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Starting next Sunday, July 27th, there will be weekly Community Meetings in which anyone can provide suggestions or opinions to the Admins present. The meetings will be every Sunday at 7:00 EST (Eastern Time) and will be held on both Team Speak and IRC, primarily on IRC. If you need the addresses, they are listed below. To make these meetings run smoothly, keep it clean and make sense with what you say, if you feel strongly about a new idea, feel free to address it. See you all next Monday.

Team Speak:

It's not really a Community Meeting if only one country can attend. 8 PM US EST is 1 am for anyone in the UK and 8-12 am (when people are at work or school, considering it'd be mid Tuesday) for Australia and New Zealand.

tene said she'd be there... and we have very few UK players left

You could always bring up your ideas to an Admin prior to a meeting. These meetings are just good way to get ideas to the Admins in a cluster.

I'm just suggesting getting a better time. If it was still 8 pm US EST but on a Friday then all the Australians could easily attend as it'd then be mid Saturday for us.


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