainer, you know. Congratulations on winning. You mad, like totally, an awesome show. Here you go, the Cerulean City Gym badge, the Cascade Badge." She handed Nick a small badge in the shape of a tear.

"Yes!" Nick shouted as he took the badge. "That's three badges now!" He leaped up again and put the badge away in some case in his pocket. "Thanks for battling," he said to Lily.

"Oh, it was, like, nothing, bro. But if our little sister, Misty was here, she would have wiped the floor with you, totally," Lily teased.

Nick picked Light up and held him against his chest as they headed out to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy quickly took Light, Ace and Blaze, who was still in his Pokeball. Nurse Joy said Light only needed rest and Light gratefully sank down on the bed he was put on. He then quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 3 is done! Hope you enjoyed it.

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ME LOVES DIS STORIE  :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee:

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Great, I'm glad you liked it.  :)
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Can't get to typing up the next chapter, since I'm addicted to Gmod. But once I snap out of my trance, I will gladly type the thing up.
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Can't get to typing up the next chapter, since I'm addicted to Gmod. But once I snap out of my trance, I will gladly type the thing up.

Fun, I've been busy so haven't had a chance on mine.


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So we are similar in some ways.
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So, I will have to delay the next chapter even further since I lost my page on which it was written on. I'm sure that when I find it, I'll immediately feel stupid, but for the time being,  I am clueless of its wherabouts. Once I find it, I'll be sure to type it up immediately.
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Ok, finally found my pages after turning my room upside down. As we get further in the story,it starts to get mushy and cheesy, but it gets better, so just bear with me.

Chapter 4: The Past

Light eagerly awaited Nick at the front of the Pokemon Center. Even though Nick was staying in one of the rooms, Nurse Joy wouldn't let him past the counter until Nick checked him out. Light started to chase himself in circles. There was nothing to do in here. Ace was still roosting on the counter, though Light was sure Ace had opened his eyes once. Blaze was sitting quickly, showing no intention of playing.

Light was sure he was going to wear the floor out if he continued, but he did anyway. Maybe he would make a dip low enough to go under the counter. Oh, what was taking Nick so long? He jumped onto one of the chairs near a computer and stared at the door leading to the guest rooms.

"A watched Slakoth never moves," Ace warned.

Light darted a look at him, but he was already in his roosting position again. Light huffed and turned to the door anyway. He waited and waited. He could see the sun almost to its zenith by now.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and Nick came running out. "Oh, sorry guys, over slept. Come on, we gotta go, now. I'm taking them Nurse Joy, thanks," Nick said, starting to head to the door. He stopped and turned suddenly. "Oh and here's my keys. Bye!" And with that, much to the inconvenience of the flustered Nurse Joy, Nick ran out the door.

Light jumped off the counter and ran after him, Blaze running behind him. Ace flew ahead and landed on Nick's shoulder. For once, Light didn't envy his bumpy ride. Nick jogged all the way out of town going south.

They rested at sunhigh, Nick catching his breath. After that, Nick thought they were pretty much on schedule and they started walking. Light wondered what schedule he was talking about. He saw Blaze also confused for a second. Then Blaze nodded his head, as if understanding. Light was startled to see his shoulders suddenly sag and his tail start to drag the ground. What was wrong with him?

Light thought about approaching him, but knew that it would make him sadder, maybe even mad for him bringing it up. Light did come closer though and brush against him to comfort him. He knew Blaze wasn't always happy, but he had never seen him sad. Light wondered what it meant as they went down the road.

Soon, they reached a large space enclosed by a fence. Inside were many different Pokemon. Nick was startled to see it, but went ahead and headed around it. The fence led around to a large two story, ranch style building. On the front was a large artificial sun image (a yellow circle with lines around it) and the word 'care' after it.

A man was sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in front of the building, slowly rocking back and forth. He waved to them as they were about to pass. "Hey, traveler, are you a trainer?"

Nick looked up and grinned, "Yep, do you want to battle?"

The man laughed, "No . . . no . . . I'm not a trainer. Come here, I want to tell you something."

Nick looked at his watch and shrugged. He walked up the three wide steps onto the porch. "What did you want to tell me?" Nick asked.

"Do you know what this here building is?" the man asked.

Nick shook his head.

"Well it is kinda new here. See this is a Pokemon Day Care. You leave your Pokemon here for a small fee and we'll train them for a little. It also gives you a little time off. Want to try it? I'll give you two Pokemon passes for a night and we'll see how it goes, okay?" the man offered.

Nick scratched his head for a second. "Are you sure about it being free for this first time? No strings attached?"

"Absolutely," the man said, giving a toothy grin. Light saw some of the teeth about to fall out while others were already missing.

Nick thought about it for another second before nodding. "Okay, I'll give it a test run for today. Here, I'll let Light and Ace stay and we'll see the results," Nick said.

Light was devastated. How could Nick just leave them? Nick held a hand to Ace and he jumped on it. How could Ace be complying with this? Nick then offered the Pidgey to the man, but pulled back before the man could take him.

"Wait . . . I need some kind of proof besides just your word. How do I know this thing isn't just some way to steal my Pokemon?" Nick interrogated. Light almost cheered. Maybe they wouldn't have to go.

The old man paused and put a hand into his pocket. He pulled it back out and showed Nick a card. "This is my proof. Also, you can ask all the other trainers who have left Pokemon in my care," the man said.

