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The Cycle Of Life and Death Continues
« on: December 04, 2014, 04:04:42 pm »
Random story I wrote on Halloween, enjoy! 

     I had no idea where I was, all I could see was white.  Burning sensations showered throughout my neck, and when I reached up, my hand was greeted by soggy flesh.  I glanced down to find my palm was covered with blood.  Suddenly, a creature around my size appeared in front of me.  As it stared at me, I felt a chill climb up my spine.  It was covered in an ebony robe with a hood shielding its face.  Huge wings spread from its spine, appearing ivory, almost iridescent. At first I thought it was an angel trying to take me to heaven, but looking more closely I could see the wings were rock hard calcified bone.  I was scared.   

     “Don’t bother resisting...I have a tight schedule...just come here, take me by my hand…” said the creature in a raspy whisper as it extended a boney lifeless hand.  I slowly started walking towards the creature, as I debated taking its offer.

     “I’m not ready yet, I need more time.” I simply stated.
     “It’s not that easy...please listen to me….take me by the hand…”

     I knew talking to it was useless, the only thing I could do was run.  I started to walk backwards, then turned around and lept into a full sprint.  It was getting harder to breath, it was so cold.  Everything went dark and voices crept into my head me saying ”you must surrender, we all have to eventually!”.  I ignored them and kept running, I wasn’t going to stop for anything.  Then, as if I hit a wall, I immediately smacked into an invisible force.  A noise as loud as lightning struck behind me.  It was the creature. 

     “It’s your time...we all must’s just your time....”

      The creature stuck out it’s wispy hand and it started to glow red.  Out of nowhere I began walking towards it, as if it was controlling me.  When I was in front of the beast, it gently laid its palm on my chest.  I felt all of my energy being sucked away slowly, ounce by ounce.  Tears streamed down my face stinging as they fell into my torn flesh.  I could just barely stand up.  It slowly lowered its hood exposing a perfectly white skull.  The creature pulled its hand away and revealed a white glowing sphere in its palm. 

     “I cannot see colors and soon neither will you...the color of my skull represents the color of your soul…”

     It’s jaw unhinged and carefully placed my soul into its mouth.  I saw it disappear slowly into the abyss of its throat.  Then, at that moment all color drained from my vision and I was surrounded by the warmth of darkness.
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