[1] Be polite. No name calling, insulting, scamming or spamming.
This means no implying something that you can't prove is true, such as sexual orientation or family references, or special permissions.
No provoking other players.
No filling up chat with the same (or different) (or capital) characters.
Do not scam players for products or services that are not equivalent to the verbally agreed upon price.

[2] Spawned and unobtainable items must be thrown away.
If you find a chest created by an admin for building purposes, it must be reported.
Gym Leaders must dispose of any materials given during the construction of an area.

[3] No Mob Experience Grinders
Any mob grinders constructed so that you can kill without being killed will result in all of your combat stats being reset, including archery, axes, swords, taming, and unarmed. Refusal to take the stat cut will get you banned.

[4] No flying, speedhacking, or glitching, or using any hack that gives you an advantage everyone else doesn't have. 
NoCheatPlus is installed, so most mods will not work, and will send a notification to Admins and Moderators that you are violating regular rules. You will be warned, then jailed or banned for these violations, with extended duration each time they occur.

[5] Do not edit the outside view of the Pokemon map.
They built this map to be a replica of the Pokemon world. Modifying the map is disrespectful to the effort put into it.
Editing the outside of your house changes the scenery from a tourist point of view, and is included in this rule.

[6] Do not kill a player more than 5 times a day.
Find someone else to kill. Anyone who is killed five times in a single day is quite likely to have very little loot.
If a gym leaders allows you to challenge a gym more than 5 times, then itís fine.
Do not provoke a player to kill you more than 5 times. This will break rule 1, and you will be punished instead.
In order to enforce the 24 no-killing, we will tempban known violators for 24 hours.

[7] Do not exploit Admin creations. 
Some of them built in unprotected sections of the map, and if you come across it,
People have been banned, chests have been erased, inventories cleared (globally) for violations of this rule.
Reporting is more likely to reward you than stealing the materials.

[8] Any problems should be resolved by an admin, or most experienced player online.
Admins have last judgement. They built and now maintain this server, they know it and its mechanics better than anyone. If an issue arises, they reserve the right to react however they deem necessary. It may require an Admin vote, or it may be a lone decision, but they have the final say, and arguing won't get you anywhere.
If no Admins or Moderators are online, go to the TeamSpeak server to look for one there. You can also try to ping 1ce or wait in the public channel for him to respond.
TeamSpeak IP: pokeserver.teamspeakcp.com
IRC url: http://www.tiny.cc/pokechat

If you still can't find an admin/moderator, look for the most experienced player who can possibly resolve the problem, and ask them.
Also, create a Forum thread in the Problems Section, as it is read daily by all Admins.
Report the problem, and the solution given by the other player.

[9] Do not set home in, or enter, any part of the map that specifically belongs to someone else.
If you are told to GET OUT, do so. If you are found with a homeset or log out in another persons gym, house, vip, or other owned area with a clear message to leave or without a clear invitation to allow it, your essentials file will be deleted, including homes and money.
This concludes the /Rules set in the game, and details for each.

These are notes that arenít in the /Rules, and can only be found here, or in a thread post.
[1] Do not /sethome in a location that belongs to someone else, such as a Gym or House.
[2] House Owners may only own 1 house at one time. This does not include Donator Bank Vaults.
[3] House Co-Owners may only co-own in 1 house.
[4] Houses may only have up to 2 members owning them.
[4] Only 3 ChestShops are allowed in the Celadon Dept store owned by any individual.
[5] VIP rooms can only be co-owned by Donators, and are subject to Co-Owner rules as 1 house.
[6] Be SMART. 
---If you go AFK, don't let yourself get pushed into water and drown. 
---Don't tell everyone where you are going so they can kill you. 
---Don't make a base right by a public warp unless you like getting raided.

These are Admin Rules, to avoid abuse of power. Applied to Moderators as well.
[1] Bans require agreement. If no other Admin is online, the ban may be enacted, but must be reported to the other Admins, or the ban thread in our forum. If it is not agreed upon, then the ban will be lifted, and announced in the Forum Thread.
This includes lifting a ban that has been appealed in a forum.

[2] Giving players items without reason is bad. You may have friends on the server, but it is your job to keep things fair to players who have worked hard, been legal, and spent time on the server.

[3] Do not edit your own stats or money to gain an advantage in the server game. Just because you have the power, you cannot use it unfairly. Again, you may have the power, but others have spent time here for a reason. They expect fairness.

[4] Any major change to the server must be reported to other Admins.
This includes new plugins, new rules, and new developments to the server flow.
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