Author Topic: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 18 - A Shocking Encounter  (Read 2011 times)


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Pokemon Gray - Chpt 18 - A Shocking Encounter
« on: April 08, 2016, 05:41:18 pm »

"So to get to Lavender town it seems we'll have to pass through this cave," spoke Tene.

"Screw that," Gray replied, "Tene, do you like not even remember Mt. Moon? I'm still cleaning off all the zubat poo."

"Well I'm not backtracking."

Yob noticed a small river running south, in the direction of Lavender town and suggested the trio try it out. Everyone held onto Gray's wartortle as it towed them down the stream at a slow pace.

"Why couldn't you evolve your eevee into a vaporeon, Tene, and ride it instead of slowing us down?" Gray questioned with a sigh,"even a slowpoke could travel faster than this and it's called that for a reason."

Before Tene could reply, Yob spotted a large power plant at what appeared to be a dead end for the river. "Wow, what a convenient spot to put a power plant."

As the trio made landfall, Tene noticed that it had closed and was in a rundown state with wires and other important looking things hanging off it. There was a half torn advertisement poster that read: 'New PokeX® energy bar flavour - SummerStrawberry!™ - Free for only $29.99 + GST!'

"This seems to be the wrong way but, if this place is abandoned, there may be a large amount of wild electric Pokemon in here that we can train against," Tene suggested followed by the trios agreement," oh and Gray, you may want to be careful with your wartortle against these electric types. It's a good thing I didn't evolve my eevee into a vaporeon."

The burn on Gray didn't stop him. He applied some Aloe Vera and charged into the power plant, wartortle at his side. The three battled electabuzz, voltorbs and magnemites for hours, as they progressed further into the abandoned building. As Gray zapped himself on loose wires, Yob and Tene noticed that the wild Pokemon began to disappear the further they got.

"Something seems up," Tene spoke.

"My peace with nature allows me to make the same conclusion," Yob replied, "I sense the presence of a powerful Pokemon ahead."

Gray, ready for a challenge, charged forward, around a corner and into a room that was empty bar a nest of wires, with a yellow bird Pokemon rested atop them. Gray's squeals of excitement, as he recognised the legendary Pokemon zapdos, woke it up. Seemingly very angry, It let out a deafening shriek before thunderbolting Gray back against the wall, nearly knocking him unconscious. He had just enough energy left to send out his wartortle, butterfree and diglett. However, the former two were immediately blown away by repeated thunderbolts from the angry bird, knocking them out. Diglett tried to get an attack off but was K.O.d by a vicious drill peck. Zapdos began to hover above Gray, preparing to attack him with a thunderbolt, who was too weak to move now and was struggling to keep his eyes open after the last attack. Before zapdos could do anything, it got hit with a psybeam from Tene's drowzee and a razor leaf from Yob's ivysaur.

"Don't worry Gray, we've got this," Tene stated with mild confidence.

"Speak for yourself, I'm more scared than a horde of vanilite facing a mega alakazam," Yob stuttered, "but I'll do my best to protect my friend!"

Zapdos let off another thunderbolt that struck the two Pokemon, sending them flying back into their trainers, toppling them over. Yob tried to counter by sending out his clefairy and paras but they met the same fate, unconscious with a single zap. Zapdos was looming overhead, angry and willing to attack the trespassing humans.

"Umbreon, help us!" Tene desperately called, sending out her last Pokemon.

Umbreon managed to take a thunderbolt before hitting the zapdos with a foul play. Unfortunately this didn't hurt the bird much, who then struck Umbreon with a final thunderbolt, now knocking it out.

"We need to escape!" Yob shrieked, before the zapdos struck both him and Tene with a thunderbolt, causing them to collapse in pain. Yob blacked out and Tene struggled to kneel as the legendary pokemon hovered in front of them, ready to deliver a final blow to the trio. Gray's vision was fading but managed to look over to his friends for a final time, however, he noticed a grin appear on Tene's face.

"Fine then," she smirked, "you want to be like that do you? Then take this."

Gray watched as Tene pulled another pokeball from her belt, hidden under her shirt. Gray's vision faded to black as zapdos' thunderbolt and Tene's pokeball shone in unison.


When Gray awoke, he was on the bank of the river, out the front of the power plant. As his vision cleared he noticed Yob beside him, rubbing oldish ointment over his burn marks. Gray noticed the ointment had already been applied to him and struggled to his feet to enquire as to what occurred.

"You're awake," Tene spoke, smiling, as she approached, somewhat limping from her wounds.

Gray asked what happened and Tene replied that zapdos took mercy on them and let Tene drag her fallen companions to safety.

"That's not what I remember...I think," Gray replied, struggling to remember what had happened.

"Well, I think you got hit pretty hard by that thunderbolt, your memory will be shaky. Anyway, I think that was a mistake. Perhaps we will have more luck with that cave. When you're both recovered, let's get going, we can rest up in the Pokemon Centre."

Gray and Yob trailed behind her and paddled back up the river to give wartortle a break. Gray was glad to travel through another cave over that ordeal again but, to avoid letting Tene know this, proceeded to whine the whole way back to the Pokemon Centre.

It hasn't been that long, has it? ;)

Chapter 17:

Chapter 19:
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Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 18 - A Shocking Encounter
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2016, 06:25:16 pm »
It's been over half a year since the last story on the forums has been active, but who gives a shit  ;)


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Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 18 - A Shocking Encounter
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2016, 07:34:10 pm »
It's been over half a year since the last story on the forums has been active, but who gives a shit  ;)

They'll pick up again in time.