Nick stared at it for a little before nodding and handing Ace over. Ace hopped onto the man's shoulder. Nick picked Light up and handed him to the man. "There, now be good Light and Ace. I'll be here to pick you up in the morning," Nick said getting back on the road. He waved as he left the path and went into the forest, Blaze slinking. Where were they going?


Blaze followed Nick into the forest. He could fell tears almost falling already. But he was glad Nick had brought him. He wanted to see it again, for just a moment to be with her again. He was also glad the others weren't coming. This didn't involve them. This was between Nick and him.

He let his tail drag the ground, not caring of all the dirt getting into it. Soon, they came upon familiar landmarks. Blaze soon took the lead as he started to remember exactly where they were. They were almost there.

Blaze was the first to reach it and the tears started to fall as he saw it. It was still the way they made it. The grave was still untouched. Blaze came up to it and fell, crying, to the ground in front of it. Oh how he missed her.

Nick knelt down and put a hand on Blaze's back. He rubbed Blaze's back as his Pokemon lamented at the grave. Blaze wanted her back so much, but now she was gone. He would never see her again. He cried as his grief became anew as he remembered the old times.


Blaze hurried in front of Nick, clearing the area in front of his master's feet as they trudged through the snow. They needed somewhere to stay, fast. This winter blizzard was bad enough without them staying out in the elements.

Blaze shook the snow out of his brown pelt. Unfortunately, Eevee have a very absorbent fur. All of the snow melted by his body heat soaked into his fur. He was now drenched to top it all off. Could this day get worse?

All of a sudden, the ground went out from under Blaze and he found himself inside a snow bank. He struggled to get out. Great, now he was cold to the bone, too. Anything else, Arceus?

Blaze continued to plow a path for Nick, even now. He knew his master had no fur to warm him except those thin rag thingies and that he was very easy to become sick. Blaze searched around as he looked for shelter.

Suddenly, Blaze had hope. There, in the distance, was something black. Blaze motioned for Nick to stop with his tail and bounded forward. He soon reached it and saw he was right. It was a cave! He quickly retrieved Nick and brought him to the cave.

He rushed back outside to find something to use as kindle. He found a pile of sticks and brought them to Nick. Nick nodded numbly and pulled his backpack off. He pulled his backpack close and started to search through it. Blaze saw his hands were trembling too much to do anything and pushed Nick's hand away. He looked through it himself and quickly found the two stones. He pulled them out and put the sticks into a pile. He held one stone down and, holding the other in his mouth, struck it. He had seen Nick do it many times and was glad when a small fire started.

Blaze huddled close to Nick as they got near the fire. Once Blaze was warmed some, he went back outside and collected some more sticks. Once on the fire, it produced some more heat and Nick and Blaze eagerly warmed themselves. Soon, they both stopped shivering and sat there, glad to be out of the snow.

Soon, Nick went back to the entrance and Blaze followed. Nick started to pile snow against the entrance and Blaze helped him. They left a short tunnel only big enough for Blaze and the cave instantly grew warmer. Nick went back to the fire and laid down next to it. Blaze snuggled himself into Nick's arms and Nick soon fell asleep.

Blaze wanted to go asleep, but he knew he had to keep watch. Many wild Pokemon may come seeking their heat. But as night started to fall, Blaze felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier. He was sure he dozed off for a second somewhere, but couldn't remember. But he was instantly alert when he heard something outside. Something was trying to get in. Blaze slipped out of Nick's arms gently, as to not wake him and positioned himself near the tunnel entrance.

The creature came through with a struggle and Blaze knew it was bigger than him. That was just great. Blaze bunched his muscles, ready to spring. The creature came closer and closer. Blaze was ready to use his Takedown move.

The creature pulled out of the tunnel and Blaze leapt. He wrestled the creature to the ground and pinned it there. He was surprised at this as he was a third of its size, but he managed it somehow. The light from the fire allowed him to partially see the creature. It was slightly like him, except reddish-orange and yellow instead of brown and tan.

Then he heard the Pokemon whimpering and he decided he had been too rough with it. Blaze got off and saw the Pokemon back up to the entrance, about to slip back through. Something inside of him told him to stop it, however. Blaze looked at the creature and whispered, "Wait."

The Pokemon stopped and waited, but didn't say anything.

"You can . . . come and sit by the fire . . . for a little, if you want," Blaze whispered. He knew he shouldn't, but something was driving him to do otherwise.

The Pokemon gave him a doubtful glance, but saw he was being honest. It came over and sat by the fire on the opposite side of Nick, warming itself. As it got close to the fire, Blaze realized it was a Flareon, one of his evolutions. He went back to the fire and sat in front of Nick.

"T-thanks," the Flareon said.

Blaze heart did a double take. It was like listening to an angel. Wait, what? Did I just think that? Blaze asked himself. "Don't mention it, umm . . ."

"Angel," she said. Oh, the irony.

"My name is Blaze," he said.

"What are you doing here? If you're a captured Pokemon, why aren't you in a house?" she asked.

"My trainer tried to take a shortcut and we got lost. We've been hiking through here for two months, trying to get out," Blaze answered, sighing.

Angel started to come around the fire and he tensed. Angel saw it and sat back down. "Then this must be hard. Is this your first winter as well?" she asked.

Blaze nodded. He had decided winter was his least favorite season.

"Do you guys have any food?" she asked.

