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Re: Light
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Chapter 18: Rocky Surprises

Light yawned as he awoke. Light carefully looked up without disturbing Cream and saw it was almost sunhigh. For a second, Light thought that they were late, but thought different when Nick suddenly started as his clock went off. Light was glad Nick had bought the clock yesterday.

Light waited until it was obvious they needed to get up, then he eased Cream awake. "Cream, Cream, wake up, honey. We have to go for the match," he said.

Cream stretched as she awoke and gently licked Light's cheek. Light returned the gesture and stretched himself. He went through his stretches to relax his muscles. Once that was done, they ate a quick breakfast and were out the door.

Nick rushed them to the gym and they waited as a newish trainer used a Squirtle against Brock's Onyx. The Onyx was quickly defeated and the trainer took the badge from Brock. That's not good, Light thought.

What's wrong?
Cream asked, already used to their constant channel.

Onyx won't be battling, which means we're up against something else,
Light thought, also sending the thought to Nick.

Nick swallowed when he realized this. "Well . . . I guess we keep up the first strategy still. We don't have much of a choice," Nick said.

Nick led them off the bleachers and to their position. The announcer raised two flags and said, "Welcome, challenger, to the ground and rock type gym of Pewter City. Brock, the gym leader, will be your opponent. This will be a one-on-one match with two Pokemon each. The challenger may, at any time, withdraw your Pokemon for another. The gym leader may at no time switch Pokemon. Both the challenger and gym leader may only use two Pokemon total. The first to defeat the other's Pokemon wins. Ready? Start!"

Brock threw a Pokeball. In the usual flash of red appeared a tall Pokemon. It looked like a tree and had branches with leaves for arms and hands. Light knew what it was as Brock said, "Come on, Sudowoodo, let's win this."

Blaze stepped forward and Nick studied the new Pokemon carefully, also bringing out his Pokedex. Sudowoodo and Blaze studied each other, waiting for a command.

Brock scoffed at Nick's choice, "A fire type Pokemon? A fire type won't be that good against a rock and ground type gym. Are you sure you're up to this gym, newbie?"

"I think my five other badges will speak for me. Blaze, use Double Team, and then split up with Dig and Iron Tail," Nick said without looking up from his Pokedex. Light was glad Nick was getting used to saying commands at a reasonable level.

Light smiled at the new strategy Blaze started. Knowing Earthquake or a number of other ground piercing moves could be used, they found a strong TM for both defense and offense in Nick's messy backpack: Iron Tail. Now Blaze had one more move that would be effective against the strong skinned rock types.

Blaze split into eight forms, though he could now hold nine, and they split the attack sequences. Blaze had finally mastered giving different controls to all eight without hesitation. Four of the Flareon went underground, while the other four surrounded the Sudowoodo, though out of close range attacks.

Brock frowned at the predicament, "Impressive, but you'll have to do better. Sudowoodo, use a twirling Rock Throw." Light was impressed that Brock was also using a calm voice.

Light watched eagerly to learn the strategy. The Sudowoodo smashed the ground near it, making digging harder while destroying any nearby clones, and picked up several stones. It then twirled and threw a large sized stone at each of the visible Flareon. Each one passed through and they vanished. Light heard a sigh of relief come from Blair.

That's an impressive attack strategy. It was as though it was made the opposite of our strategy. Go for strategy two,
Light thought to Nick.

You came up with
two strategies? Cream thought impressed.

No, four,
Light thought back, changing the channel to the two of them again.

Cream's mouth opened in shock.

What? I just told Nick what could happen and how to avoid it. I didn't really do that much,
Light thought humbly.

Cream snorted, It may be the reason we win, though. That counts for a lot.

Light blushed under her compliment and turned his attention back to the battle.

"Blaze, use Double Team again and then Flame Wheel," Nick called out, still checking his Pokedex.

Blaze shot out of the ground and split into eight again. This time, the Flareon surrounded the Sudowoodo and started to some at it with only a few milliseconds to spare between each Flame Wheel. This would make the Sudowoodo face eight attacks in a row.

"Use Brick Break," Brock commanded.

The Sudowoodo raised its arms and started to slash at extreme speeds at each of the flaming projectiles. However, each one disappeared. When the Sudowoodo made contact with the last one, Blaze shot up from the ground and leveled the Sudowoodo with Dig.

Light smiled as the strategy worked, playing off the last strategy. Blaze had used a clone still in the ground to use Double Team above ground, discouraging an underground attack. Nick glanced up and saw the strategy complete and started the next one, "Blaze, use Iron Tail."

Blaze's tail glowed white and he charged the Sudowoodo. The Sudowoodo started to get up, however, its back was to the approaching Flareon.
"Sudowoodo, use Seismic Toss," Brock said, not rushing his words.

He has an impressive patience,
Light noticed.

But also good strategies. Look!
Cream thought back.

Blaze ran full speed at the Sudowoodo. The Sudowoodo stopped on one knee and reached back. He grabbed Blaze by the head and effortlessly picked him up. The Sudowoodo stood up quickly and started to twirl around in the single spot. After several rotations, the Sudowoodo threw Blaze toward the nearest wall. Blaze hit it hard and slid to the ground. Blair gasped as he made contact.

He'll be dizzy after that spinning for a few seconds,
Light thought to Blaze and Nick. He saw both give a slight nod. Nick put the Pokedex in his pocket. The last strategy worked on speed and without commands. Light had drilled Blaze until he was as good with orders as without on this last strategy.

But Blaze won't be able to reach Sudowoodo in that short of time after hitting the wall,
Cream thought.

Light thought calmly, their link back to only them.

Blaze picked himself up and ran at the Sudowoodo, who took a second to prepare himself. Blaze stopped nearby, though, and run around Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo had planted its feet to help prepare after the dizziness, just as Light had thought it would. Blaze was now always barely out of sight as the Sudowoodo pivoted to stop him.

After three circuits, Brock said, "Finish this with Rock Throw."

The Sudowoodo had an extra stone in its branches still and readied it. However, Blaze kept up his speed and the Sudowoodo couldn't pivot fast enough. Then, Blaze executed the next part. He kicked up some dust and let loose a Double Team clone. The Sudowoodo saw the slower Flareon and threw the stone, which continued through the Flareon.

Blaze stopped and used Iron Tail right on Sudowoodo's back. It was a direct hit and a crack could be heard. It immediately fainted.

"Sudowoodo has fainted," the announcer said, holding up a green flag.

"Return, Sudowoodo," Brock said, returning Sudowoodo. "I guess I underestimated you, kid. I won't do that again. I'll let you face Steelix," he said, throwing another Pokeball.

A long, large Pokemon appeared. It was larger than the Onyx, but shared the same body shape and form, making Light guess it was the evolution. Its steel like body revealed its part steel and ground type. It would be a tough opponent.

Seeing Blaze was panting hard from exertion, Nick called him back, "Good job, Blaze. Light will take over from here."

Upon hearing his name, Light stepped into the area, but only after getting a lick on the cheek from Cream, "You can do it, Light. I know you can."

Light nodded his thanks and faced the Steelix. Light didn't like the grin that seemed plastered on the Steelix's face. Its body parts seemed to rotate every little bit. Light prepared himself for a long fight.

"An Umbreon? You have a Flareon and Vulpix, and you choose the Umbreon. Don't toy with me, boy," Brock said.

Light smiled. Brock was getting unnerved at what he thought was a lack of strategy. I would think it would make me more cautious, Light thought. Seeing Nick had his Pokedex out, light opened the channel to him, It's a ground and steel type combo Pokemon, right?

Nick thought back.

Just making sure,
Light thought.

Nick sat down cross legged and Cream jumped into his lap. Nick slowly petted the Eevee, now caring to send out a command.

"Don't get cocky, kid. This is long from over," Brock said, "Steelix, Dig."

Light watched calmly as it went underground. He checked its progress underground with Psychic and jumped out of the way at the last second, getting a squeal from Cream. Don't worry, Light calmed.

The Steelix had an obvious weakness with the move: it had to pull itself fully out. Light took the opportunity and used Dark Pulse. The glowing, black beam hit the Steelix hard. It pulled itself out of the hole and glared at Light, who shrugged.

Brock studied Light more carefully now. Maybe the Umbreon had a mental connection with its trainer. But he shook that off when he saw Nick was preoccupied with tickling his Vulpix. This trainer was definitely the strange one. Shaking off his thoughts, he broke his attention back to the battle. "Steelix, use Iron Tail and then Wrap."

The Steelix darted its tail forward. The end started to glow white as it approached Light. It has some impressive coordination, Light thought offhandedly, as he jumped out of the way. The tail returned to its normal state and it started to curve around Light.

Light may have been confused if Brock hadn't said to use Wrap, but he wasn't now. He grabbed the midsection of the Steelix with Psychic and squeezed. The Steelix howled in pain as a blue aura surrounded part of it. However, as soon Light stopped, the Steelix continued with Wrap, increasing its speed to twice the original.

Light smiled as he waited a half second before impact and used Protect, forming small shield around Light. The small orb was too small and transparent for the Steelix to notice and it completely surrounded Light. Light felt himself rise off the ground and soon, the Steelix had wrapped around the bottom, too.

Brock waited, but saw the trainer was still ignorant of his Pokemon's problem. He knew that if Steelix continued much longer, the Umbreon would suffocate. He would not let that happen to the poorly attended Pokemon. "Steelix, release upward," Brock said. The Pokemon wouldn't suffocate, but would still be injured.

Cream was holding her breath, knowing Light was starting to strain with Protect, but let it out as the Steelix threw Light upward. However, the motion was with the Protect, so when Light let it go as Steelix did, he landed easily on top of Steelix's raised, curled tail, right in front of its face. Perfect, Light thought.

Light sent a Dark Pulse right into its face. The Steelix recoiled from the close up attack, putting distance between them. Knowing his perch on its tail was dangerous, Light continued with Quick Attack. He ran down the coiled tail like a set of stairs and rammed the part of Steelix's body was on the ground. It might have not done much damage against the Steelix, but it still wasn't a wasted attack.

Light landed nimbly on his paws, but tripped on an upturned rock. He fell backwards and landed at the bottom of the hole Steelix had dug. The Steelix grinned down at Light from above. He heard a command, but didn't fully understand it. However, the Steelix had and it came down right at Light.

Using his rings as a light, Light ran down the tunnel, using Quick Attack to speed up. The Steelix's body, however, started to rotate quickly, allowing it to rush at Light as fast as he was moving. Great, Light thought as he saw the end of the tunnel approaching. He would have to stand his ground here.

Twisting on one paw, Light flipped around at a crazy speed to face the Steelix. However, the ground was soft and his paw not only got stuck, but also twisted. He quickly severed Cream's and his channel. Light fell to the ground on his side with a cry of pain. The Steelix didn't slow as it plowed right over Light. The rough body was hard and brittle, catching at his skin and pounding him into the ground.

Light struggled up and limped after the Steelix, keeping his fore left paw off the ground and pressed to his side, which seemed to be on fire. He reached to end of the original tunnel, though another led to the right, announcing the Steelix's plan to come around at him again. Knowing that climbing would be near impossible with all his paws, Light used Psychic to lift himself off the ground. The feel of it was almost comforting. This was the first time he had used Psychic on himself to levitate.

Breaking out of his trance, Light shot himself upward. He came above ground and he lowered himself back on the ground. The blue glow faded from his eyes. He glanced around and took everything in. The Steelix was still underground, while Brock was studying the extent of Light's injuries. Nick was once again standing, checking each injury. Blaze, Blair, and Red were looking at him concerned. But all of it combined was nothing compared to the look on Cream's face. She had a look of horror plastered on there.

He quickly opened the channel and said, Don't worry; I'm good.

GOOD? What do you mean good? You look like you were stomped by a stampede of Tauros, Cream screamed into her head.

Light flinched under the verbal assault, getting a confused glance from everyone but the two mates.

His attention snapped back at the confused roar of the Steelix. Using Psychic, Light picked up the scattered dirt and filled in the hole, slowing the Steelix down and hopefully injuring it. With some time, Light opened a channel to Blaze and Nick.

Light, come back. Blaze has rested and can barbeque that Steelix with Flame Wheel. You're in no shape to battle,
Nick thought, though he held his verbal tongue.

Yes, Light, I'll be able to finish it. Let me go in there,
Blaze added.

Get out of there
now! Cream yelled into her mind. This time, Nick, Blaze, and Light flinched.

Okay, I'm coming,
Light thought, starting to limp back to Nick.

However, Light recognized that the Steelix was under him and barely put up a Protect in time to bounce away from the Dig attack. He still painfully hit his leg coming down, though.

It would help to announce I'm returning,
Light sent to Nick.

"Oh . . . uh, Light come back. Blaze, you're back up," Nick said.

Brock respectively waited as Light and Blaze swapped places. At least the annoying dark type was gone.

Before the battle started again, another battle started at the sidelines, though verbal, not physical. "Light, never push yourself that far again," Cream almost shouted.

"Come here, Cream," Light said calmly.

Cream stepped up to the side that hadn't been racked by the Steelix. However, that was the side that had been forced into the ground and was bruised. Light flinched with the contact and

Cream pulled away, "Oh, I'm sorry-"

Light stopped her by pulling her next to him with his, ignoring the pain. "No, don't be. I can't promise not to push myself that far again, though," he said.

"B-but . . . why?" she asked, starting to tear up.

"Because, I already to promise to protect you with every breath of my body, remember?" he asked.

"Oh, Light," she said, starting to cry into his shoulder, though he now knew a good cry from a bad one. This was a good cry. Light silently rubbed her back with his tail and licked her head. He held her against him as she tried to struggle away, "Light, you're injured. You need to go to Nick and your Pokeball."

Light shuddered at the tight enclosed space as the Pokeball, "No, I've got the best medicine already."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I've got you. Please stay by my side. Your presence comforts me more than any other medicine," he said.

Cream's eyes started to tear up again, "Of course I will. You're too sweet, Light. At least sit down, though."

Light complied and looked back at the battle. Blaze was looking tired, along with his three copies, but so was the Steelix. Blaze and the three shadow copies turned into blazing projectiles and ran at Steelix. The Steelix whacked two with its tail. Unfortunately, the two were both copies and disappeared on contact.

Blaze hit the Steelix and it toppled, dissipating the other Flareon. The Steelix fainted at the impact of the ground.

"Steelix has fainted. The challenger has won," the announcer said.

