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Rules and ect
« on: February 18, 2012, 09:31:51 pm »
This is the debate section (obviously)
Today on the pokemon server people were talking about (the) gays, mostly talking about if they like them or not. So I got the bright idea of setting up this forum so I can direct people here to talk about their opinions within some guidelines.
I am going to set up some basic sections you can post in, but like the subject of "religion" there are maby topics so you can feel free to make your own topic and make another discussion that would suit you. I will be moderating this sections of the forums, since i did create it and here are some (obvious) rules to follow so we can have a nice, not hateful time.
1. I will delete any offensive post that is not contributing to the debate, such as "FAGGOT" that will get deleted
2. Keep the debate within the subject, so if you are in the religion section, talk about religion, not politics.
3. No name calling, I know debated can get heated but TRY to keep it respectful.
4. I will probably add more and will moderate as I see fit.

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