Blaze wanted to say yes and give her some, but they were honestly out. They had ate the last and were about to replenish their berries when the blizzard came in. He shook his head.

"Well . . . I know where you could get some close to here," she said.

Blaze jumped up, ready to go out, "Could you show me?"

Angel nodded and led the way to the tunnel. Blaze waited as she struggled through and then slipped through easily. Angel led him over to some tree and motioned him to stay back. She then sent a burst of flame at the snow and it easily melted. Under the snow cover was a very large berry bush. There must have been dozens of them.

Blaze reached down and pulled three branches off, taking the berries with them. Angel also bent down and got a few. Blaze took them through and then came out and took Angel's also so that she could fit through the hole. Blaze carefully pulled the berries off the branches and threw the branches into the fire.

They got back into their positions around the fire, Blaze taking a berry to munch on. Angel also took one and Blaze found himself mesmerized by her as she ate. She glanced up once and Blaze quickly looked away. He could fell heat rising into his cheeks.

After eating, Blaze snuggled into Nick's arms again. Angel laid down by the fire. Blaze could see she was still shivering a little, though. Making sure not to wake Nick, Blaze slipped out of his arms again and went over to Angel.

She raised her head as he came near. "Would you mind I laid next to you for warmth?" Blaze asked, berating himself for making the question seem so stupid.

Angel blushed and shook her head. Blaze laid down next to her. He felt her shivering soon stop. He fell asleep to her breathing.


Blaze woke to Nick's startled cry. He looked over and saw Nick backing away from him. Then he remembered Angel. Blaze got up and approached Nick. He padded Nick's leg and motioned toward Angel. Nick seemed reluctant at first, but came closer to Angel.

He reached a tentative hand out. He stopped as soon as Angel started to shift. She looked up and saw Nick's hand, but stayed still, not even tensing. Nick continued and started to pet her. Blaze heard her start to purr.

Blaze took a few berries and brought them to Nick. Nick gladly accepted them and ate them all. Blaze was sure Nick would have a stomach ache later. Well at least he was full. Nick sat back and sighed. He then went through his backpack and pulled out his Pokedex. He pointed it at Angel and it soon booted to life. Blaze knew Nick would soon be reading all about Flareon and such. Bored, he went over to Angel.

"So, what are you doing here?" Blaze asked.

"I was looking for a place to stay out of the cold," she answered.

"Are you a wild Flareon?" Blaze asked.

She nodded.

Maybe Nick could catch her, Blaze thought. "So, uh, do you have any family?"

She shook her head, "Not that's with me anymore."

"Do you have . . . like a mate or anything?" Blaze asked. What did I just say? That was definitely poorly worded, he thought.

She seemed slightly startled at the question but shook her head. "No, I just haven't found the right Pokemon to have as a mate yet," she said, a wistful tone in her voice.

Blaze could see she was starting to shiver again and pressed against her. She hesitated for a second, and then pressed against him, too. "I've always wanted to be a Flareon," Blaze said.

"That would explain the name," Angel said. "Thanks again for letting me in."

"No problem. Thanks for helping me get food," Blaze said.

She nodded, "Well now we're even."

Blaze looked at her out of the corner of his eye. She was so gorgeous. Her pelt was smooth and soft and- What am I thinking? Blaze thought.

"So, uh, when are you guys leaving?" Angel asked.

"I don't know. Probably when the snow melts. We have food, water, and shelter here, so we'll stay at least for the storm," Blaze said.

Angel seemed to be disappointed. She turned her head sadly away and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Blaze asked.

"I was kinda hoping you guys would be staying longer . . . or . . . permanently," she said, keeping her head turned.

Blaze wondered why. Was she feeling something towards him, too? "W-why?"

She sighed again, "It doesn't matter now."

"Well Nick could catch you. You could come with us," Blaze said.

"Really?" Angel said.

Blaze decided to tease her. "Only if you tell me why."

She gave a little sad face, but finally relented. "O-okay, it's . . . it's . . . because I think I like you," she whispered, a blush appearing on her cheeks.

Blaze's heart gave a leap of joy. She liked him, too! "I-I think I like you, too," he whispered back.

She gave a little gasp and smiled. Then she leaned forward and kissed Blaze lightly on the lips. Blaze was too shocked to react.

"EW! Go get a room, guys. Not in front of me," Nick exclaimed.

Blaze looked away, embarrassed. When Nick went back to his Pokedex, Blaze got up and went over to Nick. He reached a paw around him and pulled the empty Pokeball off. He dropped it in front of Nick and nuzzled his leg to get his attention.

"Uh, what's," Nick started. He stopped when he saw Blaze pointing at the Pokeball and then motioning toward Angel. "Do you want me to catch the Flareon?"

Blaze nodded eagerly. Angel slowly approached.

"Okay, if you want me to," Nick said. He took the Pokeball and tossed it onto Angel. It rolled on the floor for a little before dinging. Nick quickly released Angel and hugged it. "Great, my second Pokemon!"

Suddenly, Angel's eyes opened wide and she struggled out of Nick's grip and ran to the entrance. Before they could react, she shot through it with a Flame Wheel. "Quick, get out, you two," Angel yelled.

Blaze immediately ran out. Nick started to follow, but turned back to grab his backpack. Blaze turned to help, but Angel rushed by him. Nick grabbed the backpack and Angel started to rush him out. Suddenly, the earth started to shake a little and parts of the ceiling started to fall. Angel's eyes went wide again and she used a Tackle on Nick's back. Nick was shoved right out.

