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Pokemon Gray - Chpt 20 - The Spirit of Nature
« on: April 10, 2016, 01:20:51 am »

"You two look like you need a break, why not try some of my new, experimental cooking!" Yob exclaimed to Gray and Tene, who had been training on Route 8, against sandshrew and ekans.

Everyone ate Yob's soup, which combined a variety of berries, and, to their surprise, enjoyed it greatly, giving them the energy to carry on to the Saffron City gate up ahead, which was also closed off due to the Team Rocket occupation of the city, forcing the trio to take an underground passage that took them to Celadon City.

"Wow! this city is alive with the colours of the rainbow!" Yob exclaimed.

The trio rested at the Pokemon centre before visiting the department store to get more potions for the upcoming battle. After an hour of searching, they managed to locate the gym in the most secretive spot ever...
As the trio entered, they were confronted by a large room filled with plants and grass type trainers.

"I feel the power of nature in here," spoke Yob, "I must meet this gym leader to shower them in the flowers of my praise for making this fantabulous ecosystem."

"First we need to battle these trainers," Tene replied before the trio began battling them and making their way through the gym course.

The trainers were tough and used stalling strategies with their bulky grass types but eventually the trio managed to make it through the forest puzzle and reached the gym leader.

"Welcome! My name is Supernoise and I am the leader of Celadon gym!"

"We're here to destroy you with our epic Pokemon, well mine anyway," Gray announced.

"Oh really?" Supernoise countered," I use grass type Pokemon and here they are at one with nature, drawing power from the beautiful and fantabulous life energy that courses through this splendid paradise!"

"I think I found my long lost cousin..." Yob muttered, "notice me senpai!"

"I'll battle him first," said Tene, "Go Umbreon!"

"A bold one, eh?" Supernoise remarked, "with the power of nature at your side, I call on you Tangela!"

Tangela was immediately commanded to use giga drain, however Umbreon dodged and hit Tangela hard with a foul play, nearly causing it to collapse. The tangela got up and tried to use poison powder but missed. Determined, It started twisting its vines into spiral before sprinkling another poison powder around itself. It then quickly untwisted it's vines, sending a flurry of poison powder swiftly in all directions. Umbreon was unable to dodge and got poisoned. Struggling from the status condition, Tangela used constrict, wrapping Umbreon in its vines and repeatedly using giga drain. Tene was nervous but told Umbreon to use moonlight, to heal itself, before using night shade, which was enough to cause Tangela to release Umbreon in pain, who then hit Tangela with another foul play, knocking it out.

"Well done Umbreon!" Tene called as Gray and Yob cheered from the viewing stands.

"Ha, that was only the beginning of my splendid nature alliance," Supernoise said smugly, "Victreebel! Plant the seeds of her demise!"

Victreebel was released and used acid on Umbreon, nearly knocking it out. Umbreon hit back with a foul play but it wasn't enough and the victreebel went for a giga drain. Tene commanded Umbroen to dodge and use night shade, which hit the grass type Pokemon hard. Victreebel let out a loud shriek and grabbed Umbreon with its mouth, trapping it inside itself before proceeding to go for an acid again, this time hitting Umbreon and causing it to collapse once it managed to get out via repeated night shades. The attacks combined with the poison made it difficult for Umbreon to stand and it eventually fainted after another acid.

"You did great Umbreon," Tene complimented as she returned her partner," Go Drowzee!"

The psychic Pokemon came out of its ball and did a weird dance while waving its fingers. Tene could see signs of worry appear on Supernoise's face.

"You may be a grass type gym leader but I know this Pokemon is part poison type," Tene stated," Drowzee use psybeam!"

Drowzee sent a beam of psychic energy directly at victreebel, which hit hard enough to knock the Pokemon out, resulting in Drowzee doing another weird dance to celebrate, as Gray and Yob cheered once more.

"It's not over yet," spoke Supernoise," Vileplume, show the true power of the forest!"

The leader's final Pokemon was released and proceeded to use giga drain on Drowzee, damaging it greatly. The psychic Pokemon countered with a confusion which hit super effective on Vileplume, knocking it back. Despite this, the Vileplume went for a sleep powder, causing Drowzee to go into a deep slumber. Vileplume hit Drowzee with repeated giga drains and acids until it awoke and struggled to its feet. Tene was concerned but knew what she had to do. As the vileplume went for another acid, Drowzee was instructed to use its psychic powers to hold the poison in mid air and sent it straight back at Vileplume, before following up with another psybeam, which was enough to K.O. the powerful grass type.
Tene smiled with satisfaction and congratulated Drowzee, who was busy dancing and waving its fingers. Gray and Yob clapped and Supernoise approached Tene.

"Congratulations!" He spoke, "you battle as though the will of nature is beside you. I present you with this Rainbow badge!"

Next up was Gray who also managed to defeat Supernoise's team, mainly through comboing Butterfree's sleep powder with super effective bug and flying type attacks.

"Wow, Gray," Tene exclaimed, "you're actually starting to get good at this."

"I learn from the best."

Tene was pleasantly shocked at what appeared to be a compliment.

"Myself," Gray continued to Tene's dismay, "and with these skills I have managed to acquire the Rainbow badge! Huzzah!"

Once getting handed the badge by Supernoise, Gray jumped around with joy before accidentally dropping the badge into the bushes bordering the arena.

"Oh, that sucks," he complained, " can I have another one?"


Gray reluctantly went rummaging through the bushes, all the while complaining that he wasn't given a free badge despite loosing his, and eventually found it.

Finally it was Yob's turn, who had great fun battling in such a green environment, against the like minded gym leader. He also gained victory, especially thanks to his paras who evolved during the battle, into parasect, much to Yob's joy. Yob gave its mushroom a big lick which caused him to be paralyzed for the next twenty minutes.

After the three had acquired their badges, Supernoise congratulated them once more, comparing their battle prowess to the spirit of nature and stating that the Voice of the Forest and the Tree of Life would bow before them. Smitten by the exaggeration, Yob thanked the leader graciously and said he would add him on PokeBook so they could compare notes on nature later.
Now with the Rainbow badge, the trio left the gym ready to continue their journey to be the very best!

If you're reading this then congrats on making it through 20 of these!

Chapter 19:
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Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 20 - The Spirit of Nature
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