"YES! We won; we won," Nick said, going into his dance. It looked even more ridiculous when Red and Blair joined in, with Ace doing a dance in the air. Blair didn't celebrate long, though, as she pulled away to intercept Blaze. Light was glad to see Blaze could still walked on his own.

Nick fast walked over to Brock after his dance and received the Boulder Badge and a handshake with Brock, who didn't look the greatest after being beaten. Light was surprised at his low sportsmanship.

"Let's start to the Pokemon Center before Nick does put me in my Pokeball," Light said.

"O-okay, but you have to take it easy," Cream said.

Nick, me and Cream are getting a head start to the Pokemon Center. No, I will not go in my Pokeball,
Light thought.

Cream and Light headed outside when they saw Nick give a slight nod for no apparent reason. He was still talking with Brock, who was looking even madder.

"So," Cream started as they went down the empty street, Cream walking while he limped, "Why do you dislike Pokeballs so much?"

"I have a phobia about it. When I was born, I went sailing out of Nick's hands by accident and down toward the ground, though Blaze luckily caught me. The suffocating mane he caught me with and the stuffiness of the egg made me claustrophobic when I can't get out of something, such as the Pokeball. As long as I can get out on my own, I don't care, but inside the Pokeball, I can't see, smell, or hear anything until I'm randomly let out by someone else," Light confessed.

Cream nodded and they continued to the Pokemon Center in comfortable silence, enjoying each other's company.

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Re: Light
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Chapter 19: Lineage

Light sat up, accidentally awaking Cream next to him. He smiled as he remembered how he had convinced Nurse Joy to let Cream stay with him the whole time of his healing. He had refused treatment unless they let her.

Cream got up and stretched beside him on the medical bed, "Morning, Light. Do you feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks for staying with me," Light said.

"You're welcome. You should be let out today. I can't believe they healed you completely in one day," Cream said, checking him over again to make sure he was fully healed.

The door opened and Nurse Joy entered. He came up to Light and started to check him herself. Once done, Nurse Joy announced he could be checked out and led him to the front counter.

Light definitely wasn't going to wait for Nick to wake up on his own. He reached out to Nick's consciousness and said, Wake up, I'm ready to be checked out.

Light heard Nick mutter to himself in his thoughts and knew he was awake. Light stopped the channel and waited. Soon, Nick came into the common room, still half asleep. "Next time, let me
sleep in," Nick said.

Nurse Joy looked up from the paperwork she was looking at. "You're Umbreon is ready for pickup, sir."

"Thanks. Come on, Light and Cream. Let's get back to the room," Nick said.

Actually, we were thinking of a walk out in the forest. Can we? We can get back in through the window,
Light thought.

Nick scratched his head, trying to think in his condition. "Umm, alright, here," he said, opening the front door for Light and Cream. They moved outside and Nick shut the door. Nick slunk back toward his room.

I didn't know we were thinking of a walk,
Cream thought.

So does that mean you don't want to?
Light asked.

Of course I want to go on a walk with you,
Cream thought back.

They headed toward the forest, Light leading Cream. They went straight into the forest. Cream wondered where they were going, but Light wouldn't give up the location.

Light stopped as the reached a clearing. It was a flat, symmetrical little clearing with soft grass covering it. It was the place. Light led her into the middle and laid down. She laid down next to him and he pulled her close and licked her forehead. "This is the place. A quiet, little clearing where we can be alone," he said.

Cream nuzzled against Light.

"Here, Cream, I got you something," Light said, reaching back. He brushed back some grass and picked up a black collar.

"What is it?" Cream asked.

"This is a collar. This used to be mine until I evolved. I had Nick engrave your name on the other side of the tag. I would like you to have it," Light said.

Cream bowed her head and Light slipped it over it. The tag swung from its ring on the collar as it settled around her neck. "It's great, Light. Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome," Light said.

"Now, I . . . I want to . . . tell you something," she said.

"What is it?" Light asked.

"It's . . . it's about my family," she started, tears starting to form.

"Cream, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I understand if you don't want to," he said.

Cream shook her head, "No, I want to tell you. I . . . I need to tell you. Not only are you my mate and that you deserve to know, I need to tell someone. I need someone to confide into."

"Thank you. Take your time, though," Light said, lick her on the head.

"Thank you. Okay," she started, taking a deep breath, "I . . . I was born in the wild to my . . . my parents. I had no other family that I knew of. My mother was a beautiful Umbreon. My father was
a powerful Espeon, able to take out almost anyone with his Psychic powers. They were wonderful parents.

"I was a week old when it happened. A Mightyena appeared at our den. He said my mother had to go with him. I don't know what he meant by that, but my father was enraged and attacked him. Unfortunately, the only move he knew that wasn't a psychic type was his Protect. He was no match for the powerful Mightyena. My mother tried to help, but she wasn't strong. She hadn't even mastered the moves she knew. The Mightyena was angry for her attacking and decided she was too much of a bother.

"He beat my father and then held my mother down with one paw. He reached down and . . . he . . . he . . . punctured her throat," here, Cream started to cry into Light's shoulder. Light comforted her, petting her back with his tail and resting his head on hers. Soon, her sobbing died down and she pulled away. She quickly continued, "My father cried out as though he himself was dying as the Mightyena did this. He yelled for me to run. I wasn't going to until I saw his whole body start to glow white. I had only gone a little bit before a giant explosion happened behind me.

"I . . . went back and saw the Mightyena impaled against a limb of a tree twenty feet away and fifty feet up. Where my father had been was a blackened crater. That's when I realized that I was now an orphan. A few days later, after searching for food and a shelter since ours was destroyed, the Nidoking came by. Then you came," Cream said, leaning against Light for comfort.

Light heard a bush rattle nearby, but it stopped when he looked at it. He reached with his mind and found nothing. It must have run away when it made the noise. It was probably just a Rattata. Light turned his attention back to Cream.

"I'm sorry for your loss. I never knew my parents. I was found in my egg on Nick's doorstep inside the Pokemon Center. Nick was sure someone left me there for him," Light said.

Cream calmed down and they stayed as they were for a little, enjoying each other's presence. The sun was about at its pinnacle at this point. Light enjoyed this time greatly. Her soft fur was pressed against him and her smell comfortably surrounded him. He even felt a little drowsy as he lay next to her.

However, he was instantly alert as a lithe, blue creature came out of the undergrowth a little to their right. It had fins as a mane and a long tail with a blue fin like spine going down its back. It was a Vaporeon. Both Light and Cream tensed, but the Vaporeon was slowly approaching them and didn't seem to have any aggressive motives. Light and Cream relaxed, realizing this Pokemon didn't mean them any ill.

The Vaporeon slowed more and more as it approached. As it got close, it said, "Is it, really? It is!"

As it said this, it lunged at Light. Light's instincts immediately took effect and as he fell back from the lunging, he shot his paws out, sending the Vaporeon over him and into the ground past him. Light paused for a second. He had smelled something that was vaguely familiar. Light scrambled up and faced the Vaporeon, berating himself for underestimating it.

Cream came up to his side, "Are you-"

She was cut off as a yellow creature appeared out of the undergrowth, shouting, "How dare you!"

The creature was rushing at Light. However, Cream had moved next to him, unintentionally putting herself in the path of the attack. Cream was too stunned at the new opponent to move out of the way and instead pushed herself against the ground. It wouldn't matter as the yellow blur was coming so fast, Light thought it had been using Quick Attack. However, as it came, it started to glow white and it rushed at them. Light didn't recognize the attack, but he did recognize that the attack was definitely a powerful move.

Light knew it might even be powerful enough to break a Protect, so Light did what instinct told him, having no time to plan. He got over Cream and made sure her cowering form was between his legs. He then stood his ground and prepared himself for the impact.

The creature hit Light hard. The attack was definitely was a powerful one. It took everything Cream could do to stop from moving. He couldn't let Cream be left unprotected. The attack did extra damage since he refused to move. He was sure he even heard a pop, though the pain was too much for him to make sure. The attack left his legs weak. Only the thought of protecting Cream allowed him to continue standing.

The creature stopped moving, also stunned by the move, though not injured. Light realized that the creature had used Giga Impact. While the Pokemon was recharging, Light grabbed it with Psychic and threw it against a tree within his sight.

Seeing the creature fully without moving allowed him to realize what the Pokemon was. It had a yellow and white coat that was sticking up like needles. It was a Jolteon.

The Vaporeon was starting to get up and Light realized he needed to protect Cream quickly. He finally banked on an idea he had been forming recently, though he hadn't tried it out yet. Using Psychic, Light grabbed dirt in a circle around him in about a five feet diameter and pulled it out of the rest of the earth. He pulled it over them and made a dome of dirt completely surrounding Light and Cream. It had worked.

Cream darted out from under Light's legs and started to check Light out. "A-are you o-okay, Light?" she asked, starting to cry.

"I . . . think I can still walk, but I probably can't fight. I definitely . . . won't be able to defeat that . . . Jolteon, though," Light said between deep breaths to slow his heartbeat and ease his pain.

"I-I can use Dig," she said.

"Oh, good, then dig a tunnel," he paused sensing where Nick and the Pokemon Center was, "that way."

Cream nodded and Light moved over so she had room to dig. She dug at a ferocious rate. She was slightly slowed, though, for she had to make a larger tunnel than normal in order to accommodate Light's size. After a few moments, Light followed. It was a short jump to the bottom where Cream made a horizontal turn in the direction Light had pointed. Once Light was fully in the horizontal part of the tunnel, he collapsed the vertical part of the tunnel with psychic, making sure to leave no evidence of them using Dig.

Cream dug without talking, though Light could hear her quietly sobbing still. Cream was an amazing digger, though. She quickly made it back to the Pokemon Center. Light guided her to outside their window, using Ace as a guide. They came up right outside the window. Ace started as they suddenly appeared out of the hole.

Nick, I . . . need you come . . . here and . . . let us in . . . the front,
Light thought, exhausted with his rapid uses of Psychic.

Light? Hold on, I'm coming!
Nick thought.

Light and Cream limped over to the front. They reached it shortly after Nick, who rushed them inside. Nurse Joy took him quickly, not trying to stop Cream from coming this time. Light passed out as they entered the medical area.
Light opened his eyes and saw only brown. He was confused and reached out with his mind. He realized that it was Cream, curled around him. She jumped up as he touched her mind. "Light, you're okay!"

"Yeah, but what happened?" Light asked as she moved, allowing him to breathe normally.

"You passed out as Nurse Joy brought you in here. Your injury was really serious. The attack did internal damage since you didn't let the force carry you away. Oh, Light," she said, starting to cry into his chest.

"What's wrong, Cream?" Light asked.

"You . . . you almost got a permanent injury trying to protect me," she cried.

"I would take that and more to make sure you're safe," Light whispered into his ear.

"Light," she said, starting to cry happy tears.

Light soothed her until she calmed down. She was just finishing when the door opened. Nurse Joy came in followed by Nick. Nick knelt beside him and hugged him.

"Don't worry; we've tested him and he has no permanent injuries. He should be okay to be checked out, but he needs to take it easy for a while," Nurse Joy warned.

"Okay, thank you," Nick said as she left the room. "Now Light, what happened? Cream tried to tell me, but I need your telepathy to understand."

Light recounted the fight between him and the Vaporeon and Jolteon. He explained the attack and how they got away. Nick stayed silent until Light was done.

"Well, that's certainly an interesting story. That sounds like a powerful Jolteon. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually a trainer's Pokemon," Nick said.

Light shook his head. That Jolteon was definitely a wild Pokemon, at least during that fight.

"Oh, okay. Anyway, I'm going to have a training section with Blaze, Red, and Ace in the park. Would you like to come and watch? You won't be allowed to train, but you can watch," Nick said.

If Cream can come,
Light thought.

"Of course. Come on, let's go," Nick said.

They jumped off the bed and followed Nick back to the room. Nick got the others and they went to the park. While Red, Blaze, and Ace started to train, Blair, Light, and Cream sat on the sidelines.
Blair was only not participating because Blaze had asked her not to. Nick begrudgingly allowed it.

Light was watching the others train, his side brushing up against Cream's, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He glanced over and saw come blue among the undergrowth of the nearby forest. The park was set right against the forest so that wild Pokemon could enjoy the park. The rules stated that Pokemon could not be caught if it was inside the park, so wild Pokemon often came into it.

However, this blue was slightly familiar. Then he had it: it was the Vaporeon. Light quickly moved over to Nick, sending out, The Vaporeon is here.

Cream kept close to him, while Blair stayed on her other side. Ace, Blaze, and Red stopped as they realized what his statement meant. They all came over to Light. Nick studied the area Light had mentioned.

"I think you're right. We-" Nick started.

Suddenly, the Vaporeon came out of the undergrowth, the Jolteon right behind it. They all tensed as they saw the Jolteon. They stopped about ten feet away. The Vaporeon looked like it was ready to cry, while the Jolteon looked ready to take them all on if need be.

After a moment of silence, Cream spoke up, "Get out of here. You're not going to hurt Light again."

The Vaporeon hit the Jolteon's back with its tail and spoke up, "I'm sorry for what he did. He wasn't supposed to attack you."

"What about you. You lunged at him. Get out of here," Cream said, anger starting to show. Light as slightly surprised at her anger. He put his tail on her back, trying to calm her some.

"I-I'm sorry . . . I . . . I lost control. I just hadn't known I was ever going to see you again," it said.

"Um, excuse me, but I don't think we've met before," Light spoke up.

"Not in person, no, but I did care for you until we gave you to him," the Vaporeon said, pointing its tail at Nick.

"What?" Light asked.

"Um, Light, could you start translating now?" Nick whispered. Light quickly repeated everything that they had said so far through telepathy.

The Vaporeon took a deep breath, "You . . . you're our kit."

Light was too dumbfounded to translate, as everyone else was too dumbfounded to speak. Cream finally broke the silence, "Wait, Light was found in his egg on Nick's doorstep."

The Vaporeon nodded, "Yes, we left him there for the trainer to take care of."

"Umm, guys, besides needing a translation, I think we would be more confortable inside. Let's go back in the Pokemon Center. Is that okay with you two?" Nick asked the Vaporeon and Jolteon.
The Jolteon hesitated, but the Vaporeon nodded quickly.

"Then let's go in," Nick said. He herded them to his room. Light and Cream jumped up onto the couch. Blaze and Blair sat next to the couch, while Red jumped into a padded chair. Ace perched on the windowsill, while Nick took the other padded chair. Jolteon and Vaporeon sat together in front of the couch.