Blaze checked on Nick, but looked back as he heard the rocks shaking. Angel was trying to get out, but was unable before a rock came and blocked the entrance where Nick was standing a moment ago. The cave started to collapse in on itself.

Blaze was unable to do anything as he watched Angel get buried, tears coming down his face. Nick got up from where he landed and started to call out once the cave in was over, but Blaze couldn't understand him. Everything was coming as a blur to him.

Blaze rushed to the wreckage and started to dig. He reached Angel soon and uncovered her. Her back end was flattened by a boulder and blood was slowing seeping out of her. Blaze got close to her and realized she was still barely alive. He started to cover her face in frantic licks.

"Oh, Blaze . . . you're okay. Good . . . I was able . . . to save you. I . . . want to tell . . . you one last thing . . . I love you. I loved you . . . from the moment I saw you. I . . . know it's corny . . . but I did . . . Have a good life, for me, okay?" Angel asked.

Blaze nodded as he started to weep. She was dying and he couldn't do anything about it.

"Good bye," she said. She shuddered and then died.

Blaze howled at the sky. How cruel this world was. It took away his first love, before he could even say those words. He wept even more when he realized that he never told her that he loved her back.

He felt a hand on his back and leapt into Nick's embrace. They wept together as the sky became clear. She was gone now, never to speak to him again. Blaze wished he could speak to her one last time.


Blaze woke from his memories as they finished. He saw it was starting to get light. Nick was sleeping on the ground nearby. He nudged Nick awake and they headed back to the Pokemon Day Care.

Yeah, so, that's chapter 4. A bit cheesy but you'll understand why in a little bit. Bear with me.

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Re: Light
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Chapter 5: Day Care

Light looked at Nick sadly as he left. Why would Nick just leave them? He was even more confused when Nick left the path and entered the forest. Where were they going?

"Well let's get you two settled in here," the man said.

Light hung limply from the man's arms as he got up and shuffled inside. Inside, a long counter went around half the room, separating it. The walls were a pale yellow and there were a few plants in the corner. There was also a computer next to the counter with a Pokemon transfer machine.

The man put them down on the counter and rung a bell. A woman bustled out of a doorway behind the counter and came up to the counter. "What now, honey? Can't you see I'm busy," she said, wiping her hands on her apron.

"We have two more first visitors," he said, motioning to Ace and Light.

"So you're still giving out free passes. We're going to go broke if you continue this," she said. She reached down and picked up Ace and Light. "Come on, now. I'll show you the area."

Light sighed as she carried them into the next room. It was much more decorated and had stairs in the corner. Another door stood at the opposite end. She headed straight for the door and somehow opened it without her hands. Light was still marveling how when she put them down.

"Now, this is the plains area. Over there is the lake. There is the rocky area. And there is the sandy area. No battling here guys. No bullying, no running in the house, and no crossing the fence. Our Abra can and will easily catch you if you try. Now
go along and have fun," she said, making a shooing motion at the end. She turned and went back in, shutting the door behind her.

"So where do you want to go," Ace asked.

"I don't know. Let's find a tree," Light answered, not exactly in a good mood.

Ace took flight and circled above once before coming back down. "There's a tree over there near the rocky area," Ace answered.

Light nodded and followed him to it. The tree wasn't too large, but it had enough space for Light underneath. He laid down in the shade and rested his head on his paws. Ace alighted on a branch in the tree.

They stayed there in silence for a little, before Ace suddenly called out, "Look! A Pokemon approaches."

Light raised his head and saw it. It was a small, light purple Pokemon with a long tail. The Pokemon approached rather quickly, though not aggressively.

As it got close, it said, "Hey, are you guys new here?"

Light sat up and nodded. "What kind of Pokemon are you?"

"My species isn't natural here. I'm a Glameow from another region. You're pretty cute, you know," the Glameow said.

Light blushed and looked away.

"So what's your name, cutey?" she asked.

"L-Light," he stammered.

"I'm Ace," Ace spoke up.

Glameow gave him an annoyed look and then turned back to Light. "Why don't we go somewhere where we can be alone? Just the two of us," she asked. She brushed up against him and he pulled away, uncomfortable with the contact. Light noticed some sort of weird smell was on her.

"N-no, I'll stay here with Ace," Light answered, trying to avoid her gaze.

"Don't you like me?" she asked, pouting a little. She put her tail on Light's back and he backed away.

Light looked at her and was instantly caught in her gaze. Her eyes seemed to be mesmerizing. He started to sway as he looked into them.

"Light. Light. Light!" Ace called out, worried for his friend.

"Get out of here, birdbrain," the Glameow hissed at Ace.

Ace was taken aback from her sudden change and was even more startled when Light didn't react. Something's wrong, Ace thought.

"Come on, let's go somewhere more private," she said. She started to walk off and Light followed, never leaving her gaze.

Now Light wouldn't just go for no reason when he just said no. I need to help him,
Ace thought. He shot off his branch and dived at the Glameow. The Glameow hissed and jumped back, taking her eyes off of Light for a second.

Light shook his head. What just happened? He looked around and saw he wasn't under the tree anymore and Glameow was hissing at Ace. "What's happening, Ace?"

"She was using some kind of move on you. Don't look at her eyes!" Ace called out.

