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Admin Meetings
« on: March 14, 2013, 10:05:36 pm »
[PLUGINS]: Anything related to Plugins
[BAN]: Anything relating to Bans
[OTHER]: Anything that does not fall into a specific topic.
[RULES]: Anything that deals with rules
[PVP]: Anything that deals with PVP

[3/14/2013] [March 14th, 2013]:

[BAN] Cabass is unbanned. Poof.
[OTHER] Admin Meetings will have a new location/format. Nothing Major is changed, you'll see the effect soon.

[3/21/2013] [March 21st, 2013]:

[RULES] Scamming is now illegal

[4/11/2013] [April 11th, 2013]:

[OTHER] One gym will be allowed an OPTIONAL dual challenge. First two to die on the same team lose. This is not required if the trainers don't want to do it.
[OTHER] Sunday 10 pm are new admin meetings

[7/7/2013] [July 7th, 2013]:

[OTHER] Thursday 8 pm are new admin meetings.

[7/25/2013] [July 25th, 2013]:

[OTHER] Tactic has been demoted due to inactivity
[RULES] VIPs can't be co-owned anymore
[BAN] Xenvz is tempbanned for one week. Last warning

[8/5/2013] [August 5th, 2013]:

[PVP]Players will now lose money upon being killed and the killer will gain money. Type /penalty to see how much you will lose.
[OTHER]We are doubling all players across the board.
[RULES]24/7 gyms are now illegal.
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