After Light explained the claim to Nick, he asked, "If you're my parents, why did you give me up?"

The Vaporeon looked away, taking deep breaths and looking slightly distressed. Instead, the Jolteon answered, "It's my fault. I was a caught Pokemon for a while. After I had evolved, I had an accident. A spray bottle my trainer had was sprayed on me and some also got into my mouth. The spray was supposed to attract wild Pokemon. I became sick, but healed. However, the spray affected me. Now, wherever I go, wild Pokemon attack me. I was quickly released when my trainer found that out. When I met your mother, we wouldn't let our kit grow up trying to avoid being attacked by wild Pokemon every day of its life. So we studied a few nearby trainers and finally decided on the best one we could find. We then followed him and left you, still in the egg, on his doorstep."

Light took the information in silently, only repeating the story to Nick through telepathy. Cream touched Light's cheek with her snout. "What's wrong, Light?" she whispered, though it could be heard clearly in the silent room.

I . . . I've never really thought about my parents. Now I'm here with them right in front of me. How am I supposed to react? I've never had any family before besides you and I've never seen how anyone else reacts to their parents. This is a completely new experience for me,
Light thought to her.

What does your instinct say?
Cream asked.

It's . . . it's telling me to . . . hug them and rejoice, I guess,
Light thought.

Well there you go,
Cream thought, giving him a lick on the cheek.

The Vaporeon was starting to get uncomfortable in the silence. She hadn't heard the private conversation going on between Cream and Light. For a second, she thought he had finally rejected her. She was about to turn to leave, when she saw Light start to stir.

One more test,
Light thought.

Cream thought.

Light jumped down from the couch and slowly approached the Vaporeon. She tensed, waiting for what he would do. Light stopped in front of her and closed his eyes to concentrate. He took a deep breath and his guess was confirmed. He had smelt something like her somewhere. It took him back to the beginning of his life, to when he had first seen Nick. That smell had been there. It had been on . . . Nick's hands. But it was stronger on . . . the eggshells. Her smell had definitely been on the eggshells.

Light opened his eyes and saw the Vaporeon watching him, waiting for his decision. He smiled, "Hello, Mum." For some reason, tears were coming to his eyes. He embraced his mother.
She started when he said this, but quickly reacted and embraced him, too, tears of her own running down her face. "Oh, honey, you remember."

Light pulled away from his mother and nodded, "Good to meet you dad."

He nodded back, his tears on the verge of falling.

"So, do I get to learn the names of my parents?" Light asked, laughing a little while still crying happily. Cream jumped down and approached Light.

"Yes, I'm Ripple, and your father is called Bolt," his mother said.

"Your name matching your attack, dad," Light said, laughing a little more.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't know what Ripple was doing and then you started to battle. Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes. Are you okay? I kind of overdid my Psychic attack," Light said.

Bolt laughed, "Yeah, it will take more than that to defeat your old father."

"Well time for my introductions. My trainer is called Nick, while the Pidgeotto is Ace. The Vulpix is Red. The two Flareon are Blaze and Blair. And this," Light said, putting his tail on Cream as she came up next to him, "this is my precious Cream." He licked her on the head after he said that.

Ripple smiled, "I see you two are more than just friends, am I right?"

Light grinned, "Yes."

Bolt gave a sigh of relief, "Good, I was starting to think my son was a stupid fighter. I had thought you were not moving from the attack, taking double damage, because you didn't know how to fight. Now I see why you did that. You saved her from the attack."

Light pulled Cream a little closer and nodded. "So, where are you going now? Would you like to come with us?"

Ripple's eyes had a longing look in them, but she shook her head, "Of course I would like to stay, but we can't, not with Bolt's condition. I would never put you in unneeded danger, son. But . . . you could come with us."

Light's heart wanted to, but shook his head also, "No, I couldn't leave this life. You chose well when you chose Nick. I love this life."

Ripple sighed, but looked happy nevertheless, "I didn't think you would. I'm glad you were able to have a good life. I hope we meet again."

"Me, too, mother," Light said. He licked her on the cheek. He opened the door for them and they left.

Cream pressed against him and whisper, "I'm glad they left you with Nick. I've got to be with you."

"Thank you, Cream. I needed that," Light said, pressing against her, too.

"I know," she said.

Okay, now that I look back on my work, it's so embarrassing it hurts. But I'm not going to change it, so back to typing.

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Re: Light
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Chapter 20: Companion

Light waited as Nick packed the rest of his things. The last few weeks, Nick had been way too lazy and was now trying to find everything. He said he had to hurry or he would be late. They were leaving the Pokemon Center and heading out to somewhere else, though Nick was keeping it a secret. However, Blaze also seemed to know, though Nick wouldn't let him tell.

Finally, Nick got the last of his stuff and started to put it in his backpack. However, he had been throwing things in there before and it was so disorganized, it was now unable to hold his stuff. His Pokemon waited patiently as he repacked his backpack and they started out.

They headed for the northern exit to the city. It was located near a large building called a museum. That was one place Light had refused to go. It was a building containing the bones of other Pokemon. That was just unnatural and too spooky.

After walking a few hours along a barely noticeable path, they came upon a large clearing. In the clearing were about twenty buildings. Nick's chest swelled with pride as he looked at it. Light realized it must be his hometown.

"We're here. This is where I grew up. It's still pretty small as it's a newish town, but I love it just the same. It's called Twinleaf Village," Nick said.

They set off again right into the town. A few people waved and said hello to Nick, who greeted everyone by name. They kept on until they reached the last house. It was a small two story log cabin with a nicely kept lawn.

Nick walked up to the door and knocked. His Pokemon surrounded his feet as they waited. Soon, they heard footsteps and then someone fiddling with the doorknob for a second. Then, the door swung open to reveal a middle aged woman with long brown hair. She had the same eyes as Nick, leading Light to thinking it was his mother. She wore a blue dress with a white apron over it.

"Honey, you're home!" she cried, hugging him tight. Light was afraid he would have to remove her with Psychic when he started hearing Nick choke and saw Ace take flight to avoid the bumpy ride.

"Hey . . . Mum . . . can you . . . let go?" Nick struggled out.

"Oh, sorry honey. Come on in," she said, stepping to the side.

Ace landed on Nick's shoulder as he went in, his other Pokemon following. The room they were in was nicely organized and showed a humble décor. There was a doorway to their right and in front of them. All the doorways inside had no doors, as far as Light could see. A stairway was on the left. Light tried to get a glimpse of the other rooms.

"Go on and make yourselves at home. Now Nick how-" his mother started.

Light tuned them out and turned to Cream, "Let's explore."

"Sure," she replied.

They entered the next room through the door in front of them and saw it was a kitchen. On the floor was a food and water dish. In the middle of the room was what Nick called an island. This room was also nice and clean. There were a doorway forward and one to their right.

As they headed to the right, a figure appeared in the doorway. It was about Blaze's size and was orange. On its back were black stripes. It had white fur around its muzzle and belly. It had a fluffy white tail to match its small mane. It was a Growlithe.

As it saw them, it got into an aggressive stance and started to growl. Cream scooted back, while Light stepped in front of her. He let his hackles rise and bared his teeth. Stay back, Cream, Light thought to her.

"Who are you two?" the Growlithe asked, realizing it was most likely outmatched, though it stayed in its aggressive stance.

"I'm Light and this is Cream. The lady let us in," Light said, hiding his teeth, though he kept his hackles up.

The Growlithe stopped acting aggressive and sat down, though he still gave them doubtful glances. "Who did you come with?" he interrogated.

"With our trainer, Nick," Light answered, letting his hackles lower.

"Nick's here? Hooray!" the Growlithe shouted. He shot up ran past them into the room they left.

Curious, Light and Cream followed. As they entered the other room, they noticed that besides Nick and his Mum, only Ace was there on the banister of the stairs. Nick saw the Growlithe coming toward him and dropped into a crouch.

"Hey, boy, how have you been?" Nick greeted, as the Growlithe jumped into his arms. "Oof, you're certainly gained some weight."

Growlithe barked and started to lick his face at a rapid pace. Nick laughed and started to roll on the floor and play with him.

"It looks like Tiger didn't forget you," Nick's mother noted.

Nick slowly stopped laughing and picked himself off the floor. "I'm glad to see you, Tiger. Why don't you go and meet my new Pokemon?" he said, before turning back to his mother.

"So your name is Tiger?" Light asked.

Tiger nodded, "Yeah, Nick's father gave it to me. Sorry for being so aggressive earlier. So where's Blaze?"

"I think he went to show Blair around," Cream answered.

"Blair? How many Pokemon does Nick have now?" Tiger asked.

"Six: Blaze, Light, Ace, Red, Blair, and me," Cream said with a giggle.

"Ace is the Pidgeotto there. I guess you can talk to him later. He's roosting already. It seems all he does is roost nowadays," Light said.

"I heard that," Ace said, pulling his head out from under his wing.

"It's still true," Cream said.

Ace harrumphed and turned to Tiger, "Nice to meet you. Who's your trainer?"

"My trainer is Nick's father, Brandon. May, Nick's mother is takes care of me while he's gone on business trips," he answered.

"Can you show us around the house?" Cream asked.

"Sure. This is the entry. The room you came from is the kitchen," Tiger said, taking them back into it. He led them straight into another room. This one had two large white things on one wall and a basket of clothing near them. "This is the laundry room."

"What's it for?" Light asked.

"I don't know, but they put their cloths in the white thingies every so often," Tiger answered.

He then took them into the room they had almost entered before. In this room, there was a large table in the middle with candles in the middle of it. A large, glass cabinet showed things for humans to eat with.

"This is called the dining room," Tiger said.

Light and Cream nodded and they moved on.

There was only one other doorway from here. It was also on their right. As they went through, a doorway to their right in the new room showed the entry again, completing the downstairs. This room had soft cream colored carpet and a few large chairs. A long couch sat in front of a fireplace. Light noticed there were socks hanging from it. Also there were long green things hanging from the walls about halfway up.

"This is the living room. Don't ask me about the weird socks and strings. They put them up every year around this time for some reason. There's also a big, fake, pine tree they put up in the corner that they hang things on. They're putting that up tomorrow," Tiger said.

He took them back into the entry headed toward the stairs. However, as they got close, Red came down. Tiger stopped in his tracks and gaped at the Vulpix.

Red saw them and came over to them. She glanced at the gaping Growlithe and asked, "Who's this?"

Cream giggled at Tiger's reaction and said, "This is Tiger, Nick's father's Pokemon."

"Nice to meet you, Tiger. I'm Red," she said, dipping her head in greeting.

Tiger stared at her for a moment before realizing she was talking to him. "O-oh, umm, n-nice to m-meet you, t-too," he stuttered.

Red whispered to Light in his ear, "Does he always act like this?"

Not earlier. I think he likes you,
Light thought to her.

Red blushed, though it was hardly visible with her red fur.

"So, I guess we'll go on and look at the rest of the house by ourselves, if you don't mind, Tiger," Cream said.

Tiger didn't acknowledge them as they passed. Light chuckled quietly with Cream.


Red finished looking at the top floor and started going down the steps. She passed Ace, who appeared to be roosting on the banister. All he does is sleep these days, Red thought.

She came to the bottom of the stairs and looked around. Light and Cream were nearby with a Growlithe next to them. The Growlithe was handsome and she could see laugh lines around his mouth, however, at the moment, the Growlithe's mouth was hanging open for some reason. Curious of the new Pokemon, Red approached them.

"Who's this," she asked Light and Cream.

Cream giggled and answered, "This is Tiger, Nick's father's Pokemon."

Red turned to the Growlithe, "Nice to meet you, Tiger. I'm Red." She dipped her head in greeting.

She became uncomfortable as the Growlithe just stared at her for a few seconds. Finally, it started and stammered, "O-oh, umm, n-nice to m-meet you, t-too."

Confused, Red turned to Light and whispered to him, "Does he always act like this?"

Not earlier. I think he likes you,
she heard in her mind. Red blushed as he sent it to her. She was glad of her red fur.

"So, I guess we'll go on and look at the rest of the house by ourselves, if you don't mind, Tiger," Cream said.

Tiger didn't even acknowledge them as they passed right by him. Red heard them chuckling as them left. Tiger took a breath and asked, "W-would you like s-someone to show y-you around?"

"No thanks, I've already looked," Red answered.

Tiger's face slightly drooped, "O-oh, okay."

"Is there any place to sit comfortable that we're allowed on?" Red asked.

Tiger's face lit up again and he nodded, "Y-yeah, f-follow me." He headed into the living room and stopped by the couch. "As l-long as y-you're . . . n-not dirty, y-you're allowed on t-the couch and the c-chairs," he stammered.

Red jumped up on the couch and padded the space beside her, "Would you like to talk?"

Tiger shuffled his feet some, "S-sure." He easily leapt up beside her.

"What do you want to talk about?" Red asked.

"You," Tiger blurted out without thinking. He quickly covered his face with his paws, obviously embarrassed.

"Sure," Red said. "Okay, I was born two years ago during the winter in the wild. I was captured about a year after my birth after having recently acquiring a den of my own. Since then, I've been traded twice and then given to Nick in another year's time."

Tiger seemed a little more at ease as she talked. "I'm sorry you've been moved around so much," he said, saying his first sentence to her without stuttering.

"So, what about you?" Red asked.

"I was given to Nick's family from a professor as an egg. I've been with this family for a little over two years now. Nick was my friend, but his father was my real master. I'm glad to see Nick's back, even for a short while," Tiger said, his tail starting to wag.

"Why were you gaping at me earlier?" Red asked.

Tiger blushed enough for Red to see it through his fur. He looked away and stuttered, "Umm, b-because, I-I think y-you're . . . pretty."

Red blushed at the compliment. "Really?" she asked.

Tiger looked back at her, though he didn't meet her eyes, and nodded, "Y-yeah, in fact, y-you're the most b-beautiful Pokemon I-I've seen."

Red blushed even more, "Thank you. Do you really mean that?"

Tiger finally meet her eyes, "Of course."

Red licked him on the cheek, "No one has ever told me that before."

"N-not even . . . not even y-your mate?" Tiger asked hesitantly, looking away again.

"I don't have a mate," Red said.

"O-oh, really? Well, t-then, I-I know t-this is s-sudden, but . . . c-can I be y-your mate?" Tiger asked quietly.

Red blushed, but said, "Well, can I think about it?"

Tiger looked back at her, "S-sure."

