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Safari Games Event!

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Ok so I gave an idea to Prod and he seemed to like it so, we are having a Safari Games event today. It will be held at 10:00pm EST(5 hours approx).

So, what is Safari Games? Well I am glad you asked!
You start out with one pokemon for the event. You will also be given 64 Safari Balls to catch a team with. You will have 45 minutes to catch your team and train it as much as possible. ** As you first pokemon, you cannot use a legendary, and the pokemon must be 50 or below. You will not be given a first pokemon!.** After those 45 minutes are up, you will be given preparation time, 5 minutes, to evolve pokemon that need to be evolved by trade and such. Then you will be paired up and a player will be eliminated until there is one. ** If you have evolution stones, you may bring them to evolve pokemon during the preparation period. Held items are not allowed! You may only catch pokemon for this event in the Kanto Safari Zone.**

There will be a prize for first place!

I approve.

I would get in, if I could stay up till 10.  :/

And once again I have no idea when that is.

about 2 and 1/2 hours tene.


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