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Diary 2 - Murder
« on: February 04, 2015, 04:37:09 pm »
Event that happened in my life a while ago.  Wrote about it to unwind, enjoy.

     Fear and confusion filled up my brain almost instantly.  I stood awestruck as I read those few lines of text.  Murder, over something so stupid and simple minded.  Over a silly event involving his female friend being kissed by accident.  My fingers fluttered spamming him, begging him not to, repeatedly telling him I love him, and murder isn’t the answer.  My attempt seems useless, coughs spew out of me; followed by a struggle of breath.  Out of panic, I lunge at my inhaler on the table; immediately shaking it and allowing its gas to flow into my lungs.  Eventually I lost count on how many times I used it.  The only thing I notice is my breath tasted of stale gas, which it never did before.  I then see my phone on the floor, and arms and legs are quivering.  It must have dropped sometime in the past couple of minutes.  Despite my efforts, he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care of the consequence, the outcome, how it affects not only himself.  I wanted to yell at him.  Tell him hes acting selfish and retarded.  But it would only make things worse.  Teardrops fell into the phone, and into my dry fleshy hands.  I repeated the same messages, explaining I love him and shouldn’t do anything.  A single, silver colored message appeared; “I won’t do it”.  Relief then floods over me, smiling thinking I saved a life.  Another message appeared.  My relief was extinguished, my smile faded away.  The tears continued flowing, but not out of joy.  Out of horror.  I feel my fists slamming into the table, my lungs piercing with pain from my screams.  All the feeling in my body left; physical and emotional.  My arms shook out of control, my fingers glistened with a small amount of blood smeared on them.  I collapse on the floor, wrapping my arms around my neck; with tears pouring onto the ground.