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What happens when you stay on TeamSpeak


 <21:24:51> "Animaljones": i said
<21:24:51> "Animaljones": get zoom
<21:24:53> "Animaljones": that fucking retard
<21:24:58> "Animaljones": i will hack his minecrafta ccount tonight
<21:24:59> "Animaljones": he will see
<21:25:01> "Derek": I wanna know who you is
<21:25:03> "Animaljones": I will get the software tonight from m y friend
<21:25:08> "Animaljones": fuck you zoom
<21:25:10> "Animaljones": you piece of shit
<21:25:15> "Animaljones": ban me
<21:25:16> "Animaljones": i dont care
<21:25:18> "Animaljones": I will hack you
<21:25:20> "Animaljones": with my software tonight
<21:25:21> "Animaljones": you will see
<21:25:23> "Animaljones": pieceo f shit
<21:25:26> "Animaljones": fucking nigger
<21:25:42> "OtakuHeaven": What was going on there XD

RIP Animaljones, never forget.



--- Quote from: tenebraemaximus on September 07, 2015, 05:37:17 am ---OtakuHeaven...

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Because I am a little bitch :3


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