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Leaving for awhile


I'll try to make this short. I know ive been inactive for awhile and not been the best admin on the server with keeping up..with anything. So I'm going to resign temporarily from the servers. I'm going to tell the players that I'm just leaving, I've made a mistake in giving some of them, who ive trusted, my facebook and phone number, and its gotten out as well, and I'm sick of the text, calls and messages being sent, bombarding me with requests to get on when I hardly can anyways. Most of the time I am at one of my two jobs or looking for a place to move to so I cant get on as much as I like. I do want to come back and be a better admin but I have to get my life together first. I will set myself to legend on both servers but ill keep an eye on console when i might have the free time to help players. 


Pros of living on the other side of the world, no international calls :P Well see you back when your'e back I guess


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