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Server is updated to Pixelmon 3.1.1 for Minecraft 1.7.2

Due to a change in Forge, item IDs are no longer set by the mod, resulting in the disappearance of all pixelmon related items on the server.

If you realise you've lost any item(s), make a post in this thread in the following format:

--- Code: ---IGN: Your IGN
Lost Items: Inventory, Enderchest, House (Give me house region), Pokémon Held Items, Pokémon Held Items in PC, Item Frames

--- End code ---

EG. If I lost items in my Inventory, Enderchest, and Pokémon holding items
IGN: tenebraemaximus
Lost Items: Inventory, Enderchest, Pokémon

Only post once, I'll keep a list of players I've restored items to. If there's anywhere else I've missed, just leave a message here. Restorations will happen at least weekly every Wednesday, and you will find the items in a chest in your house. Should you now have owned a house, you will be told where to access your items.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

IGN: zoojimmy
Lost Items: lucky egg x1, expshare x2, route 16 house1

EG. If I lost items in my Inventory, Enderchest, and Pokémon holding itemsIGN: dc4545Lost Items: Inventory, Enderchest, Pokémon also sixisland waterpath house 1

Items lost: Enderchest, Inventory, held items on the 6 pokemon you carry, possibly some in the pc to


IGN: XtraAce

Items lost from enderchest, inventory, chests in house (saffronhouse 2 kanto), pokemon held items, held items in PC


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