Light turned and ran back to the tree and scampered up it. The Glameow looked furious. She looked at Light again, but he quickly looked away, remembering Ace's warning. Ace landed on the branch his was own.

"Thanks Ace. I didn't know what I was doing," Light said.

"Don't worry; I've got your back. That's what friends are for," Ace said, pushing Light playfully.

Below, the Glameow hissed again and walked off. When she was fully out of sight, Light climbed back down and laid down again. He knew they never should have come. He closed his eyes, but right before he fell asleep, Ace once again gave a warning.

"Look! Pokemon approaching. Three of them," Ace said.

Light got up and saw the three Pokemon on the distance. One was the Glameow from before. To her right was a purple Pokemon with a red gem on its head. Light knew this was an Espeon. To her left was a small, light green Pokemon, with a large leaf on its head.

"This looks like trouble, Light. Get up here, quick," Ace said quietly.

Light complied and ran up the tree at top speed. The three Pokemon saw him and started to quicken their pace. Light really didn't like the looks of this.

The Pokemon reached the tree and they sat in a semi-circle around it. "I'm sorry about before, little Eevee. Will you come down and play with us?" Glameow asked in a pleading voice.

Light wasn't to be fooled again, however. He still remembered how quickly she could change her personality. "Uh, I don't really want to," he said, trying to put some conviction behind his voice, though he thought he failed horribly.

"Oh, please? My friends Espeon and Chikorita want to play, but we need four Pokemon. Please?" she asked. She gave a pretty convincing look that would have got Light before.

Light shook his head, "I really don't feel like it now. How about in a few days?" He knew he definitely wouldn't allow Nick to put him in here again.

The Glameow sighed and whispered something to the Chikorita and Espeon. Chikorita suddenly shot a vine out of its side and reached up to Light. He jumped onto the next limb of the tree to escape it and the vine closed around empty air.

"I didn't want to do this, but you've left us no choice," Glameow said, her anger once again showing.

Light knew he needed to escape. He nodded to Ace and knew he got the message. Ace dive bombed off the branch. All three darted away to escape the sudden attack. Light jumped off the back of the tree and ran like he never ran before. He strained himself to go faster and faster. He heard exclamations behind him and he knew they had found him gone. He didn't dare look back, though.

He saw the rocky area ahead and dived into a small tunnel. He ran along it and to the exit. The exit was pointing toward the lake. He saw the three Pokemon trying to look for him at the beginning of the rocky area while also trying to escape the attacks from Ace.

Light darted out and kept low as he got close to the lake. He reached the lake and looked for a place to hide. Unfortunately, there were only thin reeds and a few lily pads. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold his breath forever. What would he do?

He heard the other Pokemon cry out and he knew they had found the tunnel. He looked around again and his gaze lingered on the reeds. An idea formed in his head. He snapped a reed off and waded into the water. He let only the reed appear above the surface and got under a lily pad. Luckily, the sun was setting, so the poor lighting should help hide him.

The three were soon there. They looked around confused on where he was. Eventually, they regrouped and they said something to the Espeon. It nodded and its eyes glowed blue. After a little, the glowing stopped and the Espeon pointed right at Light.

Light knew he was spotted, somehow. He pushed off the edge of the lake and started swimming across. He had never swum before, but in his desperation, he didn't really think about it. Swimming seemed to come to him naturally as he quickly crossed the lake. Luckily, the lake was longer than it was wide. He crossed quickly and got out. He shook himself dry.

He looked around and saw the Espeon coming one way while the Chikorita and Glameow were coming from another. He soon saw Ace heading for the Glameow and Chikorita. He knew he had the best chance at getting away if he headed for the Espeon and fought past it. He knew he wasn't supposed to fight, but if he got kicked out, that was all the better.

He charged at the Espeon, using Quick Attack. It seemed surprised that he was charging at it. It flinched as Light came close, but Light diverted at the last second and headed right past it. That was easier than he thought.

He headed straight for the house. He was almost there, when he heard a loud ding. Soon, it was joined by a voice, "Okay, dinner time!" It was the woman.

Light sped up. If he could get to her, he should be safe. He reached her and she laughed a little. "Well, well, hungry are we?" she asked. She put down a bowl of food in front of him.

Light looked back and saw Ace speeding across the sky to reach him. Below, Light saw the three Pokemon trying to catch up. Light turned to his food and ate quickly. He was almost finished when Ace reached him. He was completely finished when the others reached him.

Light tensed, but they headed for the woman and got their food, though they kept looking at him. He made sure they didn't get close. He headed over to the woman as she started to go in. He pawed at her leg. She looked down at him. He motioned toward the house and started to beg.

"Aww, do you want to go in?" she cooed.

Light nodded and begged as much as he could. He sat back on his hind legs and held his front paws out, as he had seen other Pokemon do for things.

She looked around, thinking about it. "I'm not supposed to allow you in, but . . . I guess I could allow you in for the night, as long as you don't break anything," she said.

Light rubbed up against her happily. She reached down and rubbed his back. He followed her in and looked back at the last second. Ace seemed to be laughing at something, while the three other Pokemon were all giving him extremely nasty looks.
Light slipped in and curled up in a corner. He never wanted to come here again.


Light stood on the counter, anxiously awaiting Nick and Blaze. Ace was roosted on some kind of metal tree where some clothing hung. Light was glad when he saw Nick approaching through the window.

