why should you be builder?

i am respectful
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Good team mate
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Builders app
« on: January 02, 2016, 11:48:22 pm »
1.How old are you
I am 12

2.What is your main party pokemon
Lugia lv 100
Lucario lv 53
Azul Lv 30
Kyogre lv 90
Groudoun lv 100
Mewtwo lv 100

3. How much money do you have? How easy is it to earn money?
IN the game i have 82$ and it is farly easy to earn money by killing tons of mobs

4. WHat plugins/Mods do you know how to use?

I do not know how to use many mods / plugins since i am new to them i now simple commands but i am great at learning things fairly quick so i can earn how to use them

5. How many hours a day are you on? What times are these around?

I am on across the day because i do not own a computer i use my mothers and she uses it alot and kicks me off so i get on at around 11

6. Do you have a Team speak, and are you willing yo use it?

I do not but i am willing to get it and use it

7. WHy should we choose you as a Builder for the Rank? What things are you extremly good at and what are you weak at?

Well i am a good builder i am willing to listen and follow alot of orders givin and i am respectful to higher athority so i think  i would make a vary well builder since i am also great at building i will promise to build and not grief. I am weak at pixel art and harsh commands like to kill other players

8. Do you just want to be builder for the rank? Tell us WHY you deserve it!

I promise to do good and be respectful

9. What do you plan on doing as a builder?

I plan on helping with builds and whatever athority tells me to do

10. How long have you been on the Pixelmon server?

I have been on for i while att least a year i have know about the server for a while but i just recently got addicted to it.