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Pokemon part three
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:56:54 pm »
    I continued on my journey and met people in the black and red uniforms. They quickly surround me. I asked Donbo, Exbo, and Polibo to attack, but they quickly disappeared into the smoke bomb that they threw. I looked around to see Exbo and Donbo safe, but where was Polibo?!? I quickly looked around and found footprints from team rocket. Donbo, Exbo and me followed the trail. It was about five minutes when we have caught up to team rocket. Exbo was all worn out and so was Donbo. But I wasn't and I kept running after team rocket.
    I fell to the ground. All sad and worn out. Its been 20 minutes of running already and I almost fainted. Aibo came out of the pokeball and looked at me sadly. I lost Polibo for ever. I couldn't forgive my self. So I ran off with out looking back.
   We made it to a pokemon center. I was hungry after all that running to think about it. So I sat down to eat next to an old man. He said "I see something is troubling you young man.".I answered "I just need some time to cool down.". ( I usually don't like to cool down, but now wasn't the time to go mad.) The old man told me to go fishing. I received a rod from him!!!
   A little while later, me and my pokemon went to "cool off" by the river. Just then I felt a force pulling onto my fishing line! I realed the line in, and what did I see? Polibo's broken pokeball!!! And inside lay little Polibo.
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