When Nick opened the door, Light flung himself at Nick. He jumped up to his chest and clung there for dear life. Nick petted him, trying to calm him. Ace jumped onto Nick's shoulder, though he pierced the fabric for a second to send his opinion to Nick.

"So you guys didn't like it, I take it?" Nick asked. Both Light and Ace gave him a glare. "Okay, okay," Nick said. "Okay, I'm taking them, miss. Have a nice day," he said to the woman.

She bowed a little and then went back into the back room. They went outside and headed down the path. Light saw the three other Pokemon slowly following their progress. He didn't let go of Nick until the whole thing was out of sight.

Light jumped down and started to walk. He saw Blaze trudging alone slightly behind Nick, looking worse than before, but was unsure how to approach him. He wondered once again why Blaze was sad. Did it have something to do with Nick leaving the path? He hoped to find out someday.

So, that's chapter 5. Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you when Chapter 6 is uploaded.

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Re: Light
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Time for Chapter 6 of 'Light'. I've had quite some time on my hands today, there's just nothing to do anymore.

Chapter 6: Evolution

Light walked next to Nick as they walked down the road. Ace was on his usual perch, while Blaze walked on the other side of Nick. They had been walking for two days now, camping out on the outskirts of the nearby forest. According to Nick, they were headed for a place called Saffron City. There, they were supposed to battle the next gym battle.

Nick had found out that Sabrina had retired and a new gym leader, a man by the name of Mark, has taken over. Unfortunately, the gym still uses psychic Pokemon. In fact, there are rumors that the gym leader sometimes uses a ghost type Pokemon. Blaze informed him that normal type moves can't affect a ghost type Pokemon and vice-versa. Meaning, Ace and Light would be practically useless.

The gates to the city were in sight now, though still a long way off. Recently, security has gone up when some bad guy group was found there. The old gates were replaced with ones seen a mile away. Light didn't understand why, as it didn't stop flying Pokemon, nor make crossing for ground Pokemon any harder. But he had learned humans didn't make a lot of sense most of the time.

Soon, a young boy came jogging down the path. He wore a yellow cap with a short sleeve white shirt and loose, red pants. The boy saw them and changed his course to intercept them. Nick stopped moving and wanted for the boy to approach.

He reached them ad panted for a second, out of breath. "Hey, would you like to battle?" the boy said.

"Sure, my name's Nick," Nick introduced.

"I'm Sam," the boy replied. He backed up a few steps and threw a Pokeball in front of him. In the regular flash of red, a rat like creature with tannish fur and long whiskers appeared. It was a Raticate. "Is a one-on-one okay?"

"Sure," Nick answered.

The Raticate snarled at Blaze and Ace, trying to appear fierce. Blaze turned his head, not to be intimidated by the Pokemon, while Ace just looked forward. Ignored, the Raticate looked at Light and then shrugged and looked at its trainer, as though Light wasn't a problem. The Raticate was starting to get on Light's nerves.

Light turned to Nick and padded his leg. "What's that, Light? Do you want to battle?" Nick asked. Light nodded his head eagerly. Now he would show that Raticate. "Okay, Light, you're up then."

Light jumped forward, while Nick took a few steps back for allow them space. The Raticate simply looked out to the side, as though uncaring about the battle. Light was really getting agitated now.

"Wow! Is that a shiny Eevee?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, his name's Light," Nick said.

Seeing they were done with the pleasantries, Light decided to start the battle himself and quickly spun around to use Sand-Attack. The Raticate was still looking away and was oblivious until it was too late. The Sand-Attack hit him dead on. It spat and tried to get the dirt out of its eyes.

"Raticate, use Fury Swipes!" Sam yelled. Light was starting to think it was a regulation for trainers to have to yell.

The Raticate hadn't got all the dirt out of its eyes, but still complied with its trainer's orders. Light easily jumped out the badly aimed attack. Maybe Sand-Attack wasn't completely useless. Seeing he had some time, Light darted in and used Tail Whip. The Raticate tried to get him, but Light slipped away before he was caught.

"Good, Light, now use Tackle!" Nick shouted. Light really didn't need his help, but he guess he would have to endure.

"Don't let it get close. Use Tail Whip!" Sam yelled.

Raticate crouched and started to whip its tail around it to try and keep Light away. Knowing Tail Whip actually didn't hurt, he darted in and hit Raticate with only one hit from its tail. He knew he would have to be careful, or he would get easily hurt now, though.

"Raticate, use Fury Swipes again!" Sam hollered.

The Raticate could mostly see again, so this time its attack was much better aimed. Light tried to move away, but it still managed to land three blows on him. He felt like he was on fire from the cuts. Before the Raticate could maneuver away, Light growled and used Tackle.

They fell into a heap of fur as they each tried to get the advantage. Light was at a disadvantage, though, for the Raticate was slightly larger in size and weighed almost twice as much. Eventually, Raticate's strength overpowered Light and he pinned Light down.

"Great, Raticate. Now use Super Fang!" Sam yelled.

Raticate reached down and bit Light on the shoulder. He suddenly felt much weaker. In fact, he was a lightly dizzy for a second as Raticate raised its head. He knew he would lose if he was pinned any longer.

"Light, get out of there!" Nick yelled.

What do you think I'm doing? Light thought.