Red nodded, "Thanks." She jumped off the couch and walked away, her heart soaring. Light had been right.


Light came down the steps with Cream beside him. Blaze and Blair followed him, ready to meet Tiger. Red was sitting on the last step looking at the wall in front of her, spaced out. She had a twinkle in her eye that hadn't been there before. She didn't even twitch as they went around her.

Do you think they hit it off?
Light asked mentally.

Cream heard the question through their channel. The look in her eyes says it all.

Ace was still sitting on the banister, appearing to be roosting, though he said he wasn't. Nick and his Mum were gone. They entered the living room to see them sitting on the couch, Tiger between them. Tiger jumped down as he saw them come in.

"Hello, my name is-" Tiger started.

"Tiger," Blaze finished a smile on his face.

Tiger looked at him for a confused second before it dawned on him. "Blaze?" he asked.

Blaze chuckled, "Yeah, it's me. How have you been?"

"I've been well. Who is this?" Tiger asked, motioning to the other Flareon.

"I'm Blair. Nice to meet you," Blair said.

"Nice to meet you, too," Tiger said, dipping his head. He turned his head to Light, "Hey, can I ask you something in private?"

"Cream has to come along as well," Light said.

Tiger looked at his paws and blushed enough for them to notice, "Okay."

They went into the laundry room, going through the dining room to reach it. Once there, Tiger sat down and Light and Cream followed suit.

"Okay, I have some questions for you. What is Red's favorite type of berry?" Tiger started in a whisper.

Light looked at him confused, "Why would I know that?"

"It's spicy berries," Cream spoke up.

"Okay, does Red like anyone else? I mean as a potential mate?" he asked.

Light knew this one, "Well, she tried to get Blaze as a mate, but he was still grieving from his first love and didn't accept. I found out that she also liked me, however, I found out Cream liked me, too, at the same time. I had feelings for Cream, so that's over. That's as much as I know," Light said.

"She hasn't mentioned anyone else to me," Cream put in.

"Okay, one more. Do you think she likes me?" Tiger asked.

"Definitely," both Light and Cream said in chorus.

Tiger looked really relieved. "Thanks you two. I owe you," he said.

"It's nothing, really," Light said.

"Well, it's worth a lot to me," Tiger said. "Would you excuse me? I want to go get something."

"Sure," Cream said.

Tiger trotted out of the room and started to look through the lower cabinets. He showed signs of frustration as he continued to look through them.

Let's see if Nick has some spicy berries he can use,
Light thought.

Aw, that's so sweet, Light,
Cream thought.

I still remember how nervous I was. It's not fun,
he thought, starting to head toward the living room.

Ah, but it still worked out,
Cream pointed out, following him.

Light approached Nick and waited for a lull in his conversations with his Mum. He opened a channel and said, Nick, do you have any spicy berries we could have?

Nick held up a finger to his Mum and answered, Sure, let me get them. He pulled his backpack off and started to go through it. He eventually pulled out a few red berries and handed them to Light. He then turned back to his Mum and started to talk again.

Light took the berries through to the kitchen, making sure to go through the dining room. Tiger was starting to get in a panic as he looked through the last few cabinets near the floor. Light approached him and set them down.

"Here," Light whispered.

Tiger jumped at the sound of his voice. He turned to them and saw the berries, "Oh thank you thank you." He picked the berries up and walked as calmly as he could into the entry, though his excitement was still shown by a slight bounce in his step.

Light and Cream left into the living room to give the two some privacy. Light smiled as he remembered when he had asked Cream the question. It was only a few weeks ago, but it seemed like years since they had been mates. That had been the best decision in his life.

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Re: Light
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Hello, this is probably where chapter 21 should be, but unfortunately I had written a lemon in it. Three to be exact. You can guess what happens, Light goes with Cream and does the stuff ending up with egg creation, so does Blaze with Blair also ending up in an egg and Tiger with Red, not creating an egg. But if you really want to read it, email me and I'll send you it, you nasty perverts.  :/


Just post it in a spoiler with a warning.


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Re: Light
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Are you sure you're ok with it? I'm just making sure.
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Re: Light
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Just post it in a spoiler with a warning.

Also, what went on in your mind while creating that chapter? O_o
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Re: Light
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Hello, this is probably where chapter 21 should be, but unfortunately I had written a lemon in it. Three to be exact. You can guess what happens, Light goes with Cream and does the stuff ending up with egg creation, so does Blaze with Blair also ending up in an egg and Tiger with Red, not creating an egg. But if you really want to read it, email me and I'll send you it, you nasty perverts.  :/


i sent u a message to give me the porn pls reply asap


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Re: Light
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Also, what went on in your mind while creating that chapter? O_o
I can't remember, it was two years ago. :/
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Re: Light
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Okay, I think I have a way to upload the next chapter so that if they read it and call me a sick person, I will have something against them. You will have to download it in order to read it so you will have to willingly click save if you are going to read it. Just... don't judge me okay? I have had more than enough of that this past month. I have a feeling more people are going to be masturbating to this rather than reading it just to read it. Oh well...


This chapter contains m rated content, do not download if you are not willing to read m rated content.

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Re: Light
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Chapter 22: Bad Beginnings
Four days later, Light woke up to see Nick already up. This surprised him greatly. It was the first time Nick had woken before him during their stay at his mother's home.

Light looked out the window and saw that clouds covered the sky. Snow was falling much faster than it had been before. Even though Light was an Umbreon, he sort of missed the light from the window waking him up. Maybe that was why Nick was awake and active. In fact, he was already heading downstairs.

Soon, Cream began to stir and they started out the door after their trainer. When they got down there, they saw his mother talking urgently to Nick. She kept pointing out the window and seemed flustered.

Nick's mood soon matched hers. Once she was done talking, Nick started to look through the drawers, much faster than he should be. Nick, is something wrong? Light asked.

Without slowing down, he answered, Maybe, I need to find a radio.

A radio, got it . . . What's a radio?
Light asked.

It will take too long to explain,
Nick thought, ending their conversation.

Light lowered the channel, Well, I wonder if we're getting breakfast. Usually, his Mum would be done by now.

I think something else is more important right now,
Cream thought back. She started into the living room, Light trailing behind her.

As they entered, Light saw Ace was actually up and active already, too. That was really strange, for he wasn't even acting sleep or anything. Was everything turning weird today?

Hey, look out the window,
Cream thought.

Light turned his attention to Cream, who had jumped up onto the bench in front of the window. Light leaped up beside her and looked out at the world. Outside, snow was coming much faster and thicker than Light had previously thought. There seemed to be nothing but snow outside. Everything was covered and no color could be seen. It seemed oddly eerie to Light.

Do you think that may have something to do with it?
Cream thought.

Maybe . . . What a second, Nick's father was coming back today!
Light thought.

Well he won't make it through this high of snow. It's already as high as your head,
Cream thought depressingly.

That must be it. They're worried about him not making it. Remember when they were excited when he said he would be back? This must be hard for them,
Light thought.

Especially for Nick's Mum. I couldn't imagine being separated from you,
Cream thought.

They looked over their shoulders as Nick and his Mum came in. Nick held some sort of little box with a circle on front. He took a cord running from it and put it in the wall. They placed it on the arm of the couch and sat down. Soon, noise could be heard coming from it. Nick and his mother watched it, holding their breaths. They had hopeless faces on.

I think we should go comfort them,
Light thought.

Yes, we should,
Cream thought.

They jumped down and headed over to the couch. Cream jumped up onto the couch and climbed into Nick's Mum's lap. She looked surprised at first, but started to gently pet Cream. Cream simply curled up on her lap and closed her eyes.

Light knew he couldn't do something like that, so he simply sat at Nick's feet and put his head on Nick's lap. Nick started to absentmindedly scratch Light's head. Light tried to listen in to the noise, but was unable to distinguish what it was talking about.

The noise changed and both Nick and his mother held their breath. They waited as it continued to make noise. After a little, both of their shoulders sagged. What's wrong, Nick? Light asked.

It's snowing too much. Dad won't be able to make it through all this snow,
Nick depressingly thought.

I'm sorry,
Light thought.

It's not your fault. I'm going to . . . go do something,
Nick thought before getting up. He slowly walked away, his whole posture showing depression.

Light looked over at Nick's mother. She was staring into space, her lips slightly turned downward. Though it seemed like a small thing, it somehow showed more sadness to Light than Nick had had. Not only that, it was the first time that Light had seen anything but a smile on her face.

Light, open a channel with her for me to speak, please,
Cream thought. After she had given enough time for Light to finish it, she thought, May, it's okay to cry, you know. As Cream said this, she uncurled and reached up to put a paw on May's cheek.

No, no, I'm okay,
she thought, closing her eyes.

No you're not. I would be sad, too, if I was separated from Light. I understand,
Cream reasoned.

Soon, her shoulders began to shake. Presently, tears started to stream down her face, accompanied by quiet sobs. She bent her head down and started to cry on Cream's mane while pulling her into a hug.

After a while, she finally stopped and leaned back up. Thank you. I needed a good cry, she thanked.

We all do sometimes,
Cream thought. Suddenly, Cream's stomach growled. Cream's face instantly resembled a Flareon's as she lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Oh, look at me. You guys are starving and I'm just sitting here. Let me get you some food," she said.

It's okay, we understand,
Cream thought, slipping off her lap.

"Where did Nick find you? You two are the sweetest Pokemon. Nick's a lucky trainer," she said, getting up.

They followed her into the kitchen and waited as she filled their bowls. As they ate, the others soon appeared. "Well, you guys slept in late," Light commented.

Red yawned, "I don't know why. Tiger and I went to bed early."

"Us, too," Blair said.

"Nick beat us all up, though," Cream said.

"Nick got up before you? Is this a dream?" Tiger asked.

"No, but it seems today has turned into a nightmare. Brandon won't make it through all the snow that's falling," Light said.

Tiger looked wretched. "No! That's horrible," he said.

Blaze looked slightly sad, also, though not as much, "Just another reason to dislike the winter."

The news seemed to put a gloomy feel on everything throughout the day. Light and Cream watched the snow most of the day, but it slowly got higher and higher. They weren't cheered as it stopped near the end of the day. It had risen half way up the door and would take days before melting or being plowed while Christmas was only two days away.

The temperature also dropped. Light and Cream were unable to get to sleep as they laid on their cushions. Finally, they decided to move and took their cushions downstairs quietly, as not to wake anyone. They had left the fireplace on, as it was called an 'electric fireplace' and wouldn't start an uncontrolled fire if left alone.

The fire quickly warmed them. However, it was still a while before they fell into a light, uneasy sleep.
The next day went pretty much the same. Nick didn't even get out of bed until his hunger or other needs became too great. Everyone else just laid around, too depressed to get up and move.

The day seemed to be the longest Light had ever had. The day seemed to drag on and on. Light and Cream just sat and watched the now clear sky. The sun seemed to have lost its power of heat. The sun shone on the white ground, doing nothing but making a bright light that blinded them.

To make matters worse, it started to snow heavily again a little after midday. It was so strong, Light couldn't see past two feet of the window. It really didn't make a difference as there was nothing to look at before. Light was starting to see why Blaze and Nick disliked winter so.

Light's ears twitched as he heard a new sound. However, before he could think on it, he heard Nick's Mum call for dinner. Light and Cream sat up slowly. Nearby, the others were too.

Then the sound came again. Light looked around and saw the others hadn't noticed. Light waited and soon heard it again. He was able to pinpoint it this time. It was coming from the entry.

One second,
Light told Cream. He headed into the entry. Cream looked into the dining room for a second, then followed Light into the entry.

Light paused and the sound came again presently. He followed it to the door. What's wrong? Cream asked.

Something . . . something's at the door,
Light thought. He searched the other side with Psychic and found a slightly familiar presence. Something that's somehow familiar.

What's it feeling?
Cream asked.

It's feeling . . . desperation and determination,
Light answered. I'm going to let it in.

Be careful,
Cream advised.

Light nodded and opened the door with Psychic. A figure fell into the entry, followed by some snow. Light quickly shut the door to keep the cold out. He heard hurried footsteps and turned to see Nick run in, followed by his mother and the other Pokemon.

Light turned his attention back to the figure as it stood up. It had a large overcoat along with a scarf that completely covered its face. It had large gloves and boots on, also. It was holding a large sack that was slung over its back.

The figure raised its hand after putting the bag down and pulled the scarf off and Light barely recognized who it was as its nose was a bright red and quickly blinking eyes that were trying to adjust to the inner light. It was Nick's father!

Nick and his mother rushed and wrapped him in a hug that he quickly returned. "Oh, I've missed you guys," he said.

"Dad! We thought you wouldn't make it through all the snow," Nick confessed.

"I wouldn't let a little snow stop me from being with you. That's one heavenly smell. I think I arrived at the right time," he said with a laugh.

"Oh, we were just beginning to have dinner. Here, let me take your coat and snow stuff off," Nick's mother said. She quickly pulled off his items and hugged him again once it wasn't blocking a closer hug. "I'm so glad to see you."

"I am, too. Come on, let's eat. I'm starving," he said. However, before he could move, Tiger ran up and jumped up at him, yipping enthusiastically. Nick's father bent down and hugged Tiger, "It's great to see you, too, Tiger." He got up and then strode into the dining room, Nick and his mother quickly catching up.

The mood instantly changed. Instead of the gloomy feeling, a joyous feeling, strengthening by the second, had replaced it. Everyone's head was slightly higher. At the table, questions started to fly at Nick's father.

He waved his hand to dismiss them, "Later, later. It's dinner time. Afterward we'll talk."

The questions finally stopped and they started to eat. The food seemed to be much better now. In fact, everything seemed better. Their spirits had been lifted.

After dinner, no one went to bed for a while. Instead, everyone stayed up, all their unused energy starting to kick in. Eventually, they started to head to bed. Soon, Ace, Light, and Cream were the only ones left in the living room. Light and Cream curled up on the cushions in front of the fireplace. Everything seemed to be perfect.
Light woke to the sound of whooping and feet slamming down the stairs. Light groggily raised his head to see Nick coming down the stairs, practically bursting with excitement. Light shifted a paw over Cream's ears just in time to muffle Nick's loud burst that he had expected.

However, the sound still woke Cream. She slightly opened her eyes, but decided to continue lying down and snuggled closer to Light. Light put his head on hers and decided to join her.

