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Can we finish this project... like soon?


Guys (builders and admins) whats the sitch with the build map?

Ive looked at some of the "official to do lists" but some of them are out of date (I saw one that was updated in 2016) so I dont know what to follow anymore to check what needs doing...

Ive nagged Tene about what I can do/build and shes like *shrug

If there are maps that are >95% done can we just launch the map with those regions available so we can get some players in the server as well as work on the rest of the world.

Im logging in regularly right now cause I have free time to spare but theres never anything I can do soo, can I get some feedback please thanks!

*cracks whip

A server is more than maps. If you want to discuss it with 1ce (he has a better idea of this stuff than me) in discord, you're more than welcome. If we release the maps now, the economy will break very quickly, and I'm sure there's more important things that aren't finished yet (donation stuff)

Ok will do! Il do my best to ensure this server is as successful as possible!


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