Then a solution hit him. The Raticate had pinned down his limbs, but not his head. Light reached forward and, imitating Raticate, bit into his left foreleg. It let out a screech and flinched from the pain. With his right foreleg free, Light pounded into Raticate's chest and shoved it off.

When Light got up, he saw Raticate was already up, but was favoring his left foreleg. Seeing victory was at hand, Light used Quick Attack. Raticate was unable to move out of the way and was sent flying into Sam. Sam fell onto his rear from the weight of his Pokemon.

"Awesome, you learned Bite!" Nick cheered as he came to Light and picked him up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Light replied with a nod so Nick would understand.

"Great job, Light. I thought you were a goner when it got you pinned," Ace congratulated.

"And you learned a new move while in battle. That's rare. What move did you forget?" Blaze asked. Light wanted to ask what he meant, but Nick and Sam started to talk again. He made a mental note to ask Blaze afterward.

"Man your Eevee's strong. Does it always fight without orders?" Sam asked as he got out a few coins.

"Uh . . . oh, yeah, I guess it does. I haven't really noticed," Nick said, ruffling his hair before taking the offered money.

"Well thanks for the fight. We're going to go practice. Bye," Sam called out as he went down the road.

"Come on, Light. Let's get you to a Pokemon Center. That Super Fang has probably done some damage," Nick said. They headed on to Saffron City, Nick's pace a little faster now. He continued to hold Light in his arms.

On the way, Light asked Blaze what he meant, and he found out that a Pokemon can only remember how to use four moves. Bite was his fifth move, so he must have forgot a move. Light thought about it and realized that Blaze was right. He had forgotten Tail Whip. He asked Blaze about which move would be forgotten and found that the move least liked would be replaced. That made perfect since. He really disliked Tail Whip.

When they reached the gate, a guard checked them quickly and let them pass. Nick hurried straight to the Pokemon Center and left Light there. Light was uncomfortable without Nick, but Nurse Joy was constantly encouraging him. He wondered why the woman had followed them to Saffron City from Cerulean City. Did she run all the Pokemon Centers? How did she reach them all? He tried to ask a Chansey, but it told him that Nurse Joy had always been here.

Nick came back as Light pondered what he found out. Nick checked out a room. As they all rested in the room, Blaze told him that Nick had arranged a battle with Mark tomorrow morning. Light thought they should be training, but Blaze insisted to relax. After much convincing, Light gave in and played with Ace, as Blaze wasn't much fun.

It became dark quickly and they headed to bed. It took a while for Light to relax enough to sleep. He was anxious about tomorrow, but he eventually fell asleep.


Light yawned from the sidelines as the announcer, also stifling a yawn, told them the rules. It was to be a one-on-one battle with two Pokemon each. Mark, a short man with tight, dark clothing, looked wide awake. Sunrise was not a good time to fight for Light.

Mark threw his Pokeball into the air as Nick sent out Blaze. A short, spiny like Pokemon appeared. Light heard Nick mutter, "Great, a Kadabra."

The fight began as Kadabra disappeared and reappeared behind Blaze. Blaze was looking in the wrong directions. Light tried to warn Blaze, but it was too late. The Kadabra raised a hand and stretched out a palm. A blue light covered Blaze's body and he was lifted into the air. Light noticed Kadabra's eyes were also glowing blue. It must be an attack, but Light hadn't heard mark say anything. Did the Kadabra fight on its own like Light?

Light didn't have any more time to think as he saw Blaze suddenly shoot through the air. Blaze got up slowly. The attack must have done more damage than was visible.

"Blaze, Flame Wheel!" Nick yelled. His voice seemed to echo around the large room.

Blaze charged the Kadabra, his body becoming a flaming bullet again. The Kadabra simply stood there until the last second. Light was sure Blaze had made contact, but when Blaze kept going, he noticed Kadabra was gone. Light looked around and saw the Kadabra on the clear other side of the room. How had he got there?

Blaze stopped his attack and looked around. He saw Kadabra, just as it raised its hand again. Just like before, Blaze was lifted off the room and rammed into the floor twice before being dropped. Blaze was defeated.

"Flareon had fainted," the announcer said, stifling yet another yawn and raising a purple flag.

"Return Blaze," Nick said. Blaze disappeared into his ball. "Okay, Ace. We need your speed." Ace flew into the battle.

"Ace, Quick Attack!" Nick shouted.

Ace dived toward the Kadabra. As it got close, the Kadabra waved a hand and Ace fell to the floor, asleep. What happened? Light thought. It must have been one of Kadabra's moves. It raised its palm again and Ace started to rise into the air.

"Wait! I give, I give, just don't hurt Ace," Nick cried out, already running across the floor. Kadabra lowered its hand and Ace fell to the floor. Nick bundled into his arms and got up.

"You're not ready to face me, kid. Get out of here," Mark said with a flick of his hand. Kadabra vanished over to his side as he walked away.

Nick rushed to the Pokemon Center. Nick and Light dozed off while they waited for Blaze to get healed. Once he was, Nick demanded that they go and train. Light thought that he should have done this yesterday. Blaze refused to talk to anyone, annoyed that he lost, though Light was sure something else was still bothering him.

They went into the nearby woods and started to train. Nick mostly focused on Ace, so Light went off to practice by himself. He also practiced his strategy. He knew the hardest part of battling the Kadabra was going to be its Teleport attack. Light had no long range attacks, so he needed to find a different way to win. He would have to focus on speed in order to damage it. He found a tree that had little spinning things that fell from it. Using it as practice, he darted around, trying to get each little seed before it hit the ground. He knew it would be harder than this with all the open ground in the gym, but how else could he train?