He heard Nick shuffling about at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for something impatiently. Soon, more footsteps could be heard, much slower than Nick's. They joined Nick and came into the living room. They sat down on the couch while Nick sat in a chair. Light opened an eye and saw that it was Nick's parents.

They talked calmly and quietly with Nick, trying to keep him quiet, though it wasn't much good. Eventually, the others started to come down, just as groggy as Nick's parents. Seeing there was no more time to sleep, Light got up slowly. Cream stretched and then joined him.

"Okay, okay, son, calm down. You can open your presents first," Nick's father said, yawning.

Nick let out a whoop and headed over to the tree. Light looked over and was surprised to see several colorful boxes under the tree that weren't there before. Nick headed over to the boxes and picked up one. He started to open it and found a package of potions.

"Great, I was almost out of these," he said.

"We didn't really know what to get since you would be traveling again soon," Nick's mother confessed.

"Don't worry; I really needed these. Thanks," Nick said, hugging his parents. "Now for your present," he finished.

"Aw, honey you didn't need to get us anything," she responded.

"Yes I did. Here," Nick said, pulling something out of his pocket. Light saw a small little watch like Nick wore. "It's a PokeGear. It keeps the time, has downloadable apps, and has a digital phone part on it. This way, you can always call me when you want."

"Thanks, honey," his mother said, hugging him.

"This is great, son," his father said, also giving him a hug. "Now, Tiger, it's time for your present."

Tiger stepped up and waited as Nick's father put a present from under in the tree in front of him. Tiger grabbed the ribbon on top and pull it off with his teeth. He then tore into the box, pulling off a layer of shiny, colorful stuff off. Inside were a collar and a package of treats.

Nick's father laughed at Tiger's excited yip, "I knew you'd like it."

Nick laughed also and then turned to Blaze and Blair, "Here, I got you two presents, too." He picked up two presents from under the tree and put them in front of them.

Blaze and Blair exchanged confused glances before tearing them open. Blair's present had a red scarf and a comfortable looking blanket. Blair smiled and looked over at Blaze to see what he got.
Blaze's expression, however, was a mixture of happiness and grief. Inside Blaze's was a small charcoal piece and a small stone. Something appeared to have been written on the stone, but Light couldn't see what it was.

"Light, please tell Nick thank you," he whispered, pulling the stone closer.

Light passed the message on and Nick scratch Blaze's head. "You're welcome, little buddy. We'll go there again soon," Nick promised.

Blaze nodded and leaned against Blair.

Nick turned to Red, "Now for you." He put a present in front of her.

Red opened it quickly. Inside her present were a Pink scarf and a small bundle of Cheri berries. Tiger picked the scarf up and put it on Red. It settled around her neck, putting a nice touch to Red's looks.

Nick turned to Ace, "Okay, your presents aren't wrapped because I knew it would be hard for you to open it, so here."

Nick pulled out some items from farther under the tree and gave them to Ace. Light saw that they were a small claw on a thin necklace and a decorative black feather. He placed the claw over Ace's neck and the feather on his head.

Finally, Nick turned to Light and Cream, "Okay, here's your two." He put a present in front of each of them.

Cream started on her present, but Light paused. Instead of the cube shape like everyone else's present, his was some undefined formless shape covered in ribbons and bows. It was also much larger than the others.

Nick laughed at his hesitation, "It's a personal puzzle, Light. I made it really complicated to try and stump you. Try and open it without tearing it."

Light stared at his present and studied it. He noticed a small pattern and followed it. Soon, he saw exactly how it had been wrapped. Nice try, Light thought to him, before using Psychic. He pulled a ribbon and then tugged at a corner of the wrapping paper. All of the wrapping fell off.

"Ah man, I thought it would entertain you longer," Nick sighed.

Don't worry; you tried. That's what counts,
Light thought. He looked at his presents. There was a pair of black glasses and a cube thing that was covered in small square colors. Each side had nine of the same color. Light had no clue what it was.

"It's a puzzle cube that you can twist and turn. You mix up the colors and try to get it back to the original cube," Nick said.

Light nodded and turned to look at Cream. She had opened her presents. Inside were a blue scarf and an apple. Thanks Nick, Cream thought, knowing Light still had the channel open.

"Here, let me," Light said. He picked the scarf up and Cream lowered her head. Light slipped it over and let it go around her neck over her mane. "You look beautiful. It brings out your eyes," he whispered in her ear.

Cream blushed and nuzzled him.

"Well, I think it's time for some Christmas breakfast," Nick's mother said, clapping her hands and standing up.

Everyone started to head to the kitchen, but Cream stopped Light. "Wait, I have a present for you," she said.

"I already have the best present: you," Light said, nuzzling her cheek.

"Aw, thanks sweet, Light. Thank you," Cream said, "But I do have something anyway."

"And that is?"

Cream reached over to his ear and whispered, "An egg."

Light head started to spin, "Wait, so we're . . ."

Cream nodded, barely holding her excitement. "Yep, we're parents," she finished for him.

"That's great, Cream. You'll make an excellent mother," Light said, licking her cheek.

"Well you'll make an excellent father," Cream said.

"Well we won't if we don't eat. Come on," Light said, leading the way into the dining room. No wonder why everyone liked Christmas so much.
Light looked around confused. He was in a large black cage. He heard others nearby, crying out in distress. Light felt a sense of dread hanging in the air. He saw the door of the cage and touched it. His paw was forced away from it.

Light looked around, trying to look outside the cage. However, he couldn't see past the cage bars, even when he brightened the glow of his rings. A shadowy fog seemed to block his vision.

Light began to shiver in fear. How had he got here? He tried to remember, but his head seemed to be covered with the fog also. Light laid down, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, Light began to be pushed from side to side.

Light shot open his eyes to see Cream shaking him worriedly. A mask of fear was on her. "What's wrong Cream?" Light asked, his attention instantly on her.

She seemed to instantly calm down. "I was worried. You were tossing and turning in your sleep and whimpering," she whispered.

Light looked around and saw that it was in the middle of the night, though Nick and his parents were still up. He was still in the house. Light sighed, "So it was just a dream."

"What was?" she asked, giving him a lick on the cheek.

"I . . . I dreamed I was in some sort of . . . cage. I couldn't see outside the cage or think clearly. I could hear others crying out," Light said with a shudder.

Cream rubbed up against him and licked his cheek again. "Well don't worry; it was just a dream. Are you okay?"

Light took a deep breath. "Yes, now I am. Thanks for waking me. I'm sorry I scared you," Light said.

"I'm just glad you're okay," cream said, nuzzling him.

Red and Tiger walked by. "So, are you two staying up, also?" Tiger asked.

"What do you mean?" Light asked.

"It's almost midnight. Soon, it will be New Year's Day," Red said.

"Yeah? So?" Light asked.

"You don't know?" Tiger asked. Light and Cream shook their heads. "When it becomes midnight and the new year starts, couples will kiss to start the year off. Are you two going to do it?"

Light glanced at Cream. She nodded and he replied, "Sure. What do we do?"

Tiger glanced at Nick and his parents, who were watching a clock intently. "They're watching the clock. When it rings again, it will be midnight. Then you kiss. That's all there is to it, for Pokemon anyway. The humans usually make some vows that they plan to do and usually forget about, and then they party for a while," Tiger explained.

Light nodded and Red and Tiger left into the other room. Light and Cream waited on their cushions. Light was deep in thought when the clock sounded and almost missed it. He turned to Cream and met her halfway, closing his eyes. Their lips met and he passionately kissed her. After a while, they finally parted, panting a little for breath.

Light nuzzled Cream's cheek and said, "I promise to always love you and protect you, Cream, and all our children."

Cream blushed, "Thanks. And I promise to always love you and care for you, Light. Our children will have the greatest father ever."

Light blushed at her compliment. "Thanks. Let's get some sleep now," Light said.

They curled up together. Nick and his parents had started to party, but Light and Cream still quickly fell asleep. Light's nightmare had gone to the back of his mind.

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So, here we go, Chapter 23, hope you like it, and give me some feedback, I love feedback. I'm a pessimist when it comes to my work.
Chapter 23: Inheritance
Light sat next to Cream, watching their egg. Light was particularly excited as it was due to hatch any day now. He watched the egg as it started to make some slight noise. His feelings matched the ones he felt coming from Cream next to him. He knew they were both ready to fight to the death to protect the egg, even before it was born.

The egg was the size of Light's egg. It was light brown and had dark green dots on it. It was a normal healthy egg. However, to Cream and Light, it was perfect.

Their gazes tore away from the egg as they heard excited shouts and then the pawsteps of a Pokemon approaching rapidly. Tiger ran into the room, panting slightly from his exertion. After taking a little to catch his breath, he said, "Quick . . . Blair's egg is hatching." After getting the message out, he turned and headed out of the living room back upstairs.

Light and Cream got up and started to head there, when Cream suddenly stopped. Wait; what about our egg? What if it starts to hatch?

Light thought quickly and came up with a solution. I'll tell Ace to warn us if it starts moving. Come on, that Eevee won't be waiting for us, Light warned. He quickly relayed the solution to Ace, who agreed.

Cream gave one more worried glance at the egg before they quickly headed upstairs to Nick's room. Light and Cream entered through the open door and saw everyone besides Nick's dad, who had left on a trip yesterday, surrounding Blaze and Blair, though they kept a respectful distance.

Light and Cream joined them and watched. Blair was curled around the egg while Blaze sat beside her, his gaze directly on the egg. The egg matched the one they had had and was shaking slightly. It was making the noise it had been making for the past three days.

Light watched, fascinated, as the movements started to get more and more erratic. Cracks started to appear on the egg. Finally, the egg burst and an Eevee tumbled out. The Eevee blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the light. Light saw that a small patch of fur stuck up slightly on its head.

The Eevee got up and looked around for a second before heading over to Blair on unsteady legs. The Eevee reached her and started to cuddle into her mane. "Mum," it said as Blair started to lick it on the head.

The Eevee looked up as Blaze approached. It scampered away from Blair and rubbed up against Blaze's legs. Blaze chuckled and rubbed its head with his snout.

The Eevee looked at his face and said, "Dad."

The Eevee froze as it realized the audience that was watching it. It backed between Blaze's legs slowly, using his mane to hide the upper part of it. Nick crouched down and held out a hand toward it. The Eevee glanced over at its mother.

"Go on, it's okay," Blair said, getting into a sitting position.

The Eevee slowly came out of its hiding place. Its eyes went from Nick's hand to his face and then back. It slowly came closer and closer. It finally reached Nick's hand and sniffed it carefully. It then pressed its head against Nick and Nick started to scratch its head.

"Have you guys chosen the name?" Nick asked, trusting Light to interpret.

Blaze and Blair exchanged a glance and then nodded. "Yes, we've decided on Patch," Blaze said.

Light translated and Nick nodded. Patch broke away from the scratching and went to sit between Blaze and Blair. It sent a nervous glance at the others.

Its mother noticed and said, "Would you like to meet the others, Patch?"

Patch glanced at her for a second before nodding slowly.

"Okay then. The Vulpix is Red. Tiger is the Growlithe. That human is Nick and the other one is May. Cream is the Eevee and Light is the Umbreon," Blair introduced, pointing to each of them in turn.

"H-hi," he said hesitantly.

Come on, Cream. Let's give them some time alone,
Light thought.

Cream nodded and they left. Cream seemed much more content once their egg was in her sight. Cream curled up around the egg and Light laid down behind her. Light soon fell asleep, the pelt of his mate brushing up against him.
Light woke to a gentle prodding. By the amount of moonlight hitting him, he could tell that it was about midnight. Light opened his eyes and raised his head. Cream was awake, though still lying next to him.

What is it?
Light asked, not wanting the others to awake.

It's hatching,
Cream thought calmly, though her feelings were far from calm.

Light was instantly fully awake. He looked over Cream and watched the egg that she was curled around. It was shaking slightly. Light increased the glow of his rings so Cream could see clearly.

Light saw Cream turn her gaze onto the egg and saw her gaze already holding love and kindness for the about to be born kit.

Light looked back for a second and realized Ace was still asleep and no one else was there. He turned his attention back to the egg as a crack appeared on the top. Light held his breath as more and more cracks appeared.

Finally, a small piece fell off of the rest. Light could see brown where the small hole was. The egg lurched and then fell apart, letting a small Eevee tumble out. It got up and shook its fur, letting its fur fluff out and the eggshells on it to fall off.

The Eevee turned around and stared at the Eevee and Umbreon in front of it. The Eevee finally came up and started to rub against Cream's face, who eagerly returned it. "Hello, honey," Cream said in a soft voice.

"Hello," the Eevee replied.

"I'm Cream, your Mum, and this is Light, your dad," Cream introduced.

"What is my name?" the Eevee asked.

Light silently asked.

Cream answered.

"Your name is Rose," Light told the Eevee.

Rose thought about it for a second before saying, "I like that name."

Cream laughed a little. "Good," she said.

Rose yawned and blinked her eyes a few times.

"Are you sleepy, Rose?" Light asked.

Rose nodded. Cream motioned to her belly and Rose curled up against her. Soft snoring could soon be heard coming from the bundle of fur. Light and Cream smiled at their daughter.

She's perfect,
Light thought.

Cream agreed.

Light yawned and proposed, Let's get some sleep ourselves.

Cream thought, laying her tail over Rose and snuggling up to closer to her.

Light scooted closer to Cream and put his head on hers. He quickly fell asleep to the thoughts of her new born daughter.
Light woke as the sunlight hit him. He yawned and glanced back to see Ace was already awake. Ace didn't seem to be excited or anything, so he must not have seen Rose yet. Light was glad to note that he was blocking the view of her as long as she didn't move. No one would find out just yet.

Light's attention went to the doorway to the entry as he heard footsteps. His eyes slightly widened as he saw Patch enter the room. Patch was looking around, trying to take everything in. As he came farther in the room, Light noticed that he was alone.

Patch nodded to Ace as he noticed him. Ace nodded back. Patch must have met Ace after they left him last night. Patch glanced at Light, but looked away when their eyes met. He slowly went around the room, looking at everything in the room.

Light calmly watched him. Cream started to awake as Patch walked around the room. She stretched as much as she could without waking Rose and looked up. She gave a slight gasp as she saw Patch walking around alone.

He came in here a minute ago,
Light thought.

Where's Blaze or Blair?
Cream asked.

They weren't with him,
Light answered.

He watched as Patch slowly circled the room, never getting closer to Light or Cream. Light glanced over as Ace took flight into the other room, most likely to get an early breakfast in the kitchen.

