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Pokemon Gray - Chpt 25 - Brain vs. Brawn
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:07:36 pm »

"So which one is it?" Yob questioned as the trio stood before two buildings that looked like gyms, one much more worn down than the other and with a big sign saying 'Not a Gym!'.

"Well it's clearly th..." Tene was interrupted.

"I'm going into the one on the left," Gray proclaimed,  "If I were a gym leader I'd make my gym look like shit to avoid having to face any challengers. It's all about the status."

He began walking towards the old building, with his friends reluctantly following. As they entered, to no surprise, the interior was not that of a gym but a martial arts dojo. The trio decided to explore it anyway and witnessed multiple people and fighting type Pokemon practice fighting each other. At the end of the room, they encountered a stern looking man, wearing martial art robes and a black belt, who spoke, "Why hello there. We haven't had visitors in a long time. People always go next door. My name is Djscoresy. I'm the master here."

"Why does your dojo look like a gym?" Tene asked.

"Well, you see, this used to the Saffron City gym, specialising in fighting type Pokemon. It was a proud establishment, like no other, where fierce trainers battled and received great honour. I would crush all challengers with my muscles of power and sometimes even my Pokemon. However, our joy was cut short when we got closed down due to the new psychic type gym leader, next door, moving in and apparently proving to have superiority over my Pokemon," Dj discussed, "it's like he had type advantage or something."

"Totally," Gray replied, "Anywho, this place is pointless, let's go next door where it seems everything is happening."

"Wait, noble travelers, I have an offer. Without visitors, I can't afford to keep this place going much longer and there's these new investors that want to turn my dojo into a train station, to connect to the Johto region," Dj explained before weirdly removing his shirt, showing off his muscles, "I ask you to battle me and, if I win, you must pay me some money to keep this place going, just a little longer, for the sake of the people and Pokemon that call this their home and for the glory of my rock hard abs, but if I lose, I will give you one of my two most precious Pokemon, Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. At least they'll have a home to go to then."

"Deal!" Gray announced.

"Gray, you don't have the money to pay if you loose," Tene pointed out.

"Tene, I would never loose! I'm the very best like no one ever was, or whatever!

Let's do this!" Dj announced before removing him pants, "the pants are off!"

The battle was underway but didn't last long. Gray's new blastoise swung the battle quite rapidly, resulting in his win.

"I can see why you lost your job," Gray remarked before Dj reluctantly gave him the choice of Pokemon, with Gray choosing Hitmonchan because it didn't have weird looking legs.


After leaving the dojo, the trio entered the real gym, next door, which was filled with a vast array of warp pad challenges, as well as a glass, ice and dark maze, all of which took hours for Gray to get through. Throughout the gym were powerful psychic type trainers who gave particularly Yob a hard time, due to their advantage over much of his team. Eventually, they made it through the gym course and into the arena, where they were confronted by a man, wearing a purple suit and cape, with his back turned. As he rotated, he spoke, "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jeffro826 and I'm the leader of this gym. I thank you for your help cleaning out Team Rocket from this city but I'm afraid that since this gym opened not too long ago, few have ever defeated it. Even the fierce young trainer that came this morning only just struggled through. My psychic type Pokemon are too powerful for most of those who dare face me!"

Gray ignored the whole conversation as he was trying really hard to bend a spoon with his mind, like some of the psychics he had seen on the tv.

"There is no spoon...oh, sorry, I missed all that. Whatever, prepare for defeat!"

Slime stood at the side of the arena and announced the commencement of the fight.The battle was really close as Jeffro revealed an array of powerful psychic Pokemon. Gray opened immediately with his hitmonchan to try it out but it was blown away in one hit. Despite this, Gray managed to just succeed, primarily due to the powerful hydro pumps of his blastoise.

Tene also managed to win, with somewhat ease, due to her Gengar and Umbreon having strong super effective attacks.

Up last was Yob, who was avoiding the battle due to fear of loss after the struggle against the other trainers in the gym. Regardless, he reluctantly sent out his clefairy, which went up against Jeffro's kadabra. Kadabra immediately went for a psybeam but Clefairy dodged and hit it with a dazzling gleam that stunned the kadabra for a moment before Clefairy slammed into it. Kadabra recovered and used future sight, to Clefariy and Yob's bewilderment, before using psybeam, blasting directly into its opponent. Clefairy recovered, however, and after using moonlight to restore hp, it went for repeated dazzling gleams that were enough, despite the returning psybeams, to overwhelm the kadabra and knock it out.
Yob and Clefairy did a moon dance in unison but the future sight struck Clefairy with a powerful psychic blast that was enough to knock it out.

"Mwahaha!" Jeffro called, "the magic of psychic power was too much for your clefairy and now, my next Pokemon will finish your team. Go Mr. Mime!"