Finally, he heard an exclamation from Nick, who was out of sight, and Light rushed over to him. When he reached him, he at first didn't see anything. Then he noticed Ace. Ace was different, somehow. He was about twice as big, and was growing large, colorful feathers from its head.

"What happened?" Light asked.

"I-I evolved," Ace answered. Light couldn't help it. He laughed. The look on Ace's face was priceless.

Nick was cheering and running in circles, doing some kind of weird dance, his past failure forgotten. Light joined in and Ace with him, trying to imitate and keep up with Nick. Soon, they all fell to the ground, laughing and trying to catch their breath at the same time.

When Nick finally calmed down, he grew more serious. "Well, time to continue training. Come on, Light, it's your turn," Nick said. "Ace, you practice your new Wing Attack." Ace nodded and took to the air.

Light followed after Nick. Nick walked a ways and sat down on a small boulder. "Hmm . . . what do I do with you? If I had the TM, I could teach you Dig, but I don't. We could practice your new Bite attack. Speaking of which, I wonder what move you forgot," Nick said. He pulled out his strange device and aimed it at Light. "So you know Bite, Quick Attack, Tackle, and Sand-Attack, which means you forgot Tail Whip. So you kept all the good moves, that's a relief," Nick said. "Okay, let's practice Bite. Use it on . . . I know. I'll throw a stick and you need to catch it and break it, okay?"

Light nodded. Nick walked around and gathered a small pile of sticks before returning to the boulder. Nick pulled back a stick and threw it far and high. Light dashed off after it, careful to not run into anything, but also not letting out of his sight. He reached the stick as it came close to the ground and Light jumped up. He reached out and grabbed the stick in between his teeth. He crushed the stick with a Bite and landed on all fours.

He trotted back to Nick, happy he had been able to attain it. Nick petted him a little and threw another stick. Light repeatedly bit the sticks, receiving a pet for each one. They kept on after sunset. For the last stick, Nick got up and threw the stick as far as he could. Light saw his chances of reaching it just running were slim and used Quick Attack to speed up. Nick came running also, as it would land out of sight.

Light was almost to it. He saw it spinning through the air. He was almost within jumping distance. Closer. Almost there. Light had almost reached it when the ground disappeared out from under him. Light looked down as he fell and realized that he was going over a cliff! The ground beneath was about fifty feet away, enough to kill him.

Light cried out loudly and closed his eyes. He was surely going to die. Nick was left in the dust when he had been running. Suddenly, there was a loud whoosh and he felt himself land on something soft. He peeked open an eye and saw he was on a Pidgeotto. Not just any Pidgeotto, he was on Ace!

Light opened both eyes and hugged his friend. He heard a slight gasping sound. "L . . . Light, I'm . . . glad to help . . . but you're choking . . . me," Ace said.

Light quickly let go and sat back up on Ace, making sure to hold on tight, still. "Sorry, I was just glad you saved me," Light said. "I thought I was a goner."

"Pretty lucky I evolved then, right? I wouldn't have been able to catch you if I hadn't," Ace said, turning toward the forest again. He soared over to the clearing where he had been training. Light saw Nick running through the forest, following them.

Ace landed and Light jumped off the ground and gave it a quick peck. He was on the ground again.

"Now I'm offended. Am I really such a bad flyer?" Ace said.

Light laughed. "No, but if you fell off a cliff and almost die, you would be glad to find ground again, safely anyway."

Blaze strolled over from the tree he had been dozing by. "What did you say?"

"I was trying to catch a stick and ran off the cliff before Ace caught me," Light said, hugging Ace again.

Blaze snorted, "You need to watch where you're going." He went back over to the tree and laid down. Light would have been offended if he hadn't known he was in a bad mood from the battle. He would have been, too.

Nick came crashing through the undergrowth and slid on his knees the last five feet to Light. He grabbed Light and squeezed him to his chest. Light struggled and gasped for air. Finally, Nick loosened a little, but still didn't put him down.

Light felt something wet hit him and he realized that Nick was crying. He put a paw on his face, albeit with some difficulty, and tried to soothe Nick. Nick smiled and hugged Light closer. "Oh, Light, I thought I was going to lose you," Nick sobbed.

Suddenly, Light felt suddenly paralyzed as something happened to him. He couldn't really explain it. It's something one had to experience. Light felt his shape changed. He saw a radical white light was shining from his body and Nick was staring at him in amazement.

Then, just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Light looked at himself and saw he was completely black, save for a few strange, blue, glowing rings. What had happened to him?

Everything was quiet for a second, before he heard Ace suddenly start laughing. He looked over at Ace and was surprised to see Ace was slightly smaller, though still a Pidgeotto. Then Nick found his voice, "Light, you're an Umbreon!"

The realization then hit Light. He had evolved. He looked down at his new form and could feel new muscles in him. He knew he was now stronger and faster. Light smiled. Now no one stood a chance against him.

"Oh this is great! Now we'll definitely win the next battle. With a dark Pokemon, we'll blaze through his psychic Pokemon," Nick said, starting his little dance again afterward. Light laughed and joined in again, trying not to stumble under his paws.

Not much to say, see you when I type up chapter 7.  :/ Hope you enjoyed.

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