His attention went back to Patch as he continued around the room.

Patch looked over at them again. He suddenly stopped and started to look hard in their direction. Light followed his line of sight and saw he was staring at Rose. To see if this was true, Light moved his tail into his line of sight, blocking his view of Rose slightly. Patch moved a little, trying to look at Rose still.

Rose suddenly twitched and then came fully awake. She sat up and stretched, yawning a little. Patch continued to stare at Rose, his attention fully on her. Light watched to see what he would do.

Finally Patch took a step toward them, still looking at Rose.

I think Rose already has an admirer,
Light thought.

I think you're right,
Cream thought back.

Rose looked up at Cream and nuzzled her mother's head. Cream lovingly nuzzled her back and Light licked her on the top of the head. Rose's ears perked as Patch slowly came closer. She looked over her shoulder and saw Patch staring at her.

Rose got up and approached him. "Hi, I'm Rose. Who're you?" Rose asked.

Patch swallowed nervously and stuttered, "I-I'm P-Patch."

"Well, P-Patch, nice to meet you," Rose said.

"Err, i-it's j-just Patch," he corrected.

Rose giggled a little. "Why do you keep stuttering, Patch?" she asked, sitting down in front of him.

"Oh, umm, I d-don't know," Patch admitted.

"Have you met my parents?" Rose asked.

Patch's attention suddenly went to Light and Cream and he crouched down a little. "Uh, y-yes I h-have," he said.

Rose glanced back at Light and Cream and then looked at Patch again. She tilted her head and asked, "What's wrong?"

Patch nervously glanced at Light and Cream again before answering. "Y-your dad k-kinda scares m-me," Patch whispered, though Cream and Light clearly heard him.

"Why's that? My dad's great," Rose said, not lowering her voice. "Come on; I'll show you." Rose got up and led Patch by putting her tail on his shoulders.

Light and Cream had to keep their laughter inside as they watched the conversation happening in front of them. Rose came back to them, Patch following, though slightly unwilling.

"Hello, Patch," Cream said gently as Rose sat down near her.

"Hello," Patch said.

"Good morning, Patch," Light said.

"Oh, umm, good morning," Patch said, not looking at Light.

"Hey, you didn't stutter just then," Rose said.

"O-oh, I g-guess I d-didn't," Patch said, suddenly stuttering again.

"You stuttering again," Rose pointed out.

"Patch, where are your parents?" Cream asked.

"Oh, umm . . . they're still upstairs, asleep," Patch admitted, hanging his head slightly.

I'll get them,
Light thought. He opened a channel to Blaze and Blair and found them just waking. Hey, Patch is down here. You might want to come get him, Light sent.

Thanks, Light,
Blair thought.

"Dad, what are you doing?" Rose asked.

"Oh, I was just talking to Patch's parents," he said simply.

Patch and Rose started to look around. "How? I don't see them," Rose said.

"Through telepathy. I can speak to Pokemon and humans through my mind," Light explained.

Light looked over as Blaze and Blair came into the room. "Patch, why are you down here without permission?" Blair asked sternly.

"I was just looking around," Patch said, approaching them.

"Hello, I'm Rose. Who are you two?" Rose asked.

"Wait, I didn't know you hatched," Blaze said.

Blair giggled, "I'm Blair and this is Blaze."

"What are you?" Rose asked, sitting down with Patch in front of them.

"We're Flareon, one of your evolved forms," Blaze said.

"Wait a second. Did I just hear you say someone hatched?" Ace said, flying in.

"Hatched? Who hatched?" Red asked, coming in from the entry along with Tiger.

Light and Cream got up and came over to sit by Rose. "I did," Rose said, not at all scared by all the attention. "I'm Rose."

"Hello Rose. I'm Ace," Ace said.

"I'm Red and this is Tiger," Red introduced. "Nice to meet you."

"They're a Pidgeotto, Vulpix, and Growlithe," Light said.

"Nice to meet you," Rose replied. She looked down at her stomach as it growled.

"Looks like someone has an appetite. Come on; May's finishing breakfast," Red said.

They started to go into the kitchen. Rose followed along between Light and Cream, Patch glancing back at her as they walked. Nick's mother was already in the kitchen. "Oh, I see you're all ready for your breakfast. Here you go," she said, filling each of their bowls.

"Which one's mine?" Rose asked.

"Oh, my, I haven't seen you before. Are you Cream's kit?" she asked, reaching toward Rose.

Rose rubbed against her hand without hesitation and said, "Yes. Do I get breakfast?"

"Aw, you're a cute little Eevee," Nick's mother said, petting Rose.

"Thanks," Rose said.

"Rose, humans can't understand Pokemon speech. I can interpret with telepathy, though. Hold on," Light said, translating everything she had said to Nick's mother.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Here, is that better?" she asked, getting a bowl out for Rose and filling it.

"Yes, thank you," Rose said, starting on her first meal.

"What's her name, Light?" Nick's mother asked, turning to him.

Light answered.

"That's a beautiful name," she complimented.

Light and Cream started on their meals and finished quickly. Rose did also and skipped around them as they returned to the living room and to their cushion bed. Soon after they got there, Patch came in hesitantly.

"Uh, h-hey, Rose," he said, slowly approaching.

"Hey, Patch," Rose said.

"Umm, d-do you w-want to p-play?" Patch asked.

"Can I play, Mum?" Rose asked. Light and Cream nodded. Rose darted over to Patch, her tail wagging eagerly. "What do we play?" she asked, crouching playfully.

"O-oh . . . what d-do you want t-to play?" Patch asked.

"I don't know any games," Rose said.

"Oh, o-okay . . . umm, we could play . . . how about tag?" he proposed.

"What's tag?" Rose asked.

"Well, someone is the tagger and runs to touch someone else who is playing. Then that person is the tagger and runs after someone else," Patch explained.

"Okay, then, we'll play that. Tag!" she exclaimed, touching him with a paw before darting away.

Patch stood for a second dumbfounded before running after her. Rose squealed as they chased each other through the lower four rooms of the house. Light and Cream smiled as they watched their daughter having fun.

"Hold on; who are you?" they heard as Rose did another lap through the house.

Nick came into view as he followed her. Rose skidded to a stop as she realized that he was talking to her. "I'm Rose. Light and Cream are my parents," she said, glancing at Light. Light nodded to
show he was translating.

"When did you hatch? Why didn't you guys tell me?" Nick asked her and Light.

"I hatched . . ." Rose started. She paused as she realized she didn't know when she was born.

Last night,
Light thought to them both.

"I'm going to get a Pokeball; stay here," Nick said, going back upstairs.

"What's happening?" Rose asked, sitting next to Light and Cream again.

"He's getting a Pokeball for you. It makes you Nick's Pokemon instead of a wild Pokemon," Light explained.

"Don't worry; he rarely puts us in our Pokeballs," Cream reassured.

"Are you two Nick's Pokemon?" Rose asked.

"Yes. In fact, everyone except Tiger is Nick's Pokemon. Tiger is Brandon's, Nick's father, Pokemon," Cream said.

Nick came down with a Pokeball and captured Rose in it. After releasing her, he pulled out his Pokedex and started to view Rose's abilities.

He was sitting calmly on the couch, when he suddenly jumped up and exclaimed, "Slash!"

Rose and Cream instinctively looked up.

He stared at Rose and said, "You know Slash. How is that possible? Eevee don't learn Slash." He sat back down and looked at his Pokedex again.

"What does he mean?" Rose asked.

"He means you instinctively know the move Slash," Cream explained.

"Also, Eevee don't learn the move Slash, so he's surprised, as am I," Light said.

"Actually, I know how Rose knows," Cream admitted.

Light tilted his head, "How?"

"She inherited it," Cream said.

"Wait, I don't know- So you did use Slash on Red!" Light exclaimed.

Cream lowered her ears and nodded.

"How do you know Slash?" Light asked.

"Well, I inherited it from my mother, who got it from her Persian father," Cream said.

"Wow; what other moves do you know?" Light asked.

"Well, I know Slash, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, and Dig," Cream admitted.

"Wow, that's an amazing move selection," Light complimented.

Cream blushed, but said, "Well, I'm not proud of it."

Light got closer to her, letting their pelts touch. "Just because you don't fight, doesn't mean you can't know good moves. This just means you can protect yourself better," Light said, nuzzling her face.

"Thanks," Cream said, nuzzling him back.

"I just can't get this. How does an Eevee know Slash?" Nick asked himself, scratching his head.

Light opened a channel to him and explained how Rose knew it. Nick's puzzlement disappeared as he figured it out.

"That does explain it. In fact, I've never looked at your moves Cream. But this is good. Slash is a great move and will help us to battle," Nick said.

Rose lowered her ears at the term battle. "What is battling?" she asked.

"It's when you fight against another Pokemon to see who's stronger," Cream explained.

Rose's eyes became big and her face attained a look of dismay. "I don't want to fight other Pokemon," she cried.

She's just like you,
Light thought, before saying, "Don't worry; your mother doesn't like to battle so Nick doesn't make her. I'll ask him now."

Light put the problem to Nick and Nick sighed. "An amazing Eevee that doesn't want to battle. Oh well, I won't make you battle," Nick said.

Rose released a large breath. "Good," she said.

Patch looked sad at this though and gave a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked, brushing up against him.

"Oh, umm, w-well I-I . . . I want t-to fight, s-so now you w-won't like m-me," he said sadly, looking away.

Rose put her tail on his back, "It's okay; I understand if you like to fight. I just don't, that's all. Besides, my dad fights, don't you?"

Light nodded and smiled at how they reminded him of him and Cream when they had asked each other the same question. Patch seemed much better when she said that, "R-really?"

Rose nodded and suddenly darted away, "But you're still it."

Patch ran at her and they started to chase her again. Light and Cream looked at their daughter proudly, her personality not changing their love at all.

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Re: Light
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Okay, I think I have a way to upload the next chapter so that if they read it and call me a sick person, I will have something against them. You will have to download it in order to read it so you will have to willingly click save if you are going to read it. Just... don't judge me okay? I have had more than enough of that this past month. I have a feeling more people are going to be masturbating to this rather than reading it just to read it. Oh well...


This chapter contains m rated content, do not download if you are not willing to read m rated content.


dear sweet jesus thank u
u truly are a gift from  Arceus
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Re: Light
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uh, I don't know what to feel about that.  :/
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Re: Light
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Chapter 24: Without
Light sighed as he awoke. Rose had only been born a week ago and they were already leaving to go back on the road. The worst part was that Rose, Cream, Blair, Red, and Patch were staying at Nick's father's house. Nick couldn't take more than six Pokemon and he didn't want to choose between Light's and Blaze's families. So, Nick was only going to take Ace, Light, and Blaze to beat the last two gyms.

Light didn't want to leave Cream. It was tearing at him that Nick had decided to do such a thing to him, but he had to listen to his trainer. Why did they only allow six Pokemon to a trainer at one time? Light looked down at the still sleeping Cream beside him, who was still curled up around Rose. How would he be able to last without her by his side?

Light looked at her fondly, wanting to take as much of her in as possible before their trek. Nick said that they had to go to Viridian City and then Cinnabar Island. Nick estimated that the traveling would take about a month. A whole month without his mate. Tears started to come to his eyes as he thought about it more.

Cream started to stir and looked up at him. She instantly started to worry as she saw the tears. What's wrong? Cream silently asked.

Light closed his eyes. We're leaving today, remember?

Oh, yeah . . . You'll be back soon; don't worry,
Cream soothed. You'll be back before you know it and then we'll be together again.

Didn't I say all that to you yesterday?
Light asked, chucking a little.

Yep; now come on; I don't want our last moments before you leave to be sad ones,
Cream thought.

Light licked her on the head. You're right, let's enjoy it, Light replied.

Cream leaned up and licked the shed tears off him. When did Nick say you were leaving today? Cream asked.

When he wakes, which means we have an hour or two left,
Light answered.

Well, we have enough time for breakfast, then,
Cream proposed.

Light's stomach growled in agreement. Light got up carefully, not wanting to wake their daughter early. He actually never needed to be careful as rarely anything woke her before she was done sleeping. Only one thing could wake her instantly.

"Rose," he heard someone whisper. He looked over to see Patch crouching nearby.

Rose's eyes instantly opened and she got up eagerly. Light sighed as he remembered he would have to leave soon. Light headed out the door, Cream following along beside him. They headed down to the kitchen and saw Nick's mother had already filled their bowls.

Light and Cream ate quickly and then sat on the bench, watching the world through the small window in front of them. Light pressed against Cream's pelt, enjoying the feel of her beautiful coat.

Cream leaned against him. They sat there, enjoying each other's presence and trying to make the most of their time before Light had to go.

Light's eyes shot open as he heard footsteps on the stairs. Nick was up. Light sighed and jumped off the bench, Cream following alongside him. Rose and Patch followed them into the entry.

Everyone else was already there. Nick was hugging his Mum, while Blaze said goodbye to Blair. Patch went over to see his father off.

Light turned to his daughter and embraced her. "I love you, sweetie. Stay out of trouble for your mother, okay?" Light said.

Rose nodded. "I will. I love you. I'll miss you," she said.

"I will, too," Light responded, ending the embrace.

Rose walked over to comfort Patch, leaving Light and Cream alone.

Light turned to his beloved mate. Their mouths locked in a kiss. They finally parted and Light whispered, "I love you, Cream, with all my heart. I'll miss you every step of the way and I promise to hurry as much as possible."

"I love you, too," Cream whispered back, putting her head against his. "Stay safe."

"You and Rose stay safe, also," Light said. He took a deep breath of his mate's fur before he heard Nick call him. "Goodbye," Light said.

"Goodbye," Cream responded.

Light turned and followed Nick out of the door. Blaze came out beside him, looking just as horrible as him. Nick crouched down to the Pokemon still staying and said, "Now you all be good and don't give my mother any grief. See you all later." And with that, Nick stood up and closed the door.

Light sighed as he followed Nick, his paws dragging along beside Blaze's. Ace watched them, but didn't say anything as they went down the road. Light glanced once more at the house before it went out of sight.

Light's despair soared as his channel to Cream stopped with the distance. Now he had truly left her behind. Light closed his eyes as he walked beside Blaze. If it was this hard after a few minutes, how would he be able to last a whole month?
Light looked up as the view of the city came into sight. They were almost to Viridian after two days of traveling. Seeing it was almost noon, Light was glad to note that they might get a spot in the gym battles today. His hope high, Light started to trot ahead, forcing Nick to increase his pace.