Once Mr. Mime was sent out, it set up a barrier, which absorbed a tackle from Yob's parasect, once he sent it out in response. Parasect was then hit hard with a psybeam but recovered and used stun spore, paralyzing the opponent and giving Parasect the opportunity to pelt it with attacks, before Mr. Mime delivered another psybeam that nearly knocked Parasect out. The Pokemon struggled back to its feet, however, and went for a super effective bug bite that was enough to knock Mr. Mime out.

"What is this madness? "Jeffro questioned, "Prepare to face the amazingly powerful psychic force of my venomoth!"

The bug/poison type was sent out and resisted a bug bite from Parasect before pelting it with repeated gust attacks that knocked the mushroom Pokemon out. Yob wiped a single tear from his eye then sent out chansey, that hit Venomoth with a double-slap. The moth Pokemon flew up out of reach and used continuos gusts and psybeams. Things were not looking good but Yob but commanded Chansey to use softboiled, recovering some of its hp, before using metronome, which resulted in a flamethrower that knocked Venomoth out of the sky. Chansey then grabbed it and used seismic toss, flinging its opponent into the roof, then back down, hard, to the floor and knocking it out.

"Enough of this," Jeffro announced, "No one defeats my final Pokemon...apart the other three today. Whatever, go Alakazam!"

Jeffro's ace was sent out and hit Chansey with a psychic, before summoning a future sight. Chansey then went for metronome, which resulted in a deus ex machina hyper beam that sent Alakazam flying back into the wall and nearly knocking it out. However, it managed to just struggle to its feet and used recover, restoring much of it's hp. It then proceeded to use calm mind before hitting Chansey with an overwhelmingly powerful psychic that was enough to knock it out.

"Oh what terrible woes befall me!" Yob called, "my last hope to restore balance to this conflict is Ivysaur."

Yob's starter was sent out and was immediately hit with the super effective future sight attack that hurt Ivysaur immensely. Regardless, it tried to use razor leaf but the leaves were stopped mid air by Alakazam and sent back into its opponent. Alakazam then used its psychic powers to lift Ivysaur off the ground and started flinging it around the room. However, in the chaos, Ivysaur managed to grab Alakazam with its vine whip and sent it flying also, right into the wall. As both Pokemon recovered, Ivysaur's eyes burned with determination, not actual fire as that would hurt. A white light began to encompass it and it evolved into a venasaur.

"Oh my Helix!" Yob cried, "The true power of nature is now one with me. From the rainforest of Hoenn to the jungles of..."

Yob was cut off as Venasaur was hit with a psychic that sent it flying back into its trainer. As Vensasur recovered, Alakazam summoned another future sight. In the process, however, Venasaur began absorbing light then hit Alakazam hard with a powerful solar beam, before following through with repeated razor leaves. The psychic Pokemon responded with another psychic that caused Venasaur to fall to its belly but it recovered and started absorbing more light. Jeffro was worried and ordered Alakazam to use psychic again but it was too late and the Pokemon got hit back hard with another solar beam that was enough to knock the alakazam out. Before Yob could jump with joy, the future sight attack hit again, causing Venasaur to collapse and struggle to stay conscious.

"If we draw, victory goes to me," Jeffro explained.

"Come on Venasaur," Yob called, "from the day I chose you as my starter I knew some day we'd be in a tie break situation against a crazy psychic and I knew, on that day, you would pull through. May the energy of the Tree of Life flow through you, friend!"

Venasaur's eyes opened and it managed to struggle back to its feet, defiant with victory. Slime declared Yob as the winner, who ran up and hugged his newly evolved starter, feeding it poffins and letting it lick his unconscious parasect.

The disgruntled Jeffro muttered to himself, "for the first time in my gym leader career, in one day I have been defeated not thrice but...fice? Four times, I guess. Wow, they don't even have a word for my failure."

"It's alright," Gray spoke, "Not all of use are cut out to be Pokemon masters. Only 1 in 8921, I hear."

"No, but I shall continue my training to become the most feared gym leader in Kanto!" Jeffro announced, "oh and yeah, you all can have these Marsh badges."

The trio left the gym still eager for adventure but exhausted. Perhaps it was time for a vacation.

If you were wondering, Dj stripping is a reference to PokeNews, which everyone on here should watch. He's in the 2nd episode but here's the link to the first one:
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Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 25 - Brain vs. Brawn
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2016, 03:06:38 am »
It really was long


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Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 25 - Brain vs. Brawn
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2016, 08:58:44 pm »

If you were wondering, Dj stripping is a reference to PokeNews, which everyone on here should watch. He's in the 2nd episode but here's the link to the first one:
Thanks for making the last 10 minutes of my life... interesting, to say the least.