As soon as they entered the city, Light went to the map posted on a board near the gate. Although he couldn't understand it, Nick had followed him. Gym, now, Light thought to him. All his talking with Nick had been short and straight to the point since they had left. Both him and Blaze were no in the best mood and Light's sleepless nights last night and the day before hadn't helped.

"Okay, okay, let's see . . . here it is," Nick said, pointing at a spot on the map. "Let's go," Nick said, after studying the map a little more.

Light followed him, impatient at their slow pace. Light needed something to take his frustrations out on and there had been no skilled trainers along their path. A good gym battle should allow him an outlet for it.

Light looked at the building they were approaching. It seemed a pretty regular building compared to the surrounding buildings. Light hoped Nick was correct on the directions. Nick stopped in front of two humans who stood on either side of the entrance.

"I'm here to challenge the gym leader and attain the gym badge," Nick said.

One of the guards laughed while the other barely held his laugher in. "Look kid, this is one of the hardest, if not the hardest gym. You don't want to battle this gym so early in journey," the laughing one said.

Light's eye twitched and he lost control. His frustrations boiled over and he made the guard stop laughing with Psychic. He pressed the guard against the wall and took a threatening step forward. Listen, I'm tired of all this time we're losing. Now, can we have an appointment or not? Light thought, opening the channel to both guards and Nick.

"Light, stop it. You shouldn't do that," Nick said.

Light let the guard go, but didn't back away. The guard glared at the angry Umbreon and said, "Fine, but don't say we didn't tell you so. The gym leader's open right now. Go on in."

Light followed Nick into the building. When the doors closed behind them, Nick turned on Light. "What was that out there? That was definitely uncalled for. You know better," Nick said sternly.

Light simply walked past him and headed further in. Nick sighed and followed him. Soon, they came to the gym room. It was pretty much a normal looking gym room, with painted lined and a solid flat floor. The side the gym leader usually stayed on was a balcony instead. A large plush chair was on top, turned away from them.

As they entered, the chair swiveled around. A young man sat in the chair. He had brown hair that hung to his shoulders and all black clothing on. The usual announcer was at the side. The guards must have contacted them earlier.

"Challenger, welcome to the Viridian City Gym. You have challenged gym leader John to a gym battle over the Earth Badge. The match will be a one-on-one match between three Pokemon each.

The gym leader may not return his Pokemon. The challenger may return his Pokemon at any time, but may use only three Pokemon total. The first to knock out all of the opponent's Pokemon wins.
Ready? Start!" the announcer said.

Blaze stepped up and the gym leader threw a Pokeball. A large, purple Pokemon appeared, a large horn on its forehead and a long, sweeping tail with spikes going along the length of its spine.
Light knew it was a Nidoking.

"Nidoking, Rollout!" John ordered.

"Double Team, Blaze! Then follow it up with Dig," Nick shouted.

Blaze split into eight copies. The Nidoking curled up and charged at the group of Flareon. The Flareon split, one of them disappearing as Nidoking hit it, and then each went underground. The Nidoking stopped spinning and got up, ready to fight.

"Nidoking, use Earthquake!" John commanded.

Nidoking rose a foot and brought it slamming onto the ground. The ground of the gym floor cracked in many places and finally burst at one spot. Blaze tumbled out of the hole, taking four times the regular damage of the attack. Blaze got up, but was extremely weak as he struggled to stand.

"Blaze, Double Team, and then Flamethrower!" Nick yelled.

Blaze once again split and then rushed in different directions. Each Flareon opened its mouth and a small sphere formed as they prepared the attack.

"Nidoking, Rollout!" the gym leader commanded.

Nidoking curled again and rushed at the closest Flareon. It disappeared as it made contact. The other Flareon released the attack, but Nidoking was moving at too fast a speed and was able to easily dodge each stream of flames. It slowly hit each Flareon one by one, taking out each copy.

"Blaze, use Flamethrower again!" Nick shouted.

There were only three Flareon that opened their mouths to hit the rolling Nidoking. As the Nidoking went around, his spins and speed slowly increased, making the possible damage much greater.

The Flareon released their Flamethrowers and the real one finally hit the Nidoking.

However, the flames were mostly deflected as Nidoking's spins made the flames split. Nidoking kept going and hit another copy. After taking out the last copy, he rushed at Blaze. Blaze was in no condition to dodge to fast moving Pokemon and took a hit. Blaze slid across the ground. When he had stopped, Light saw that he had fainted.

"Flareon has fainted!" the announcer called out, holding up a black flag.

Nick returned Blaze, a frown on his face. Before he could say anything, Light jumped into the arena, ready to use his power. Nick started to react, but was interrupted.

"Nidoking, use Mega Punch!" John shouted.

Nidoking brought an arm back and started to run at Light. Light narrowed his eyes and activated Psychic. He picked up the Nidoking and hurled him against the wall, making a large dent. Before the Nidoking could fall, Light readied a Dark Pulse and hit it dead on. The Nidoking was pushed farther into the wall.

This time, the Nidoking slumped out of it without resistance. Light was ready as the Nidoking got back up. Light prepared himself for Psychic again.

"Nidoking, use Hyper Beam!" John ordered.

Nidoking opened his mouth and a small white sphere formed. The attack brought back memories of his fight with the other Nidoking and barely reacted in time. Light threw up a barrier and the attack stopped at his slightly visible shield.

The Nidoking paused after the attack, its body unable to react quickly after the massive attack. That was all it took. Light rushed at it and rammed into its stomach. The Nidoking staggered back from his Quick Attack, but soon recovered.

"Nidoking, use Mega Punch!" John commanded.

Nidoking brought an arm back and swung at Light, its arm covered in a white light. Light simply used Psychic to halt its progress and lift it into the air. Light then slammed the Nidoking against the
ground, making it faint.

"Nidoking has fainted!" the announcer called out, raising a white flag.

"Get back here, Light," Nick said.

Light grumpily went back to his trainer as John returned his Pokemon and threw another Pokeball. He still wanted to fight. A large, four armed, grayish skin creature appeared. It had a belt around its waist, and it flexed as it appeared. It was a Machamp.

"Go, Ace," Nick said. Ace flew off his shoulder and into the battle area.

"Machamp, use Hyper Beam!" John shouted.

Ace dived under the blast as Machamp sent out a white beam into the air.

"Ace, use Wing Attack, and then Gust!" Nick ordered.

Ace flew down low and hit the Machamp in the stomach with a wing covered in white energy. The Machamp leaned over, the breath driven from its body as Ace flew behind it. Ace brought his wings back and flapped them quickly at the Machamp, making a strong wind. Machamp, already leaning over, fell forward and slid a little across the ground.

"Machamp, use Rock Throw!" John ordered.

"Ace, use Agility and then Wing Attack!" Nick yelled.

Ace instantly started to fly at a dizzying rate, his speed doubled. The Machamp picked itself up and pulled a loosed chunk of flooring up. It threw the rock at Ace, but Ace easily dodged with his new speed and swept low before rushing at it. He hit the Machamp in the stomach again. This time, the Machamp flew back a few feet before falling backwards and fainting.

"Machamp has-" the announcer started.

Suddenly, a white glow shone in the building. Light looked at the source and realized that the light was coming off Ace. He watched as his friend's form shifted, getting much bigger. Finally, the light stopped and Light saw a new Pokemon in Ace's place. It was a larger form of Pidgeotto and had many more colorful feathers on its head. Ace had evolved into a Pidgeot.

"-fainted," the announcer finished in a quieter voice, his gaze still on the newly evolved Pokemon.

"Awesome, Ace, you evolved!" Nick shouted.

Machamp disappeared in a flash of red and another Pokeball flew into the arena. A large roundish creature appeared. It had a small head and limbs compared to its large body. The floor somehow was able to still hold its massive weight. It was a Snorelax.

"Snorelax, use Double Edge!" John commanded.

The Snorelax rushed at Ace in a surprising speed and hit Ace. Ace fell to the ground from the single attack. The Snorelax barely recoiled in pain from the massive blow. It had a high endurance.

"Snorelax, use Seismic Toss!" John ordered.

Snorelax grabbed the bird and then slammed him into the ground once again. Ace cried out, but the Snorelax repeated the attack. Ace fainted on the third blow.

"Pidgeot has fainted!" the announcer called out.

Nick returned Ace and Light once again eagerly jumped onto the field. "Light, take it easy. Don't go overboard again," Nick said quietly so only they heard.

Light nodded slightly before turning attention to the battle. See the ruined arena formed a plan in Light's head. Eager to start, Light formed a Dark Pulse and blasted the ground near the Snorelax's feet, destroying it.

"Snorelax, use Protect!" John yelled as Light started to charge another Dark Pulse.

Snorelax was covered in an almost transparent sphere with a white tint to it. However, Light aimed for the ground next to it, not it and used his attack successfully, at least in his eyes.

"Snorelax, use Mega Punch!" John commanded.

Snorelax took a step forward, but the floor gave way and it quickly stepped back. Light used one more Dark Pulse on the ground behind it and had it surrounded by weak flooring. Now the Snorelax was a large, sitting duck.

"Snorelax, use Hyper Beam!" John shouted, his frustrations starting to show.

Light darted to the side and used Protect, letting the main part of the attack hit the ground instead. Light retaliated with Dark Pulse, making a direct hit. The Snorelax staggered back and lost its balance as the floor gave way. The Snorelax fell into the prone position.

Light shot it with another Dark Pulse and then a third before it started to rise. The Snorelax struggled up and prepared to attack. The attacks seemed to have done damage, but Snorelax seemed completely ready to go on after all three blows. It really did have a large stamina.

"Snorelax, use Mega Punch!" John ordered.

Light grabbed the Snorelax's fist as it brought it back with Psychic. It was too heavy to lift without straining, so Light instead made it punch the ground. He then charged a Dark Pulse and came closer he hit the Snorelax with an up close blast and made the Snorelax stagger back a couple steps. However, it still seemed ready to fight.

"Snorelax, use Hyper Beam!" John commanded.

Light laughed and prepared Protect. As the sphere formed in its mouth, Light brought the barrier up. However, the Snorelax paused before releasing the blow. Light couldn't keep the barrier up for the extended time and had to release it. The beam of energy struck Light hard and he went flying across the gym, stopping against the rock Machamp had thrown.

Light picked himself up and shook off the dust. He faced the Snorelax again and shot Dark Pulse at it. It took the blow head on and continued standing. How much endurance can this guy have?
Light asked himself.

"Snorelax, use Double Edge!" John yelled.

Snorelax charged at Light. Light darted away with Quick Attack to get out of range. When his energy from Quick Attack was almost over, he spun around. This time, he kept his foot low and swung his body with the motion. This way, if he fell, he would quickly recover and not have a sprained paw. Finishing his spin, Light shot Dark Pulse at the charging Snorelax.

The Snorelax had been faster than he had thought and his attack ended up being a point blank attack, blasting the Snorelax back. Light closed his eyes and he skidded back from the force of the explosion. He opened his eyes to see the Snorelax on its back, still conscious.

Light was starting to get aggravated at this silly battle and used Quick Attack on its stomach. He bounced off and made more distance from the Snorelax than he would have he if have ran instead. Light expertly landed on his feet and used Dark Pulse, starting to feel the strain from using the move too much. The attack hit Snorelax and sent up some dust from partially hitting the ground.

As Light waited for it to clear, he wondered if he could continue. He had one, maybe two, uses of Dark Pulse left. Psychic was not answer with its weight, while Quick Attack would have to be used on its head to get past all of its fat. Luckily, when the dusted cleared, he saw the Snorelax had fainted.

"Snorelax has fainted! The challenger is the winner," the announcer said, raising the white flag again.

Nick started to cheer and do his dance while John returned his last Pokemon. Light saw something reflect the light as it soared toward them from the balcony. Light jumped and caught it, noticing it looked like a small metal feather. Light gave Nick the item and Nick raised it proudly.

"Yes, I got the Earth Badge!" Nick yelled.

Light instinctively looked at where Cream would normally be. Tears came to his eyes as he realized that she was still with Nick's mother. She wasn't there to cheer and congratulate him. It didn't seem like a real victory without her there.

Light sighed and followed sadly behind Nick. As they left, Nick laughed at the astonishment of the guards and his enjoyment increased. However, it seemed to only make Light sadder. His tail dragged the ground as he followed quietly behind Nick. He didn't know how he would last three more weeks.

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Re: Light
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Chapter 25: Water and Thunder

Light and Blaze walked together. Their tails dragged on the ground behind them, leaving two thin lined in the dirt as they walked. Light was sure he would have a tail tip like an Eevee by the time they got back to Cream from all the dust that was getting on it. However, he just couldn't will himself to pick his tail up. They still had a while to go before seeing his mate again.

Light almost walked into Nick as he stopped abruptly. Light looked up and saw that Nick was watching a trainer that had cut in front of their path. The trainer had purple short purple hair along with a purple jacket. The trainer had an aggravated look on his face. Somehow, the face made Light want to laugh at it.

As Nick started to talk, Light realized he had missed the first part of the conversation. "Look, if you're just starting here, then you won't beat me. I've already attained seven badges and I'm going to get the last. You won't win against me," Nick said.

The trainer's face started to show a little anger, but it made Light want to laugh even more. "I've already collected the badges for the Sinnoh region. I'm here to collect the Kanto region badges. I'll beat you easily," the trainer said, pulling out a Pokeball.

Nick sighed, "Okay, fine, a one-on-one single battle."

Let me fight,
Light asked.

Only if you promise not to go too hard on him. You've been extremely aggressive in recent battles since leaving Cream behind,
Nick thought.

I will,
Light promised. By the way, do you think his face is funny, too?

Actually, I do,
Nick admitted, a smile appearing on his face.

Let's have some fun, then,
Light proposed, giving him his idea.

"However, to make things fair, I won't give commands to my Pokemon. Then you might have a fighting chance," Nick said nonchalantly.

"WHAT?" the trainer yelled.

Light had to use all of his willpower to not burst out laughing at the trainer's face and reaction. He was surprised that Nick was able to keep his laughter in as well. "You heard me. Go on, Light," Nick said. Light stepped forward, ready to hit something again, while Nick backed up a few steps and sat down next to Blaze.

"You'll regret this, go Electivire!" the trainer yelled, throwing his Pokeball.

In the usual burst of red light, a large creature appeared. It was yellow with several black stripes on its body. It had two arms and two small, short antennae on its head. It had two weird black tails with red tips that moved as though it had complete control of them and used them regularly. Never seeing the Pokemon before, Light had to deem it an Electivire.

"Electivire, blow it away with Brick Break!" the trainer ordered.

Light sat down and watched as the Electivire rushed towards him. The Pokemon moved at a surprising speed for its size, but Light was ready. The Umbreon activated Psychic and made the Electivire hit the ground beside him at the last second. The Electivire's massive strength became apparent when it made a large three feet hole in the ground and cracked the surrounding area heavily. However, the trainer had not noticed that Light had used Psychic.

"What was that? It didn't move and you missed! Use Brick Break again, and aim this time," the trainer said, his face contorting into anger, making it even harder not to laugh.

Light wasn't going to allow the Electivire to attack again, though. Light opened his mouth and fired a point blank Dark Pulse. The Electivire took the hit just as it pulled its arm out of the ground, throwing back several feet before landing on its back.

Light remembered that he said he would go easy and didn't attack. Instead he got up and prepared himself for the Pokemon's counter attack. The Electivire got up easily, but the trainer didn't care.

"Shape up and use Thunder Punch!" the trainer yelled.

The Electivire rushed at Light again. The Electivire's fist was covered in shocking, blue electricity as it pulled it back. Light used Protect and the usual transparent, blue barrier appeared a few feet in front of him. Electivire swung his arm as he got
closer, but it stopped dead as it hit the barrier. Light got a light headache from stopping the move, but his barrier stayed up completely.

Light released the barrier after stopping the Thunder Punch and followed up with Dark Pulse again. The Electivire flew back a few feet, this time not falling over. The Electivire prepared itself as it got into its battle stance again.

"We need to fight from a distance, use Spark!" the trainer commanded.

The Electivire put both hands close to each other, making it look like it was holding a large ball. It pulled its arms back, while its tails went over its head. Electricity formed on the tail tips and hit the middle of the space between its hands, as a small electric sphere formed in between its hands. In all actually, this process only took three or four seconds to complete, before it had a ball of electricity hovering between its hands.

The Electivire threw the ball at Light. The ball moved at a very surprising speed and was blocked at the last moment as Light threw up another barrier. The ball ricocheted off the barrier and went sailing into the air.

"Keep it up!" the trainer barked.

The Electivire formed another and threw it. Light couldn't dodge so he kept up Protect, though it taxed him greatly. The Electivire made a third and threw it at the persistent Umbreon. Light was planning on keeping protect up, but the energy cost was suddenly too great and the shield went down, leaving him wide open.

The ball hit Light hard, seeming to be a solid object instead of a plasma object. Light was thrown back by the blast as it exploded on him. Light flipped a few times and stopped as a tree came into his path. Light struggled into a standing position and faced the Electivire.

Light opened his mouth, trying to form a Dark Pulse. However, his body stopped as electricity surged through him. Light despaired to note that he had been paralyzed by the electric attack. Light glared at the Electivire. Suddenly, his consciousness surged forward, as though using Psychic. It latched onto the Electivire and started to connect them partly. The Electivire shook as small electric bolts went across it. The Electivire had also been paralyzed somehow.

What was that?
Light asked, noticing that his telepathy wasn't being blocked.

Your ability, Synchronize. If you get a bad status change, so does the opponent,
Nick answered.

That's handy,
Light thought offhandedly.

"Use Brick Break!" the trainer yelled.

The Electivire raised its fist, but stopped as it got halfway, the paralyze status kicking in. Light saw the opening and opened his mouth once again to use Dark Pulse. This time, he was able to complete the movement and shot his attack at the Electivire. The Electivire was hit and was thrown back.

"What was that?" its trainer yelled, enraged. "Get up and blast it with Thunder!"

The Electivire moved to get up, but its paralyzed status once again stopped it. Light also tried to attack and found he was able to again. Light formed another Dark Pulse and hit the Electivire again. The Electivire was hit again and skidded across the ground some.

"I said blast it with THUNDER!" the trainer yelled, seemingly not catching on to his Pokemon's condition.

The Electivire got up and raised its tails menacingly. Electricity surged through its tails and shot at Light. Light was unable to even move as his paralyze status activated again. Electricity surged through Light and he wreathed in pain. He only remained standing afterward because his paralyzed body couldn't move.

"Now, follow up with Brick Break!" the trainer ordered.

The Electivire raised its arm, but stopped as its paralyzed body refused to listen. Light took the chance and blasted it with another Dark Pulse, finally recovering a little. The attack made a direct hit on the Electivire and it fell back. As Light's legs started to tremble from the effect of standing up, the Electivire fainted.

Light couldn't hold his laughter anymore as he saw the trainer's outraged face. Light fell onto his side and burst out laughing, tears forming at his eyes. He faintly heard Nick laughing, also.

He heard a click, accompanied by the trainer muttering, "The good for nothing . . ." Light saw a bright, red flash, signifying that the Electivire had been returned to its Pokeball.

"There, now for the prize money," Nick said, after getting over the worst of his laughing.

The trainer scowled and put his hand roughly into his pocket. He pulled out several coins and threw them Nick. Nick simply smiled and put them away.

"Next time, listen when someone says you'll lose. Come on, Ace. You'll have to carry Light while he's paralyzed," Nick said. Ace flew off the branch he had perched on. He was too large to sit on Nick's shoulder now and had to fly as they walked. The laziness that had been growing on him was now fading.

Ace landed next to Light and he struggled up. Light got on Ace and made sure he had a tight grip before his paralyzed body acted up again. I'm ready, Light thought.

Ace nodded and flew into the air. Light thought he might have been burden now that he was a full grown Umbreon, but Ace seemed to not even notice the extra weight. Nick checked them for a second before starting to walk again, ignoring the still mad trainer that was throwing a tantrum. Light thought they should instill a maturity test for trainers before letting them have Pokemon. However, if that was the case, Nick would still not be a trainer.

Light saw a smudge on the horizon and asked, Is that Pallet Town?

Maybe; you have a bird's eye view while I'm still on the ground,
Nick thought.

Soon, Nick saw it, too. It was indeed Pallet Town, a small town and the location of the great Professor Oak. However, the Professor Oak is no longer the starting point for many trainers. His grandson took over as he grew older.

Nick increased his step as they got closer. The faster Light was healed, the faster he could be on the ground. Once Nick was close enough to the Pokemon Center, a rather new building as many didn't need it until a battling park had been built there,

Ace dived down to the doors of the Pokemon Center. The doors were automatic and opened as the Pidgeot paused in front of them.

The Nurse Joy took him in. Somehow, she was also here when they came. There was no doubt about it; something was up with the Pokemon Centers and Nurse Joy. Especially since Nurse Joy had not shown any signs of recognition.

Light sat outside the Pokemon Center, not wanting to sit inside with Nick while he lounged around. They had wasted a whole day here when Nick found out he didn't have enough money to get a ticket for a boat ride to Cinnabar Island. Light had excused himself, half afraid he would lash out with the frustration. They were now delayed a whole day from getting back to Cream.

Light put his head on his paws, his thoughts drifting toward Cream. He closed his eyes as he concentrated on his mate. He instinctively reached out with his mind toward her, but stopped as he realized what he was doing. Instead, he tried to conjure up all his memories of her, relaxing in a blissful state as he meditated on his memories.

Light's ear irritably twitched as he heard footsteps coming toward him. He opened one eye to see a man approaching. He had spiked, brown hair along with a light purple shirt with a jacket over it. He seemed like a more mature version of that earlier trainer. The man was obviously approaching him.

Go away,
Light told him.

Ahh, so you're a Psychic using Umbreon. You're pretty talented,
the man thought back.

Go away,
Light repeated, wanting to return to his meditations.

Now who stepped on your tail today?
the man asked.

Go away,
Light repeated.

"Now what's wrong, boy? You seem sad," the man noted as he came closer.

Light sighed. You're not going to leave me alone, are you?

"Not right now, no," he answered. "Who's your trainer?" As he finished, he sat down beside Light.

Nick. He's in the Pokemon Center. I needed some space,
Light answered.

"Why?" he asked.

We've been delayed again from going to Cinnabar Island,
he explained.

"Now, I've never seen a Pokemon that eager to fight," the man said.

It's not that. We have to go to Cinnabar Island before heading back to his mother's house,
Light thought.

"Ah, so you don't like to fight," the man said.

Actually, I like to fight, but . . . my . . . we left behind some others until we got the next two badges,
Light thought, avoiding the real reason.

"So, you left your . . . friend behind," the man said, emphasizing the word friend.

Light smiled as he realized that the reason was out. Yes,he sighed.

"You know, you remind me a lot of my Umbreon, though he wasn't a shiny Pokemon," the trainer said. "What's your name?"

he answered, And yours?

"Gary, Gary Oak," he said, smiling as though there was some joke behind it.

What's so funny?
Light asked.

"I still remember when I had a fan club cheering my name wherever I went early on in my journeys," he said.

So, are you going to leave me alone now?
Light asked.

"Okay, okay, but tell Nick I said hi," Gary said, getting up and walking away, his hands in his pockets.

Seeing the area wasn't a private enough one, Light got up and went to search for another one. Light headed along till he came to the beach. Light went along until there was no one near and then started to think of a way to find a completely secluded spot.

Light saw that the sand stuck to itself and started to use Psychic. He shifted the sand and made a ledge a few feet out onto the ocean, making it a few feet above the level of water also. Once done, Light jumped onto the self-made ledge and laid down.

The sound of the ocean roaring around him instantly cooled his nerves. A few droplets of the ocean spray hit him. The sharp, salty scent in the air increased and seemed to come from the ocean itself. Light closed his eyes and let the slight breeze blow against his fur. He concentrated on his mate, Cream, starting to focus on his memories again.

However, after a few minutes, he was interrupted as he heard the muffled footsteps on the sandy beach behind him. Light looked over his shoulder and saw Nick coming out onto the beach in trunks, Blaze and Ace not with him. He dropped the towel and his backpack that were draped over his shoulders at the edge of the grass and ran at the ocean. He hooted and jumped into the water, splashing some water on Light.

Light snorted and closed his eyes again, putting his head on his paws. He tried to concentrate on his memories again, trying to also ignore the noises Nick was making as he splashed around in the water.

"Come on in, Light; you'll enjoy it," Nick shouted at him.

Light snorted and turned his head away.

"You're a poor sport," Nick muttered before going back to his playing.

Light was lying on his self-constructed ledge for a while, before some new noise distracted him from both his memories and Nick's splashing. He looked around, but didn't see anything. He concentrated on the noise and realized it seemed quieter than Nick's splashing, yet was still able to reach his ears.

Light perked his ears and realized the noise seemed to be coming from the ocean. It slowly started to become a song. The soft melody started to touch his heart and slightly sooth his heart. It calmed him, though only a little. The moment seemed to be perfect. Then Light thought about how Cream should be there, too, and his sadness came back full force, the healing effects of the song stopping.

Light put his head down again, no longer caring about the noise. Light's eyes shot open, however, as Nick cried out. Nick was pointing at the horizon and yelling at Light to look. Light looked out and saw something approaching them.

It seemed to be a large, long, pale serpent. It had two, long, red ears that flapped behind it as it approached. The lower part of it was still submerged, but Light could see brilliant red and blue scales on the end of its tail.

Nick whipped out his Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon. Light heard him shout, "A Milotic!"

Light watched, fascinated, as the Milotic drew closer and closer. It seemed to be staring at him. It didn't even seem to notice the excited trainer nearby, who was running back to its backpack.

"Light, subdue it!" Nick shouted.

Light snapped out of his trance and got into battle mode. The Milotic would run if it was attacked while in water. He needed to get it on land and get himself between it and the ocean afterward.

Light grabbed the Milotic with Psychic and yanked it out of the water. The Milotic had a faint, blue glow surrounding it as it was pulled into the air. Light threw it against the grass, putting it about forty feet away from the ocean level.

While the Milotic started to recover, Light jumped off the ledge and positioned himself halfway up the beach. The Milotic turned to face him, its face now showing anger. It opened its mouth and a sphere of water formed at its wide jaws. The sphere suddenly flattened and formed into three rings that shot at Light.

Light countered with Dark Pulse. However, his attack was slimmer than the rings and the Dark Pulse went right through the center of the rings. The Dark Pulse hit the Milotic and knocked it back, while the three rings hit Light.

However, as the first ring hit Light, he made the mistake of looking at the remaining rings. Time seemed to slow as he stared at them. The water seemed to be moving around the ring, making the ring seem as though it was spinning. Light's head
started follow the movements as the other rings hit him. His eyes were also covered in water as it hit, but he seemed unable to blink the water out.

Looking through his watery vision, the world seemed to be spinning around him. He saw the Milotic on the ground, though it seemed to be three Milotic. Light reared his head as he formed a Dark Pulse. He released it, his head still slightly spinning.

Light yelped in surprise as his paw received the attack instead. His cloudy mind finally reached his conclusion that would normally have come sooner. He was confused. It must have been the effect of the attack, meaning it was a Water Pulse.

Light looked around dizzily and saw that the Milotic was up and starting to move toward the ocean. Taking a chance, Light shot out another Dark Pulse. His aim was better this time, but he shot at the wrong Milotic and went in front of it instead. The attack still warned it away from the ocean, though, and it watched Light for any more attacks.

Light finally forced his eyes closed and shook his head quickly. The cloudy veil over his mind instantly disappeared and he had control over his body again. Light looked up and saw the Milotic preparing another Water Pulse.

Light knew he could still see the attack if he used Protect, so he used Psychic instead. Light twisted the Milotic's head and made it hit itself with the attack. It didn't become confused as Light had. In fact, the water move seemed to not affect it at all.

Not wanting to let it attack again, Light shot it with his dark beam, hitting the Milotic head on. The Milotic reared back from the blow, signs of the battle starting to show. Light got ready to continue, not leaving his sides open for it to escape. The Milotic shook his head and stared Light down.

Suddenly, the Milotic disappeared in a flash of red. The flash disappeared and a Pokeball fell to the ground. It shook a little, and then a second time. Light held his breath. The Pokeball shook again and it finally dinged.

Light felt instant cheer at the victory. He glanced over to celebrate with Cream . . . and then hunched his shoulder depressingly as he remembered she wasn't there. Light sadly made his way back to the Pokemon Center while Nick dried off and got ready to come back. His celebrations weren't even slightly infectious.

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